Church St School, Beeston - about 1920

Church St c1920

2nd Row Down, 2nd from the right is Ethel Wright - Ethel was born in Nottingham in 1912 but moved to Beeston as a very young child. After leaving Church Street School, she went to Long Eaton Secoundry School. She married Jack Meakin who also lived in Beeston. The family moved to live in Long Eaton in 1941 and later to Breaston, followed by Draycott. Ethel died in 1999 at the age of 86. Jack died in 2008, 2 months short of his hundredth birthday. - (Details kindly supplied by Ethel's daughter, Janet Carr née Meakin)

Any further names would be very welcome

Thanks to Janet Carr and her sister Jenny Tudbury (née Meakin) for supplying the photograph

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