"Old" Cricketers, Beeston - Darts Team

Cricketers Darts Team

This is believed to be the darts team from the Old Cricketers pub on Wollaton Road, Beeston
- that is, the original building on the corner of Albion Street, before it was knocked down and replaced with the present building on an adjacent site.

The photograph is thought to date from the late 1950s or early 1960s.

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Standing (L to R): *, *, Tommy Gough, Joseph Charles Blackwell, Arthur Holmes, Ike Hudson, Frank Newton, 'Taffy' Rowland, *, Derek Orchard
Sitting: Les Peck, *, *, 'Taffy' Harris, Jack Price

Thanks to Joseph Blackwell for supplying the photograph and the names.

Any further names and any suggestions for the date would be very welcome

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Unidentified Unidentified Tommy Gough Joseph Charles Blackwell Arthur Holmes Ike Hudson Frank Newton Taffy Rowland Unidentified Derek Orchard Les Peck Unidentified Unidentified Taffy Harris Jack Price