Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - about 1948

Beeston Fields 1948

Back Row : ? John Barratt (Mottram Rd.Chilwell), *, Brian Turner, *, John Littlewood, *, *, ? Bernard Pilkington, *, ? Clay
Sitting :*,Ray Stone, Geoff Tyres, Alan Marriott, Brian Hendry, George Moore, John Dickson, Gilbert Wallhead, Eric Quidington, ?Oldham

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Brian Turner, who was well known as 'Snowy' for his distinctive hair colour, was the school goalkeeper, then for Beeston Lads Club and on to many local clubs

Thanks to George Moore for offering the photograph and suggesting the above names
George moved to the United States in 1960 and is now retired and living in Florida
Brian Preston believes he has identified Bernard Pilkington and Brian Turner
- and John Dickson has kindly filled many of the gaps

Any other suggestions for names are very welcome

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? John Barratt Unidentified Brian Turner Unidentified John Littlewood Unidentified Unidentified ? Bernard Pilkington Unidentified ? Clay Unidentified Ray Stone Geoff Tyres Alan Marriott Brian Hendry George Moore John Dickson Gilbert Wallhead Eric Quidington ? Oldham