Barton Transport - Maintenance Staff, about 1950

Barton Maintenance Staff

The maintenance staff at the Barton Transport garage in about 1950.
Although the Barton garage was in Chilwell, many of its employees were from Beeston.

Standing, first left is Ken Barton, 4th from the left is Varley Dewhurst McQuin, 7th from left is Johnny Bly and next left, wearing a coat overall is 'Chippy' Atkinson. On the far right of that row is Austin Whitty
First left on the front row is Eric Barton, next is Arthur Wyatt and, at the end on the right, is Joe Woods

Varley McQuinn emigrated to Australia in 1955 with his wife Eileen (née Gee) and their children, Mollie and Arthur Patrick (who kindly supplied the photograph and some of the names). Further names have been supplied by Paul Barton.

Let us know if you can identify others on the photograph.

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