Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - September 1951

Beeston Fields 1951

Back Row : J Saunders, Jim Daykin, H Foster, Clarke, N Bushnel, R Hartshorne, B Earl, J Fox, Hutton
Middle Row : J Connell, Trevor Burton, D Weedon, B Jordon, A Wilson, SD Scothern, J Shaw, R Priest, D Wilson, B Hall
Sitting : C Baker, Roy Jamison, Thompson, Raymond Hudson, I Knowles, Burton, C Beden, J Brooksbank, Anthony Morrell
Front Row : *, G Dudley. J Green, R Parker, R Hunt, *. *, R Cox

The teacher, Mr Saxton, is not on the photograph

Thanks to Anthony Morrell for offering the photograph and suggesting the above names
Brian Preston has added the name of Trevor Burton, apparently omitted previously

Any other suggestions for names are very welcome

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