Beeston Fields Junior School, Beeston - Class 1 - 1947/48

Beeston Fields 1947

Back Row : Reg Cobb, Robert Atherley, *, *, *, Keith Sargent, Alan Ping, Brian Rothwell, John Cocking, Colin Carver, John Fox, John Mowbrey, Colin Tinker, *
Middle Row : ", Pat Bexon, Marilyn Frew, Pat Constantine, Pauline Ratcliffe, Jennifer Busby, June Lindley, Gilian Tipping, Gillian Greensmith, Margaret Smith, Patricia Campion, Beryl Fisher, *, *
Sitting : Roy ?, David Howitt, David Harrison, Lilian Elson, Pat Cook, Kathleen Birch, Pamela Smith, Kathleen Seel, Dorothy Thompson, Sonia Travers, ?Mary Moody, Margaret Orridge, Eric Poules, Malcolm Scott, Brian Cockayne
Mr G H Allsop (Headteacher) is standing on the right. Mrs Amy Taylor, the class teacher, is on the left.

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John Cocking has supplied the photograph and suggested the names of most of the boys
Most of the girls and four more boys have been identified by June Webster (née Lindley)
Patricia Campion (now Mrs Patricia Bradford) has identified herself on the photograph

Other suggestions or corrections for names are very welcome

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Reg Cobb Robert Atherley Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Keith Sargent Alan Ping Brian Rothwell John Cocking Colin Carver John Fox John Mowbrey Colin Tinker Currently Unidentified Mrs Amy Taylor (Class Teacher) Mr G H Allsop (Head Teacher) Currently Unidentified Pat Bexon Mariln Frew Pat Constantine Pauline Ratcliffe Jennifer Busby June Lindley Gillian Tipping Gillian Greensmith Margaret Smith Patricia Campion Beryl Fisher Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Roy ? David Howitt David Harrison Lilian Elson Pat Cook Kathleen Birch Pamela Smith Kathleen Seel Dorothy Thompson Sonia Travers ? Mary Moody Margaret Orridge Eric Poulea Malcolm Scott Brian Cockayne