Beeston Carnival

Carnival Queen 1948

The 1948 Beeston Carnival Queen and her Attendants

The Beeston Carnival was a popular annual event in the years following the Second World War.

That year's Carnival Queen was June Allcock. We understand from Ron Farmer that her brother, Frank Allcock, played football for one of the Bristol clubs.
Her attendants (not necessarily in this order on the photo) were Joyce Birkinshaw, Marlene Shaw, Hazel Glanfield and Margaret Chaplin
Please get in touch if name them in the correct order and put a name to the pageboy.

That year the event was from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th July and was held in aid of the Beeston Youth Club Appeal Fund. In 1948, the carnival ground was at the Old Boys Sports Ground on Meadow Lane, Chilwell but later carnivals were held on the Rugby Ground on Ireland Avenue, Beeston. The Queens Parlour was at Hands Cafe, Beeston

The carnival opened with the crowning of the queen by Joe Hardstaff, the Notts and England cricketer. This was followed, over the next two days by a non-stop programme of side-shows, roundabouts and competitions at the ground and a full programme of special events, including a rabbit show, balloon race, bands, dancing, model aeroplanes, fruit, flower & vegetable show, fancy dress & tramps parade, decorated vehicles competition. window spotting competition, decorated cycles, baby show, model railway, a comic display by the Fire Brigade, Sunbeams Concert Party (a Chilwell troupe), a dog show (for mongrels only), and much more. An open air Service was held on the Sunday.

Carnival Queen 1949

The 1949 Beeston Carnival Queen and her Attendants

Pictured left to right are Margaret Chaplin, Beryl Briggs, Joyce Ruddock (Carnival Queen). Peggy Clarks and Joyce Webster

Photograph and names kindly supplied by Ron Farmer

Carnival Queen

The Queen and her attendants on the Barton carnival float

This float, specially built and maintained by Barton Transport was a feature of post-war carnivals in Beeston and the surrounding area. It also featured in the Coronation celebrations and similar events over the years.
On this occasion, year not known, the driver is accompanied by Varley McQuin, a member of the Barton maintenance team.

Again, we would appreciate hearing from anyone who can identify those shown.

Photograph kindly provided by Pat McQuin, the son of Varley.

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