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Organisations in Beeston -

This section tells the story of organisations that have served Beeston over the years

The Boys' Brigade - was first formed in 1893 as the 1st Beeston Boys' Brigade Company, later becoming 17th Nottingham (Beeston) Company. In 1908 it was reformed in conjunction with the Beeston Lad's Club and continues today to provide excellent service to the community.

2nd Beeston Sea Scouts - was formed in 1928 and has provided an excellent programme of Scouting with a nautical flavour for generations of Beeston area boys - and now girls - from headquarters in Beeston and bases on the River Trent which continues today.

Beeston Toreadors Carnival Band - Beeston was justly proud of the success of this band which provided a timely touch of sparkle and spectacle to the otherwise somewhat grey years leading up to the Second World War. This account is illustrated with excellent photographs, showing many local people who are sure to be recognised.

Beeston Gravel Pit Friendly Society - this innovative self-help society operated gravel and sand workings as well as allotments in Beeston to provide social benifits to its members for over 100 years up to the 2nd World War.

Faces from the Past - Photographs of groups of people from Beeston's past - church groups, societies, sports teams, outings, and the like.

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