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Beeston Marriage Licences (1754-1770)

Historically, by far the majority of marriages took place after the calling of Banns in church, but a minority followed the obtaining of a Licence from the Diocesan consistory court. This was a relatively expensive option so it tended to be used by the more wealthy families, for reasons of relative privacy or as a statement of financial status. The option was also used where there was some urgency for the marriage ceremony to take place.

Whilst it is unusual for the actual Licence to survive, the other documentation completed during the application was retained by the issuing church authority and usually survives in the corresponding modern-day repository. These documents usually include a sworn 'Allegation' - stating that there was no lawful impediment to the marriage - and a 'Bond' - made by two persons, agreeing to pay a very substantial sum if the marriage was proved to be invalid. These documents often provide additional details, not included typically in the marriage registers prior to 1837 - including ages, abode, occupations and relationship to bondsmen - which can provide vital confirmation as to identity. However, it should be noted that one of the bondsmen tended to be the groom himself.

These Beeston licences are from those issued by the Archdeaconary Court of Nottingham which, for the period shown, were transcribed and appeared in the Thoroton Society, Record Series, Volume X. This is now available at www.archive.org/stream/recordseries10thoruoft/recordseries10thoruoft_djvu.txt. The original documents, from the years 1594 to 1884, are now held as part of the Manuscripts and Special Collections at Nottingham University.

Prospective Bridegroom
Prospective Bride
Other Details
26Jul1754William Barker, parish of St Nicholas, Nottingham, cordwainer, 23, bachelorElizabeth Cox, parish of Beeston, 22, spinsterSt Nicholas, NottinghamRobert Cox, parish of St Mary, Nottingham, hosier, was bond.
13Sep1754John Slack, parish of Trowell, f.w.k., 27, bachelorAnn Hopewell, parish of Beeston, 23, spinsterBeeston.
18Apr1757Joshua Robinson, parish of St Peter, Nottingham, f.w.k., 30, bachelorSarah Levis, parish of Beeston, 22, spinsterSt Mary, Nottingham.
25May1757George Fowler, of Nottingham, saddler, 25, bachelorSarah Cox, parish of Beeston, 21, spinsterSt Mary, Nottingham.
12Nov1757Henry Cox, parish of Beeston, farmer, 50, widowerMary Henson, of same, 35, widowBeeston.
18Apr1758William Wilkinson, parish of Beeston, farmer, 40, widowerElizabeth Martin, parish of Lenton, 30, widowLenton.
4Oct1758John Stevenson, parish of Barton, farmer, 38, bachelorJane Strey, parish of Beeston, 24, spinsterBarton or Beeston.
30Oct1762Joseph Cross, parish of West Leake, farmer, 25, bachelorElizabeth Burrow, parish of East Leake, 24, spinsterBeestonEdward Cross, of Beeston, farmer, is bond.
1Aug1763Francis Ward, parish of Beeston, f.w.k., 22, bachelorChristian Parkinson, of same, 20, spinsterBeestonWilliam Parkinson, joiner, of Beeston is bond; and, as father of Christian, consents to her intended marriage.
27Feb1765Timothy Wylde, parish of St Mary’s Nottingham, clerk, 50, bachelorAnn Hill, of same, 25, spinsterSt Mary, NottinghamJohn Abbey, parish of St Peter, Nottingham, dealer in tea, is bond). This marriage is recorded in St Mary’s register as taking place on 7th March. Timothy Wyld was vicar of Beeston and master of the Free Grammar School of Nottingham, and his burial is recorded in St Peter’s register on 30 Jan 1799.
10Jan1768William Bamford, parish of Beeston, f.w.k., 22, bachelorMartha Barnes, of same, 28, widowBeeston.
24Nov1768William Bamford, parish of Beeston, f.w.k., 23, widowMargaret Harrison, of same, 21, spinsterBeston (Beeston).
11Feb1769Samuel Morley, parish of Calverton, f.w.k., 30, bachelorMary Barker, parish of Beeston, 22, spinsterBeestonJohn Barker, of Beeston, blacksmith, is bond.
28Oct1769James Borebank, parish of Beeston, butcher, 25, bachelorMary Cook of Dale Abbey, co Derby, spinster.

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