Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - 1950, 1951 or 1952

Beeston Fields c1951

Back Row : *, Brian Earl, Don Wilson, *, Mathews(+),*, *, *, *, *
Middle Row : *, Hutton, Fox?, Shaw?, *, Ted Foster, *, Jim Daykin, *, Green?
Sitting : *, *, Burton, Mathews(+),*, *, Ray Hunt, *, *, *, Roy Jamison
Front Row : Wilson, Burton, *, *, *, Bush?, Brian Dobbs, *

(+) = Twins, Gordon & Brian Mathews

Thanks to Jim Daykin for offering the photograph and suggesting the above names
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Thanks also to Anthony Morrell who has since written to say he believes the photograph to be from 1950 and gives the following names:

Back Row : J Stevenson, Brian Earl, Don Wilson, David Scothern, Matthews, Bill Rogers, Herbert Foster, Anthony Morrell, Charles Baker, Chris Boden
Middle Row : *, Hutton, John Fox, John Shaw, Barry Hall, Ted Foster, John Saunders, Jim Daykin, Tyler, John Green
Sitting : Clarke, *, Burton, Matthews, Knowles, Parker, Hunt, Derek Weedon, Alec Scott, Ronnie Cox, Roy Jamison
Front Row : Alan Wilson, Burton, Jenkins, Billy Jorden, Raymond Hudson, Neil Bushnell, Robin Hartshorne, John Connell

He identifies the teacher as Mr Wright

..and, Maurice Oswin has also made contact to say that he also believes that the teacher was Mr Wright who taught PE, Games and Maths.
He is also able to confirm the identification of David Scothern (Back Row, 4th Left) and Arthur Clarke (Sitting, 1st Left)

Any other suggestions for names are very welcome

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