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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1849 to 31 December 1855

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
AARAMJoseph.Thur2Feb1854Agricultural Honours: Joseph AARAM apprenticed to grandfather of present Mr PEARSON of Chilwell on 18th September 1786, and has consequently served three generations of family for sixty-seven years. The old man is still comparatively hearty, and does his day’s work better than many a man fifty years his junior.
ADAMSONJohn.Thur6Oct1853Newark County Court: John ADAMSON of Beeston passed first examination in Insolvency proceedings
ALDRIDGESusannah.Thur8Jul1852Died at Beeston on 3rd instant, wife of Mr Thomas ALDRIDGE, draper, Nottingham
ALLWOODLavinia.Thur6Apr1854Married at Beeston Church on 2nd inst, Mr Henry TOMLINSON of Stapleford, to Miss Lavinia ALLWOOD of Beeston
ARNOLDSimeon.Thur24Aug1854Died at Beeston on 22nd inst, aged 66, Mr Simeon ARNOLD
ASHERHenry.Thur14Jun1849Charged with violently assaulting Maria TALBOT; remanded until Saturday
ASHERWilliam.Thur12Feb1852Charged by his brother Henry ASHER with assaulting him at Beeston on Friday night last
ATTENBURROWMatthew.Thur1Jan1852Breach of Peace on Saturday night, at Greyhound Inn
BAGGULEYJohn.Thur24Feb1853Fatal accident at Beeston, a gravel bank at pit 9 feet high gave way on 22nd inst, crushed, survived, lock-jaw, died Thurs
BAKERThomas.Thur20Jun1850Charged by George JOHNSON with assaulting him on 15th inst at Beeston
BALDOCKWilliam.Thur5Jun1851County Court : formerly of Hockley Notts, now Beeston, tallow chandler, applied for discharge; granted
BALL (see BULL)Samuel.Tues30Sep1852Charged with stabbing George BURTON on Tuesday at Commercial Inn, Beeston, witness William BRADSHAW
BARBAGEWilliam.Thur24May1849Of Beeston, charged with stealing fifteen rails at Chilwell, property of William GEORGE of Beeston
BARKERRobert.Thur13Oct1853Died at Beeston on 6th inst, Robert Barker, farmer and maltster, aged 45 years
BARKERWilliam.Tues30Aug1855Landlord of Durham Ox, with his son John BARKER and William KERREY, assaulted John KEYWORTH; dismissed
BARNESWilliam.Thur5Nov1851Aged 25, Mormon minister, drowned in River Trent while baptising female convert; due to leave for America on Saturday
BARNESWilliam.Thur11Mar1852Discovery of Mormon Prophet, found floating about 600 yards below the place he drowned, body much decomposed
BARNESWilliam.Thur18Mar1852Inquest: drowned opposite Clifton Grove, son of John BARNES of Beeston, higgler, 25, unmarried, tailor. Member of Latter Day Saints, baptised Elizabeth JACKSON; Samuel FOX of Beeston, silk thrower, tried to save him
BATERBesty.Thur30Nov1854Died at Beeston on 25th inst, aged 33, Mrs Betsy BATER
BECKGeorge.Thur7Aug1851Executions in Nottingham: 1832, Feb 1: George BECK, 20, George HEARSON, 22, and John ARMSTRONG, 26, in front of the County Gaol, for setting fire to Mr Lowe’s mill at Beeston during riots in October 1831
BEESLEYMary Matilda.Thur25Oct1855Died at Beeston on 16th instant, aged 4 years, Mary Matilda, daughter of Mr Wm. BEESLEY
BELFIELDHenry.Thur24Aug1854Breach of peace at Beeston on 19th inst; to keep the peace and pay expenses
BELFIELDHenry.Thur23Nov1854Monday last, carting soil to his allotment at Monkey Field, horse threw him down and cart over his body, in precarious state
BELFIELDHenry.Thur12Apr1855Penalty £2 15s 6d, riding in a cart without reins to horse at Beeston on 4th inst; found drunk and asleep in cart
BELFIELDHenry.Thur16Aug1855Insolvent Debtors Court: Henry BELFIELD, Chapel St, Beeston, baker & flour-seller, adjourned until 4th Sept
