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They Left for Elsewhere -

Many men and women and their children have left Beeston to find a new life abroad - in particular, in what was the Empire or the New World - America. They took their skills and their enthusiasm to their new life abroad and often prospered - but they also took their memories. In many cases, they never returned to their homeland but they often passed on stories about the old country - told when the family got together - about their previous life which have been remembered with affection by later generations who now seek out their family roots. It is the stories of the people who left Beeston in this way that we intend to record here.

The Dobson Family was to live in Beeston for only about six years. Nevertheless, when the family left there in 1910 for America, it took with it memories of Beeston and items connected with the town which have been carefully retained for present generations. In collaboration with direct descendants in America, we have used local knowledge and the wide range of resources now available to put together the story of their life in England and America.

Australians from Beeston at War - the contibution by Australian servicemen and women during both World Wars - and indeed, in the Boer War and conflicts since - is well known and respected. Among those who fought were many who had recently settled in Australia, many who were from Britain. Amongst those were some who had been born in Beeston, had chosen to leave to settle in Australia and now put their new life on hold for the Allied cause. Now Trish Symonds has trawled the Australian National Archives to list those who named Beeston as their birthplace.

A number of other stories of people and families who have left Beeston to find a new life elsewhere are being prepared. These include the many lacemakers who settled in America in the early part of the 20th century that continue to be the subject of collaborative research between us and other researchers around the world. We would be pleased to hear of other such stories with a Beeston connection.

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