Ericssons Strowger Group Reunions - 1990s

Strowger Group 1990 A reunion, in 1990, of a team that had been responsible for supporting Strowger technology at Ericsson Telephones, Beeston.
Strowger was an electro-mechanical switching system used in telephone exchanges up to the 1980s and even later.

Photo kindly supplied by Ted Avery, whose father, Derrick Avery, who had worked in the drawing office for many years, is standing on the far left.

Strowger Group This reunion of the team is believed to be from later in the 1990s.
Such annual reunions were to continue up to at least 2009 when the 21st such occasion was held at the New Venture Social Club
A Strowger unit can be seen, being held in the foregound by Eric Thompson. Standing third left (with the white polo-neck top) is Eric Raper

Photo kindly supplied by Julia Powell, whose father, Peter d'Auvergne, is seated at the back, far left. Peter was Business Engineering Projects Manager when he retired in 1981.

Thanks to Martin Shaw for identifying Eric Thompson and Eric Raper.

Any further information about either occasion or the names of those shown would be most welcome

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