Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - about 1948

Beeston Fields c1948

Back Row : Neil Bushnell, Wolf, *, Roy Jamison, David Scothern, John Connell, *, George Dudley, Trevor Burton, Russell Priest
Middle Row : Herbert Foster, *, *, John Saunders, *, *, Jim Daykin, Ted Foster, Donald Wilson, John Fox, Clay
Sitting : Charlie Baker, *, Ian Chell, *, Mr Merchant (Teacher), Billie Jorden, *, John Cavanaugh, *
Front Row : Knowles, James Brooksbank, *, David Smith, Alec Scott, Brian Earl, Raymond Hunt, Brian Dobbs

Thanks to Jim Daykin for offering the photograph and suggesting names - and to Anthony Morrell for adding more names

Other suggestions for names are very welcome

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