Church St Junior Boys School, Beeston - about 1948

Church St 1948

Back Row : ?,Peter Thorsby, ?, Barry Slater, Brian Rabbitts, David Loverseed, Grant Sneddon, Edward Copley,? McMillan,? Shaw (or the next along), ?, Derek Needham(?)
Middle Row : John Blagg(?), ?, Michael Hogg, Michael Lawrence, Michael Stokes, David Bestall, ?, ?, Michael Wright, Derek Cox, David Royle, Derrick Metcalf, ? Smith
Sitting : Robert Pembleton, ?, Peter Greasley, Richard Smith, ?, ?, Michael Burton, Stevenson(?), ?Stuart, ?, ?, Cedric Smith
Front Row : ? Potts, ?, Terry Hannah, Michael Kerry, Sugden, David ?, David Panter, Janek Strecker, ?, Ivan Cox, ?, Michael Goodband
Head Teacher (left) was Arthur Cossons. Class Teacher (right) was Mr Morris

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Thanks to Derrick Metcalf and Michael Wright for suggesting most of these names
- and to David Cox for pointing out his brother Ivan

Other suggestions for names are very welcome

The date of this photograph, previously thought to be from 1950, has now been reassessed following further evidence

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Arthur Cossons (Head Teacher) Currently Unidentified Peter Thorsby Currently Unidentified Barry Slater Brian Rabbitts David Loverseed Grant Sneddon Edward Copley ? McMillan ? Shaw Currently Unidentified Derek Needham (?) John Blagg (?) Currently Unidentified Michael Hogg Michael Lawrence Michael Stokes David Bestall Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Michael Wright Derek Cox David Royle Derrick Metcalf ? Smith Mr Morris (Class Teacher) Robert Pembleton Currently Unidentified Peter Greasley Richard Smith Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Michael Burton Stevenson (?) ? Stuart Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Cedric Smith ? Potts Currently Unidentified Terry Hannah Michael Kerry Sugden David ? David Panter Janek Strecker Currently Unidentified Ivan Cox Currently Unidentified Michael Goodband