Beeston Boys' Brigade - Band, 1951

Boys Brigade Band 1951

Back Row: John Berrington, Alaric Denham, Mick Gough, John Stringer, Derek Turner, John Farnsfield, *, Peter Robinson, Clive Hopcroft
Middle Row: David Hopcroft (Bandmaster), Neville Gates, Mick Shaw, Ray Northridge, Jeff Oxley, Geoff Wagstaff, Dudley Seddon, David Simpson, Colin Pearce, *, *, Tony Hudson, Fred Philipson (Captain)
Front Row: *, John Lokes, *, Geoff Shaw, Gerald Gibson, David Troop, Manley, Geoff James, *. *

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Thanks to David Hopcroft for providing the photograph and most of the names
Geoffrey Wagstaff has identified Derek Turner,
Ron Farmer has identified John Berrington (who was his best man),
Brian Preston has identified David Simpson, Mick Shaw and Ray Northridge,
David Troop has identified Peter Robinson and John Farnsfield
and Anthony Morrell has name Manley (but doesn't recall his first name)

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John Berrington Alaric Denham Mick Gough John Stringer Derek Turner John Farnsfield Currently Unidentified Peter Robinson Clive Hopcroft David Hopcroft (Bandmaster) Neville Gates Mick Shaw Ray Northridge Jeff Oxley Geoff Wagstaff Dudley Seddon David Simpson Colin Pearce Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Tony Hudson Fred Philipson (Captain) Currently Unidentified John Lokes Currently Unidentified Geoff Shaw Gerald Gibson David Troop Manley Geoff James Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified