Parishioners at Tree Planting - Beeston Parish Churchyard, about 1920

Churchyard Tree

A group of parishioners at a tree planting ceremony in Beeston Parish Churchyard
In the centre of the group, to the left of the tree, is the Rev William Pakenham Cole Sheane (Vicar 1914-1924)
The photograph is tentatively dated from about 1920 (The Procession Cross which can be seen was donated in 1917)
The reason for the planting is currently unknown but may be to commemorate those from the church who had died in the Great War

Ted Avery has identified his grandmother, Kate Abell Avery (née Waters, 1889-1973, the wife of Frederick Arthur Avery), standing with her hands clasped, to the left of the cross-shaped memorial.

Further suggestions for names of those on the photograph would be most welcome

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