Ericsson Paint Shop, Beeston - c1959

Ericsson Paintshop

Standing on the back row, to the left of the tall man with glasses, is Frank Dunkley (1919-1979). Frank started work at Ericssons in 1952 and received a certificate and engraved wrist watch for 25 years service in November 1977. During this time, he kept a notebook detailing the mixing formulas for the paint colours that were used. This proved invaluable to his workmates after his death in 1979, when it was found to be the best record available.

Frank's son, Francis Dunkley, fondly remembers the Ericssons - later Plessey - annual sports days and children's Christmas parties that he and his sisters were able to enjoy. And too, there were the Ericsson children's pantomimes at the old Nottingham Playhouse on the corner of Goldsmith Street in Nottingham. Francis also applied to work at Ericssons when he left school. At the interview with Mr Warburton, the Personnel Officer. he was asked if he had relations working there. Besides his father, he was able to mention his Uncle Denis 'Dink' Smithurst and his brother, two Smithurst cousins, his Uncle Bernard Wren and his brothers! So, he got a job in C5 Assembly, making sub-assemblies for Stowger uni-selectors. However, he was to stay there for only seven months, until he got an apprenticeship with Stag Furniture.

He has also been able to identify Jonny Hibbert, 3rd from the right on the back row (with the lower half of his face obscured).

Any further names and other information would be appreciated

Thanks to Francis Dunkley for kindly supplying the photograph and supplying the names and his memories.

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