Ericsson Telephones, Beeston - 25 Years Service, 1957

Ericsson 25yrs 1957

Left to Right - with Departmental Abbreviation, as shown, in brackets :
Top Row: J H Simpson (PT), W E Marshall (TA). J C Cresswell (RF), W Wilbreham (Y14)
2nd Row: N Burrows (C5), Mrs H Scotney (RF), Miss M E Hall (B), Miss Anthony (BM) J O Johnson (DB)
3rd Row: W E Harrison (N2-N6), W H Plackett (DO), H V Shepherd (BS), G J Greensmith (PD)
4th Row: J Hutchby (C5), D A Avery (DO), S J Keyworth (DN), R J Chilton (N2-N6)
5th Row: E H Miller (DO), W J Rushton (PM), H E Glass (DN), G J Woolley (PW), H C Lambert (DA), S P Solloway (BG)
6th Row: E G White (ZC), A E Jordan (DN), F Widdison (YT), G E Roberts (TA), A F Lane (DA, F Hollis (DE), F Warren (Y4)
7th Row: D Thompson (Y14), A Shaw (BD), G Bloomfield (DN). E Smith (DB), A C Wheatley (U2), J Sibley (DN)
8th Row: R Hollingworth (W.O.O.), A N Surridge (DN), H Draper (C1)

Ericsson 25yrs 1957

A reception and souvenir montage to mark 25 years service for a group of Erisson Telephones employees in 1957.

Kindly provided by Ted Avery whose father, Derrick Arthur Avery (1916-2012) is amongst those employees who reached this milestone in that year.
He is show named on the upper image and, on the lower image, is standing left of centre between the seated lady and the man with a bow tie.
Having started with the company in the Tool Room in about 1932, he soon moved to the Tool Design Office. He was to go on the serve as a draughtsman in the main drawing office, He retired in about 1980 after 48 years service.

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