Beeston Boiler Company - Bowls

Beeston Boiler Bowls

A trophy winning Beeston Boiler Company bowls team, probably from the 1950s
Taken in from of the pavilion on the Company's Sports Ground, then on the corner of Queens Road and Beacon Road
Those standing in the middle row and at the back appear to be a group of Company management.
To the right of centre in the middle row may be the Managing Director, Mark Pearson

The three photographs shown below were also taken at the green on the Company sports ground
They show some of those taking part in a Bowls Evening in about 1965
Some are identified from notes found with the original photographs. Other names would be very welcome

Beeston Boiler Bowls1
Left to Right : Wilf Newby, Arthur Clifford, (unidentified), Peter Leivers

Beeston Boiler Bowls2
In the centre (3rd from left)is Fred Harrison

Beeston Boiler Bowls3
On the left is Ken Walder, 3rd from left is Bob Stirland

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