New Connection Methodist Concert, about 1912

NC Japanese Concert

A photograph of those who took part in a concert at the New Connexion Chapel on Chapel Street, Beeston in about 1912 (and therefore then part of the United Methodist Church which incorporated the New Connexion and several other strands of Methodism in 1907).

This contribution to the concert, in the form of a Japanese tableau, was produced by Florrie and her younger sister Gertie and the photograph was taken in their family front garden on Villa Street. (The house was, in relatively recent memory, used by Foster & Pearson but was demolished when the area at the top of Villa Street, north of the Royal Oak, was redeveloped)

Seen on the photograph, are.
Back Row (L to R): Albert Thums, Amy Bowlzer (later Burton), (?Janet Eleanor) Rice, (either Philip William or Edward John) Richards (son of Co-op breadman), (?John Henry) Rice, *, *, *
Middle Row (L to R) : *, *, Florrie Smith, Gertie Smith, Mellors, *
Front Row (L to R) : Edith Elizabeth Hudston (later Hallam), (?Constance) Elliott (Decorator's daughter). *, *

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Florence Annie Swift (b. abt 1880 in East Kirkby, Notts) and Gertrude M Swift (b. abt 1889 in New Basford, Notts) were daughters of Josiah and Harriet Swift. Josiah was a cashier for a basket manufacturer (possibly Peter Mathieson & Sons Ltd, Alexandra Works, 490 Radford Rd, Basford, Notts) had moved to Beeston in about 1900 from Old Basford, with his large family. They settled at 38 Villa Street, in one of the larger villas, towards the top on the east side (1901 Census - Piece 3153 Folio 17). By 1905, Josiah was also an agent for Liverpool, London & Globe Insurance and was a member of the local Council (Wright's Directory of the City of Nottinghan and Immediate Neighbourhoods, 1905/6).

Gilbert (aometimes known as Albert) Thums, the grandson of William and Emma Thums, was born in Basford in 1904. William, a long-time Trustee of the New Connexion Chapel, traded as a butcher at 72 High Road - to the east of Willoughby Street - for many years when Gilbert is living there with his grandparents - but recorded as "Albert")

Amy Bowlzer (b. Beeston, 1903), was the youngest daughter of Walter (who had died in 1906) and Emily of 71 City Road, Beeston(1911 Census Piece 20431 RD429 SD3 ED6 Schedule 234).

Janet Eleanor Rice (b.Beeston, 1901) and John Henry Rice (b. Beeston, 1903) where the children of Jesse and Harriett Rice, who traded as pork butchers at 69 Chilwell Road, Beeston (1911 Census Piece 20431 RD429 SD3 ED3 Schedule 201)

Philip William Richards (b. Gladstone St, Nottinghan, 1902) and Edward John Richards (b. Denison St, Beeston 1903) were both sons of John and Mary Richards. It has not, so far, been possible to determine which of these is shown in the picture. In the census of 1911, the family lived at 42 Denison Street, Beeston, with John described as a carter for a Co-op Stores(1911 Census Piece 20431 RD429 SD3 ED2 Schedule 61).

Edith Elizabeth Hudston (b. Beeston 1901) was the daughter of Horace and Agnes Mary Hudston. The family lived at 42 Chilwell Road, Beeston where Horace traded as a baker(1911 Census Piece 20431 RD429 SD3 ED3 Schedule 148). Horace's father (Samuel) and brother ((Harry) were each, in turn, Trustees of the Chapel.

Constance Elliott (b. Beeston, c1900) was the daughter of Owen and Jane Elliott. She had a sister Dorris, (b. Beeston c1903) but, based on apparent age, it appears that the photograph is more likely to be of Constance. In 1911, the family lived at Stoney Street, Beeston with Owen working as a house painter (1911 Census Piece 20431 RD429 SD3 ED1 Schedule 168, although Jane was absent at that time).

NC Japanese Concert

This other photograph of a similar group, probably taken on the same occasion has recently been found

Murial Radford is identified, third from the left on the back row
Dorothy Hudston (later Peel), the elder sister of Edith Elizabeth (see above) is on the extreme right of the back row
Florrie Smith (see above) appears to be on the extreme right of the middle row

Photographs and remembered names from David Hallam's personal family archive.

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Albert (Gilbert) Thums Amy Bowlzer (?Janet Eleanor) Rice (Philip William or Edward John) Richards (?John Henry) Rice Not Currently Identified Not Currently Identified Not Currently Identified Not Currently Identified Not Currently Identified Florrie Swift Gertie Swift Mellors Not Currently Identified Edith Elizabeth Hudston (?Constance) Elliott Not Currently Identified Not Currently Identified