Ericsson's Pantomime Programme, 1949

Ericsson Panto 1957 (1)

Ericsson Panto 1957 (2)

Ericsson Panto 1957 (3)

In the years following the second World War, Ericssons Dramatic Society presented an annual pantomime. This programme, from Christmas 1949, is for its production of 'Aladdin' at the Palladium cinema in Beeston. It was played there to packed and enthusiastic audiences - many keen to see their workmates in an unfamiliar role.

In the following year the show was moved to the Majestic cinema on Queens Road. That year it was "Aladdin" and "Robinson Crusoe" followed in 1951 at the same venue. These annual productions were always extremely popular and were enthusiatically supported at the various venues, including the company's canteen where later productions were shown.

Kindly provided by Ted Avery whose father, Derrick Arthur Avery (1916-2012), a keen musician, played in the orchestra.

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