Anglo-Scotian Mills - Beeston, Notts

This imposing building, with frontage on Wollaton Road, Beeston, Notts, was built by the lace manufacturer, Frank Wilkinson following a fire in 1892 which destroyed an existing mill on the site
It is now a Grade II listed building and has been converted to residential apartments


Above: A fine view of the frontage and the building at the rear with a clock
Taken from Roundhill School, probably in the 1980s

Right : The frontage, from the north, in the 1980s.

On the left can be seen the remains of a row of cottages and the tall associated chimney, built into the full height of the mill. This was reputed to be the tallest domestic chimney in the country and has been preserved in the restored building.

The cottage nearest the mill was occupied by Bendigo, the prize fighter. He is commemorated on a blue plaque on the site.



An artist's impression of the Anglo-Scotian complex, clearly designed to impress customers.
While some of the buildings are based on fact, others - and some of the details - were never built.
Note the planted borders along the Wollaton Road frontage - something that never existed.


The gateway to the mill yard which opened off Albion Street at the top of what was Villa Street, taken in the 1980s - now built over as Sainsbury's Petrol Station.
Built originally as a full archway with the engine room to the right and the managers house to the left.



Above: The Anglo-Scotian frontage from the south, probably in the 1960s.
In the foreground on the corner of Albion Street is the old Cricketers pub and Palings greengrocery shop, both now demolished and redeveloped.

Left: Detail of the rear section of the site with clock, taken in the 1980s.

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