Barton Tours - probably 1950s

Barton Tour

Barton Transport was one of the pioneers of bus touring, its "Road Cruises" started in the early 1930s and had been extended to tours on the Continent by 1936.
After World War 2 this was resumed and became very popular - as did the tours to UK resorts and beauty spots.
It became the custom to photograph each group as they gathered for departure.
This group, probably of a UK tour, probably dates from the 1950s and seems to have been photographed on Woodside Road, Lenton Abbey.
Marjorie Elliott is 9th from the left.

The above photograph was kindly supplied by Sarah Whitehorn

A number of similar photographs have now become available and are shown below
All are from photographs left by the late Dorothy and George Peel, whose family photograph archive passed to David Hallam, their nephew.
Dorothy & George regularly went on Bartons tours in the UK, They appear on each of the photographs shown below.

Barton Tour
This tour is heading for Devon and Cornwall
George Peel is 3rd from right, holding a pipe with his wife Dorothy next to him

Barton Tour
This time we don't know the destination but the photograph seems to have been taken in the Imperial Road/Gladstone Street area of Beeston
George Peel is to the right of the door, again holding a pipe, with Dorothy next with a triangular shaped hat

Barton Tour
George Peel as slighly to the right of centre with his hand in his pocket with Dorothy next in a light coloured coat.
This time we don't know the destination or where the photograph was taken

Barton Tour
This one was taken on Oxclose Lane, Arnold at the start of a tour of Scotland
George Peel is 4th from the right with Dorothy Peel next, 5th from the right

Barton Tour
Location and destination is unknown
Dorothy and George Peel are in the centre of the picture below the word 'Modern' on the window

Any suggestions for names would be most welcome

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