Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - 1948/49 Football Team

Beeston Fields 1948/49 Football Team

Back row : Mr J Arden, John Sissons, Peter Bull, Ernie Neave, John Belton, George Bridges, David Scothern, Mr. Spencer
Middle row : Peter Booth, John Hare, Michael Gough, Roy Smedley, James Wright
Front row : Frank Layton, Mick Whiting

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Thanks to Brian Preston for offering the photograph and giving many of the above names

And, Anthony Morrell has now given us the names shown in bold, which were passed on to him by Jim Wright (who appears on the photograph and has a copy with the names written on the back)

Brian Preston recalls that most of the team continued to play for higher quality local clubs for many
years and that Mick Gough had a lengthy career in the lower professional ranks, beginning with Aldershot.
Both teachers were most enthusiastic and served the school well for many years.

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Mr J Arden John Sissons Peter Bull Ernie Neave John Belton George Bridges David Scothern Mr Spencer Peter Booth John Hare Michael Gough Roy Smedley James Wright Frank Layton Mick Whiting