Beeston Baptist Sunday School Group, Beeston - ? late 1920s

Baptist Banner Group

This photograph shows a group from the Beeston Baptist Sunday School, probably in the late 1920s, preparing for a procession with their banner.

It was probably taken on one of the recreation grounds - possibly the one on Dovecote Lane, opposite the John Clifford Memorial Church ('Venn Hall'), or possibly on Broadgate.

In the foreground, on the right is Hilda M Ratcliffe (1913-2005, later Grummitt), one of the Sunday School teachers. Her sister Edith Ratcliffe (later Turner) is in the middle of the group of three in 'flapper-style' outfits, under the banner.

Another photograph of Hilda Ratcliffe with the banner, probably from 1935, may be seen here.

Any further names would be very welcome

Thanks to Hilda's son, Ed Grummitt for supplying the photograph and biographical details

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