Beeston Touring Club

Boys Touring Club Hobos

Beeston Touring Club was a popular cycling club in the late 1940s and the 1950s
The photograph above shows the winners of the 'Hobo Run' in 1951.
Left to right are, Pauline Brown, Maurice Snugg, Derick Underwood, Brian Flint & Maurice Bailey

Boys Touring Club Training

And, this photograph from 1949 is of the "Fast Men" on a training run, taking refreshment at the Lilly Inn, Via Gellia, Derbyshire
Left to right are, 'Spiv' Musgrove, Brian Flint, Dave ?, Derick Wakeling, and ??

Thanks to Brian Flint for providing the photograph and providing the names
Further information and any suggestions for other names would be very welcome.

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