Beeston Old Boys - Football Team - 1953

Old Boys Football 1953

Back row: Len Pearce (Trainer), *, Ray Smedley, *, Eric Price (Coach), David Hopcroft, Fred Buss, Walter Goodman, *
Sitting: *, Ron Dickinson, Jock Lowe, David Price, Oldham

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Thanks to David Hopcroft for offering the photograph and for identifying many of those on the photograph

Thanks also to Anthony Morrell who has suggested the name shown in bold

Suggestions for the names of those that remain unidentified are very welcome

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Len Pearce (Trainer) Currently Unidentified Ray Smedley Currently Unidenified Eric Price (Coach) David Hopcroft Fred Buss Walter Goodman Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Ron Dickinson Jock Lowe David Price Oldham