Lenton Abbey Congregation Church Ladies Outing

Lenton Abbey ladies

This group of ladies met at Lenton Abbey Congregational Church (now a United Reformed Church) on Wednesday evenings, Being at the top
of Boundary Road, Beeston and Wensor Avenue, Lenton Abbey, just on the Beeston side of the City boundary,
it drew its membership from members in both Lenton Abbey and Beeston.
In this undated photograph, a group of the ladies are seen on a day-trip to London.

Left to Right: Katie Smith, *, *, Francis Guy (Hetley Rd, Beeston), *, *, *, Doreen Buxton (Boundary Crescent, Beeston)

Photograph and names were kindly provided by Gill Wilmot, a grand-daughter of George & Kate Safhill of Beeston

Any suggestions for the date of the photograph or other names would be most welcome

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