Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - Upper Class 1950

Beeston Fields 1950

Back Row: Arnold Buckby, Terence Brough, John Balderson, Jeffrey Corbett, Michael Hickling, John Adlington, Raymond Northridge, Peter Howes, Raymond Draycott, William Newton, Alan Cooke
Second Row: Thomas Coulson, David Stones, Douglas Goddard, Michael Hardy, John Sissons, David Cooper, Colin Carver, Colin Bagg, Derek Millward, Clifford Holton, John Searle
Third Row: Colin Tinker, Barry Hooton, Raymond Benniston, Michael Cottingham, John Marshall, Douglas Chapman, Kenneth Hawkins, Robert Armstrong, John Lawton, David Simpson
Front Row: Alan Gough, Brian Lovell, Graham Hill, Brian Cockayane, Jeffrey Oxley, Adrian Johnson, Kenneth Stevenson, Harry Gill, Peter Brabson, Eric Poole, Alan Jones
The teacher on the left is Mr Albert King, and on the right is Mr Joe Cottam

Thanks to David Stones for offering the photograph and giving names and to Anthony Morrell

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