Church St School, Beeston - about 1914

Church St c1914

Undated, but probably from about 1914

Top Row : ?,?,?.Edith West, Winnie Hargreaves, Dorothy Hemsley, Doris Rolling, Marjorie Kitch
2nd Row : Mary Wilson, Hilda Doar, May Burnham, Muriel Foster, Elsie Abel, Winnie Moore, Elsie Peach, ?, Minnie Sedewick
3rd Row : Nellie Cropper, Doros Lacey, Edna Alsop, ?, Nellie Reddish, Eva Wiseman, Doris Lowe, Dora Cordon, Esther Lowe
Front Row : Esther Salmon, Annie Walsh, Edith Hudston, Eliza Kirk, Mellor, Rachel Phillips, Rene Aneley

Any further information or corrections would be very welcome

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