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Persons Born in Beeston who Served with the Australian Forces
Recorded in the Australian National Archives

Summary details of persons who were recorded as born in Beeston, Notts and who served in the Australian Forces in either of the World Wars
Note : Other Beeston-born persons, whose place of birth was not specifically recorded as "Beeston" (e.g. those who stated "Nottingham") and have not otherwise been identified, are not included here.

This index has been compiled by Trish Symonds of New South Wales, Australia
The full available record of each individual, including original images, may be viewed at The National Archives of Australia website

Service No.
DOB (Beeston)
Next of Kin
Details Note
BODENWilfred Lionel Royal Australian Navy.29-Oct-1918MelbourneDoris BODEN (wife), 16 Airlie Grove, SeafordPrevious trade : turner. R.N. and R.A.N. - 6 October 1948 to 3 October 1968.
BRAMMERNorman Australian Army, WW2QX140895-Mar-1908Kelvin Grove, Qld, 4 July 1940Evelyn BRAMMERDischarged: 24 December 1940; Private, No 3 Inf Tng Bn AIF.
BRANCHGeorge William Royal Australian Air Force, WW226938-Dec-1905Richmond-NSW, 8 February 1937Nellie BRANCHDischarged: 2 January 1943, Flight Sergeant 1 Radio Installation and Maintenance .
CLARKArthur GeorgeRoyal Australian Navy, WW22073515-Jun-1917Fremantle-WA, 3 April 1935Grace CLARK, 55 Rathay Street, Victoria Park, Perth WAEnlisted in Royal Australian Navy from 15 June 1935 for a period of 12 Years. Discharged 15 March 1942, Able Seaman, HMAS Cerberus; Claim for War Pension rejected (2 pages).
DAVIESWilliam Henry British Armed Forces (Navy) lodged in AustraliaP/SSX 252471-Jun-1920.Margaret Jessie DAVIESApplication to remain in Australia made in Sydney on 11 March 1946.
DEANBertie Leonard Royal Australian Air Force, WW28463625 Aug 1899Perth-WA, 15 April 1944Gertrude DEANDischarged: 11 February 1946, Leading Aircraftman 4 Airport Depot.
EPTONPatricia Ann.852952-Dec-1943Adelaide-SAJohn EPTON, 34 Russell Avenue, Seacombe Gardens, SA (2 pages).
FINCHWilfred FrancisAustralian Army, WW2NX4111430-Jul-1915Tamworth-NSW, 23 August 1940Kenneth THRAVES (twin brother)Discharged: 1 November 1945, Lance Corporal, 2/1 Australian General Hospital 1
GANDYNorman William Royal Australian Air Force, WW21702921-May-1909Perth, WA, 29 June 1940Evelyn GANDY3 January 1946, Flight Lieutenant 13 Squadron.
GOUGHEdward15th Battalion/47th Battalion, WW13312Cir Aug-1894Brisbane, Qld on 9 June 1915 (aged 20 years and 10 months)Mrs J. STAFFORD, 58 Chilwell Road, Beeston, NottsEmbarked 21 October 1915, at Brisbane aboard "Seang Bee"for France. Returned to Australia 24 January 1918 aboard "Dunluce Castle", gunshot wound to right leg. Discharged 12 September 1918, aged 23; corporal, 47th Battn, permanently unfit for war service at home or abroad (39 pages).
HAZZELDINEWilliam30th Battalion, WW1N1020522-Dec-188917 July 1915, Liverpool-NSW, aged 32 years and 7 monthsMrs Florence Hazzeldine, 13 Sullivan Street, Radford, Nottingham Previous trade : moulder. Embarked aboard "Beltana"from Sydney to France on 9 November 1915. Gunshot wound to abdomen.Discharged from A.I.F. in London on 6 March 1917, permanently unfit for War Service at home or abroad; aged 33 years and 2 months, served 1 year and 233 days. (Appears to read) – returned to Australia per “Ceramic”, embarked 12 March 1920 ex AIF …(more notes) … 22 March 1920 with wife and child. War Pension Claim made for wife Florence and daughter Gladys Hazzeldine. Deceased: 28 August 1959 (22 pages).
HOLLINGSWORTHErnestRoyal Australian Navy.11-Jul -1888Melbourne, 23 April 1920 for 2 yearsClarise - 4 Stoney Street, Beeston-Notts (2 pages).
LAWRENCEWalter JohnRoyal Australian Navy, WW2F1139/0727-Jan-1907Fremantle-WA, 2 September 1939E. LAWRENCE, Heather BARISFORD, Walter LAWRENCE (father), 40 South Street, South FremantlePrisoner of War. Discharged: 30 October 1945, Lgd Sea, HMAS Leeuwin (2 pages).
LEEAlbert Owen12th Battalion, WW13270cir Jul-1889Adelaide-SA, 16 August 1915John Lee (father), 84 Curzon St, Long EatonPrevious trade : fitter and turner. Embarked 27 Oct 1915. France 7 June 1916. Returned to Australia on "Ulysses" and discharged 18 June 1917 (defective hearing after being buried by a shell) (25 pages).
MAYFIELDWilliam HerbertAustralian Army, WW2N722922-Jul-1884
(but declared as 1899)
Liverpool-NSW, 13 March 1940Mildred MAYFIELD (wife)Discharged: 8 October 1943, Warrant Officer Class 1, 2 AASCTD 1 2
MAYFIELDDenis William HensonAustralian Army, WW2NX685362-Jan-1919Enlisted: Paddington-NSW, 3 March 1941William MAYFIELD (father)Discharged: 27 February 1946, Gunner, 2/3 Tank Attack Regiment 1
PATRICKWalterAustralian Army, WW2N7268322-Jul-1896Sydney-NSW, 17 June 1940Harriet PATRICKDied 19 March 1946, then Warrant Officer Class 2, 31 Garrison Battalion. Roll of Honour: Carlton-NSW.
PEELEricRoyal Australian Navy.27-Jun-1909Sydney, 27 June 1927 for 12 yearsWilliam (father), 41 Broadford Street, Bexley (2 pages).
PHILPOTTJoseph WilliamRoyal Australian Air Force, WW214668117-Oct-1903Melbourne-Vic, 26 January 1944Neil PHILPOTT19 February 1946, Leading Aircraftman, 56 Operational Base Unit.
SMITHKenneth AndrewApplication for Campaign Stars and War Medal.11-May-1912..Date of Application: 10 October 1953.

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