Plessey FC, Alan Hill Testimonial Match - about 1971/72

Alan Hill Testimonial 1971/72

Back Row Standing (L to R) : Alan Brown (Plessey Manager), Bryn Smith, *, Sammy Chapman, *, Terry Hennesey, Geoff Thomas, Bobby McKinley, *, *, Martin Mellors, *, *, Peter Hindley, Sid May
Middle Row (L to R) : Mick Hornbuckle, Jeff Whitefoot, Johnny Quigley, Jack Burkitt, Alan Hill, Billy Gray, Tommy Cavanagh, *. Dave Tindall
Front Row (L to R) : *, John Walker, Colin Deering, Micky Taylor, Jim Clarke, Alan Thompson, Tony Hart, Keith Peel

A photograph of the Plessey FC players who held a testimonial match for Alan Hill (former Nottingham Forest goalkeeper), who had broken his arm in four places and had had to retire from playing football.
The match was played against a Forest team that included a few of the team that played for Forest in the 1959 FA Cup final.
The Photo was taken outside the Plessey Changing rooms on Trent Vale Road, Beeston Rylands

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Thanks to Keith Peel for offering the photograph and giving the above names. Any further names would be welcome.

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Alan Brown (Plessey Manager) Bryn Smith Currently Unidentified Sammy Chapman Currently Unidentified Terry Hennesey Geof Thomas Bobby McKinley Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Sid May Peter Hindley Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Martin Mellors Mick Hornbuckle Jeff Whitefoot Johnny Quigley Jack Burkitt Alan Hill Billy Gray Tommy Cavanagh Currently Unidentified Dave Tindell Currently Unidentified John Walker Colin Deering Micky Taylor Jim Clarke Alan Thompson Tony Hart Keith Peel