Roundhill Junior School, Beeston - about 1955

Roundhill 1955

Photograph kindly supplied by Will Heard who is shown on the top row, 5th from left,
Other names he has identified are David Pettinger (top row, first on left). Possibly Claire Wardle (2nd row down, 4th from left).
Rosamund Briggs (2nd row down, 2nd from right) and Stephen Hall (bottom row 8th from left)

Sue Mottershead (formerly Susan Hingley) has identified herself, 4th right on the 2nd row

Brian Taylor (now Vice-Chair of the school Governors) has identified himself, 1st right on the bottom row, Peter Brownhill next right
and probably Stewart Barker, 5th right on bottom row

Any names or other information would be very welcome

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