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Parish Church History

Priests of St Catherine's Chantry
in Beeston Church, Nottinghamshire

DateChantry Priest PatronCause of Vacancy
1 Aug 1355John de Beeston William de Beeston 
7 Jan 1361William, son of John de Beeston Prior and Convent of LentonResignation of John de Beeston
19 Jun 1405Henry de Bilburgh  Death of Wm. de Beeston
25 Dec 1405Nicholas Parker  Resignation of Henry de Bilburgh
14 Mar 1421John Smith  Resignation of Nicholas Parker
19 Jul 1423Richard Barker  Resignation of John Smith
*15 Mar 1423Thomas Freyman  Resignation of Richard Baker
6 Oct 1426Richard Doddeworth  Resignation of Thomas Freyman
10 Dec 1426William Swanwyk  Resignation of Thomas Freeman
24 Apr 1429William Holbek  Resignation of William Swanwyk
10 May 1437John Belot   
 John Mayson   
21 Apr 1479John Coke Gerrad Clifton esqDeath of John Mayson
31 Mar 1481Nicholas Wodeshawe Prior and Convent of LentonDeath of John Coke
2 Oct 1486Robert Mable  Resignation of Nicholas Wodeshawe
*13 Jun 1490John Nutt  Resignation of Robert Mable
26 Jan 1490John Knolls  Resignation of John Nutt
10 Nov 1507Peter Halle  Resignation of John Knolls
26 May 1539Alexander Constable The King (Henry VIII)Death of Peter Halle

* Note : it should be borne in mind that previous to 1752 the years were calculated as beginning on March 25th, obviously nowadays these would read 1424 and 1491 respectively.