Foster & Pearson, Beeston - Surviving Buildings at Tissington Nursery

Greenhouses at Tissington

A range of Foster & Pearson greenhouses and anciliary buildings at Tissington Nursery, Tisssington, Derbyshire
In what was the kitchen garden of the Tissington Estate, the home of the Fitzherbert family

Essentially original woodwork, glass and ironwork on a rebuilt brick foundation

Greenhouse Interior

The interior of a Tissington greenhouse, showing original Foster & Pearson ironwork, top ventilation and glass.
The rounded bottom edges on the glass was a Foster & Pearson feature, said to assist water drainage

F&P Plaque

A Foster & Pearson nameplate on a Tissington greenhouse door.

Shown Right: An original Foster & Pearson crank for working the top ventilation
With a very modern adaptation!

F&P Crank Handle

© David Hallam - 2006

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