2nd Beeston Sea Scouts - 1950 Camp - Llanfairfechan

Llanfairfechan site
Plan of the campsite at Llanfairfechan, 1950

A plan of the 2nd Beeston campsite, that was set-up in a field, just beyond the coastal railway line at Llanfairfechan. within walking distance of the beach and the Penmaen mountain as an imposing backdrop.

This plan was drawn by Nelson Bateman, then the 15-year-old Patrol-Leader of Benbow patrol - of which, incidently, David Hallam was a very junior member at that time. Nelson was a stalward of 2nd Beeston for many years, joining as a cub and progressing through all the sections with great enthusiasm. By the mid-1950s, he was serving as Assistant Scoutmaster in the Senior section.

His record of several of the camps during the 1950s have survived, including several from his time in the Junior section as well as others at camps in Scotland while a Rover. They invariably include his own sketches as well as photographs and often a written account. As well as the plan, the next four photographs are from that source. The photograph, right, shows him (pointing) with another 2nd Beeston stalward, Fred Thraves, in Scotland in about 1953.

Nelson Bateman & Fred Thraves

Ready for inspection

Benbow patrol ready for inspection - Left to right : Nelson Bateman, James Shipperbotham, (unidentified), David Hallam and Barry Hewitt

On Penmaen

Resting on the top of Penmaen mountain - In the centre of the photograph, in the middle ground, right to left: 'Chief' Inger (District Commissioner, not in uniform, Keith Sergeant, and Stanley Chapman. David Hallam is in front of Chief Inger, looking over the two in the front. The officer on the right at the back is Harry Bailey. On the left, sitting on the rocks is David Highton.

Pennant winners

Benbow patrol win the pennant for the day - P/L Nelson Bateman holds the pennant. David Hallam is on the extreme left. Barry Hewitt is on the right

Eating area

In the dining area - a group of lads ready for a meal.

The following photographs, which are from another source, show a group of Rovers that took the opportunity of a daytrip to the Isle of Man

Beastalls, Thraves
Harry & Rex Beastall and Doug Thraves

Harry Beastall
Harry (& Rex) Beastall

Doug Thraves
Doug Thraves

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