Ericssons Tool Design Office, 1940

Tool Design 1940

Derrick Arthur Avery (1916-2012) joined Ericssons in the Tool Design office in about 1932. The photograph of him (right) was taken there in 1938.

By 1940, when the above photograph was taken, the department - and indeed, the whole factory - was dedicated to war work and it now known that vital tools and special equipment were made at the factory in conditions of secrecy in those years. In the picture, Derrick is working in the middle drawing board of the five that can be seen.

At some point after the war, Derrick moved to work in the Main Drawing Office. As shown in the image below, this had a huge staff in these years and was very popular preferred employment for Beeston school-leavers at that time - a preference that has been completely eclipsed by technological change nowadays. Derrick can just be seen, almost hidden, right at the back, indicated by an arrow.

Derrick Avery

Drawing Office

These images have been kindly provided by Derrick's son, Ted Avery. As aways, please get in touch if you can identify anyone on the photographs.

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