Ericsson Valve Lab, Beeston - 1957

Ericsson Valve Lab 1

This group includes Barbara Borrett (looking to her right, towards the left of the picture), Shirley Smith (now Pearson), on the left at the back, her sister Pearl (now Pick), in front with clasped hands and Doreen Ward (at back to the left of the middle). Three others are identified by the first name only.
Yvette Haydon (née Young) has pointed out her mother, Sheila Young (née Birch), 5th from the left on the front row.
This has also confirmed the date of the photograph as early 1957, as she was then expecting Yvette's sister, born in May 1957.

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Ericsson Valve Lab 2

This group may include Shirley Radford (3rd woman from right) and John Shaw (immediately behind)

Any further names and other information would be appreciated

Thanks to Geoffrey Pearson for kindly supplying the photographs and names

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Sheila Young (née Birch) Currently Unidentified Jackie ? Pearl Smith (now Pick), sister of Shirley Smith Pam ? Barbara Borrett Shirley Smith (now Pearson) Doreen Ward ROSE ?