10th Beeston Cubs - c1951

10th Beeston Cubs

The 10th Beeston Boy Scouts met in a hut behind the newer houses (even numbers) on Trent Road.
It was accessed by way of "the Sandhills", off the corner of Trent Road and Trent Vale Road, opposite Brown's Shop.

This picture, probably dating from the Summer of 1951, was taken at a camp, probably held in a farmer's field somewhere across the river, possibly above Barton.

The boys (left to right) are: George Tuck; *, *, *, *, (obscured), *, *, Geoff Wass, Paul Bostock, Roger Marshall, *

Behind are Ben Wilson (Group Leader) and "Akela"

Thanks to George Tuck for offering the photograph and suggesting the above names

Any other suggestions for names are very welcome

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