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Beeston Cemetery
Beeston Churchyard
WW1 Roll of Honour
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Surname Forename Forename2 Forename3 Nickname Maiden Name Sex Died Born Age Approx Birth Year Stone Sequence Ref only Note
HOYLE Alan Fretwell M 03/06/1899 31/05/1861 38y 1861 2 1 Eldest son
HOYLE Rosa F 08/02/1902 67y 1835 2 2
HOYLE Rosa Blanche HOYLE F 07/01/1908 30/04/1864 43y 1864 2 3 Eldest daughter
HOYLE Fretwell William M 2 4 R
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Stone Grave Reference Grave Notes Location
2 Right Top
There are no records to display

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