Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston - Staff - 1965

Beeston Fields Staff 1965

Standing (Left to Right) : G H McCluskey, F H Long, G Appleton, H W Crook, E Lakin, H W Barker, A Davies
Sitting : A Bowdler, A B Spencer, J H Arden, C B Cottam, T J Hilton (Headmaster), E R Powell, P F Hill, C Foster

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Thanks to David Gardner for providing the photograph and the names

As a boy, David lived in Beeston, first on Upper Regent Street, then Nether Street before moving the Rylands in the late 1950s. He attended Church Street Infants and Junior Schools before going to Beeston Fields Secondary Modern, leaving at Easter 1962. Mr Robertson was then the Headteacher and Mr Foster (seated on the right) was the art teacher. David recalls that, at that time, the school was streamed into two forms (plus the Remove); he believes that the 1958-1960 photographs, currently on the site, are of the 'B' stream. After working for a time at Chilwell Depot, David left Beeston in 1968.

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G H McCluskey F H Long G Appleton H W Crook E Lakin H W Barker A Davies A Bowdler A B Spencer J H Arden C B Cottam T J Hilton (Headmaster) E R Powell P F Hill C Foster