Cricket Team - ?1950s

Cricket Team

Either an Ericssons Cricket Team from the c1950s or a team called Allendale, which was founded by Peter d'Auvergne who is shown, third from the right on the front row.
Third from the right in the middle row may be Jack Bullock. On the back row, first on right is George Cholerton and the middle man is Gordon Clarke.

George Tuck has identified Mick Towlson, 2nd from right, front row. He tells us that Mick played for Ericsson's 1st team for about a decade before moving to their Canadian branch, Etelco. George, who also worked at Etelco, played alongside Mick for the Victoria Park Cricket Club in Scarborough, Ontario and remembers him as a fine opening bat.

Anthony Morrell has identified Bill Warrener, first on the left on the back row and next to Bill as Gordon Burton

Photo kindly supplied by Julia Powell (née d'Auvergne)

Any information about the team or the names of those shown would be most welcome

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