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Beeston Family History Research -

Our continued aim is to make what we have available to current researchers and as a on-going archive of Beeston-related data for the benefit of future generations. Most enquiries for information and guidance based on our Beeston resources and knowledge are dealt with without charge although we would normally expect that this be done based on a two-way exchange of information where appropriate.

While our archives are based on a range of primary and secondary resources, they are constantly being improved and widened in scope by input from individual researchers. This is particularly the case where Beeston-related individuals arrived there from elsewhere or where they leave for other places - input from those with details of these movements help us in our aim to track the life story of all those whose life touched Beeston at any time.

At the centre of the available resources is David Hallam's Beeston reconstitution which now includes upwards of 30,000 individuals and is being extended continuously. This aims to link the available records - including the census, church registers and memorials - with a particular emphasis on the 19th century. This forms the basis of a one-place study focussed on family history and includes much that is unavailable elsewhere.

Now in retirement, David has decided to make a lifetime's research available on the Internet through this site - a process that will take several years. He looks forward to your interest, feedback, comments and contributions with interest.

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