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Beeston Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (1384-1858)

Up until 12 January 1858 all wills had to be proved at the appropriate level of Church court. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury was the highest level within that system and had to be used where property was situated in more than one Diocese in the the Province of Canterbury (Wales and the south of England) or in both Diocese. It was also used where a property-owner in England or Wales died overseas. Higher courts than that prescribed, including Canterbury, were sometimes used for reasons other than legal requirement, such as for status or relative privacy, More information on this relatively complex stucture, involving several levels of jurisdiction, may be found on the National Archives site.

Up until 1837, Nottinghamshire was in the Province of York, All the surviving original probate records proved in that Exchequer court during that period have been transferred to Nottinghamshire Archives. (With registered copies remaining at the Borthwick Institute in York). From 1837, Nottinghamshire was part of the Province of Canterbury. Nottinghamshire wills proved at lower levals (i.e. the majority) are also usually found at Notts Archives.

All surviving wills proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury are searceable at and copies may be purchased from the National Archives site. The table below includes all wills included there, where the testator is described as being of Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

From 12 January 1858, responsibily for the grant of probate in England & Wales (and Administrations, usually where there is no will) was transferred to the Civil courts, through a network of Probate Registries. Brief details of the grants are listed in yearly 'calendars'. Almost of all of these, up to 1941, are available on line as part of ancestry.com and and an even wider date range is covered by printed volumes at Notts Archives and elsewhere.

Name   Probate Date  
Catalogue Ref
ATTENBOROUGHMaryWidow of Beeston, Nottinghamshire22Dec1840PROB 11/1937.
CLEMMONSMarthaWidow of Beeston, Nottinghamshire10Apr1810PROB 11/1510.
CLEWESCharlesGentleman of Beeston, Nottinghamshire13Jun1823PROB 11/1671.
COXMaryWidow of Beeston, Nottinghamshire29Jun1849PROB 11/2094.
FELLOWSCatherine FrancesWife of Beeston, Nottinghamshire21Feb1827PROB 11/1721.
HARWOODRichardFarmer of Beeston Meadow, Nottinghamshire28Apr1826PROB 11/1711.
KIRKLANDHenryLace Manufacturer of Beeston, Nottinghamshire8Mar1854PROB 11/2188.
LACEYThomasBachelor of Beeston, Nottinghamshire25May1659PROB 11/291.
LEVISMarySpinster of Beeston, Nottinghamshire23Dec1768PROB 11/944.
MICKLETHWAITNathanielof Beeston, Nottinghamshire31Dec1757PROB 11/834.
NIXONJamesGentleman of Beeston, Nottinghamshire16Dec1851PROB 11/2143.
ORTONAnneSpinster of Beeston, Nottinghamshire11Mar1850PROB 11/2110.
PHIPPSJohnYeoman of Beeston, Nottinghamshire21Aug1655PROB 11/244.
SEAWELLBranstoneGentleman of Beeston, Nottinghamshire12Apr1787PROB 11/1152.
STONEJohnYeoman of Beeston, Nottinghamshire20Apr1602PROB 11/99.
STREYDorothySpinster of Beeston, Nottinghamshire14May1803PROB 11/1393.
TOWLESamuelCommission Agent of Beeston, Nottinghamshire29Nov1831PROB 11/1792.
WILDBORERobert, RevClerk of Beeston, Nottinghamshire3Apr1856PROB 11/2231.

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