BELFIELDHenry.Thur6Sep1855Insolvency Court: Henry BELLFIELD, baker, Beeston, no opposition, final order granted
BEXONHenry.Thur20Nov1851Drunk and disorderlies - Breach of peace at Beeston on 17th instant, penalty of 17s
BIGGSHenry.Thur2Dec1852Committed breach of peace at Beeston on 21st ult by swearing, shouting and making a great noise; expenses 7s 6d
BLASDALECatharine.Thur25Oct1855Died at Beeston on the 19th, aged 28, Catharine, wife of Mr Samuel BLASDALE
BLUNDSTONEElizabeth.Thur14Dec1854Died at Beeston on 13th inst, aged 63, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Joseph BLUNDSTONE
BLUNDSTONEJohn.Thur7Nov1850At Clifton near Bristol, died Friday last aged 25, son of Mr BLUNDSTON, maltster, of Beeston near Nottingham
BLUNSTONEJas..Thur20Apr1854Election of Guardians for Basford Union: Beeston, Jas BLUNSTONE
BOLESRobert.Thur23Aug1855Robert BOLES, John BRAMLEY, Elizabeth BRAMLEY (wife) charged with breach of peace on 11th inst at Beeston
BONDAnn.Thur6Feb1851Wife of Edward BOND of Beeston, Gent, died 4th instant
BONDAnn.Thur13Feb1851At Beeston, on 4th instant, Mrs Ann BOND, aged 66
BONDEdward.Thur23Oct1851At Beeston, on 17th instant, in the 76th year of his age, Edward BOND, Gent., universally respected
BOSTOCKJerry.Thur6Jul1854Married at Beeston Church (on 3rd inst ?) Mr Jerry BOSTOCK to Miss Elizabeth LOMAS, both of Beeston
BOSWORTHJohn.Thur17Oct1850Age 35, labourer, Union Street Beeston, violent assault on Ellen POTTER of ill-fame in her home Kingston Court in Notts
BOSWORTHJohn.Thur2Sep1852Drunk and disorderly and disturbing the peace at Beeston on Saturday last; convicted, sureties for good behaviour
BOSWORTHJoseph.Thur18Oct1849A farmer; assaulted Wm VAUX the policeman stationed at Beeston on 15th inst; convicted, fined 30s
BOTTOMEREdward.Thur6Dec1849Charged by P.C. Vaux with being drunk and disorderly in the street at Beeston at one o’clock on Tuesday morning
BOWLERSamuel.Thur23Aug1849Of Chilwell, burglariously breaking into house of Mrs Elizabeth CROSS at Beeston (witness dtr Melicent Frettingham)
BOWLERSamuel.Thur14Mar1850Spring Assizes. On list of prisoners committed for trial in the county
BOWLESHenry.Thur23Jun1853Assaulting his father on 15th inst at Beeston; committed to hard labour for three weeks
BRADSHAWJames.Thur22Mar1849Charged by Isaac GREASLEY with damaging a tree belonging to him
BRADSHAWWilliam.Thur12Feb1852Inquest by Coroner Swann at Boat Inn, deceased aged 21, paralytic stroke and fit in the dyke, “accidentally drowned”
BRAMLEYJohn.Thur23Oct1851Publican at Beeston, charged with mixing ale with grains of paradise on 5th September; slur on excise officers; fined £75
BRECKNOCKHannah.Thur11Jan1855Died at Beeston on the 7th inst, aged 30, Mrs Hannah BRECKNOCK
BRIDGETTAnn.Thur12Jul1855Married woman, charged with stealing purse with 8s 4d from shop of Wm ROBERTS; committed for trial at Sessions
BROWNJonathan.Thur5Feb1852Breach of Contract: charged with absenting himself from his masters F.B. GILL & Co at Beeston on 3rd ult
BROWNSamuel.Thur2Mar1854On Sunday last married at Beeston Church to Miss Ann GOODE
BROWNThomas.Thur26Feb1852Of Beeston. Married at St Nicholas’s Church, Nottingham, to Miss Francis KIRKHAM of Nottingham
BROWNWilliam.Thur11Nov1852Died at Beeston on 1st inst, aged 50, head gardener to Alfred LOWE Esq of High Fields, much respected, deeply lamented
BROWNEFrederick.Thur19Jul1855Uttered counterfeit coin at Beeston on 9th instant; committed for trial at the Assizes
BROWNEFrederick.Thur26Jul1855Crown Court: Alias Frederick Lee BROWNE, pleaded guilty to uttering coin to Ann PALETHORPE; 2 yrs House of Corr.
