Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - Class 4 Middle 1952/3

Beeston Fields 1952

Back row : Kemp, G Worthington, A Goodall, B Grimditch, I. Brownlie, A Webster, K Price
Middle row : Cooper, P Harper, B Gillies, G Peacock, J Brooks, David Stimpson, J Cordon
Front row : B Chamberlin, J Glover, T Stancer, R Woodland, J Parker, K Brown, J Webster, D Tarry, B Guy
The class teacher (not shown) was Mr Saxton

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Kemp G Worthington A Goodall B Grimditch I Brownlie A Webster K Price Cooper P Harper B Gillies G Peacock J Brooks David Stimpson J Cordon B Chamberlin J Grover T Stancer R Woodland J Parker K Brown J Webster D Tarry B Guy