Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - Staff - 1950

Beeston Fields Staff 1950

Seated third from the left is Mr K D Roberts, the Headmaster. Suggestions for the names of the other staff members are invited.

A list of the staff at this date is also available. As its sequence does not appear to correspond to the faces in the photograph (indeed, it lists 28 names while only 17 appear in the photograph).
It is therefore given here in alphabetical order:
H Allton, G Bonser, R A Booker, L R Connop, R F Cotes M G Dann, D B East, J Fenton, G Ford, E Gresham, S Gunby, M J Harris, S A Houghton, S R Jutsum,
A H King, G F Merchant, G A Parsons, H Sanderson, F N Saxton, K A Scott, M Sendell, K V Shaw, C A Sims, D Tanner, M Trefall, M L Upton, A D White, L Wilcox

Thanks to Bill Wardle for providing the photograph and list of names

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