BUCKNALLTheophilus.Thur26Sep1850Aged 73, died moving a machine in his house on previous Saturday, inquest at White Lion in Beeston “sudden natural death”
BULL (see BALL)Samuel.Thur10Mar1853Crown Court, twisthand, 21, cutting & wounding good friend George Burton; imprisoned 12 months with hard labour
BURTONStephen.Thur15Feb1855Married 12th, Baptist Chapel, Castle Donington, Stephen BURTON of Beeston to Miss Elizabeth CHAMBERS, Castle.Don
BUSBYJohn.Thur15Jun1854Young man, grocer, of Huntingdonshire, charged with stealing six calves at Beeston, property of Thomas ELLIOTT farmer
BUSBYJohn.Wed29Jun1854Sessions: Aged 18, grocers assistant, stealing six calves value £30 on 6th June; six calendar months imprisonment hard labour
BUTLERMatthew.Thur9Dec1852An aged man charged with cutting tops off a cwt of turnips, property of Edward WALKER of Beeston, on 4th, prison 14 days
BUTTAnn.Thur9Jan1851Inquest : aged 53, unmarried, lived alone, died Saturday about 8.30pm; Coroner Swann, White Lion Inn, “natural death &c”
BUTTERJames.Thur11Jul1850Appointed D.M. of the Philanthropic Lodge, Beeston by Brother PEARSON and Brother WHEATLEY Order of Oddfellows
CARNELLArthur.Thur15Nov1855On 6th inst at Beeston assaulted p.c. SHAW, who had defendant’s brother in custody; penalty 30s plus costs
CARNELLHenry.Thur20Apr1854Four youths breaching the peace at Beeston on 12th inst: Henry CARNELL, John HAZZLEDINE, Geo HEARD, Geo SMITH
CARTWRIGHTJohn.Thur17Jul1851Charged with Wm PEET, both of Chilwell, for being drunk and molesting persons in the open street at Beeston on Thursday
CHAMBERSElizabeth.Thur28Jun1855Died at Beeston on the 19th inst, aged 73, Mrs Elizabeth CHAMBERS
CHATERHenry.Thur10Apr1851Breach of Peace at Beeston on Sunday, with Silas BROWN, Michael WALKER, Walter REDGATE, Alfred KING, John WARSOP, Henry HARPER, John WESTBY, Robert WARREN, Thomas WILSON, John GREGSON, Thomas SAXBY, George HALLIWELL, Michael WALKER, William WARSOP, Thomas WILSON – fined 13s 9d
CHERRYHannah.Mon31Aug1854Horrible death at farm of Mr William RADFORD, fell from a stack and womb penetrated 18” by thatch peg, death immediate
CHERRYHannah.Thur7Sep1854Body exhumed for second inquest at request of Mr ORTON surgeon; “killed by accidentally falling from stack of straw”
CLARKEGeorge.Thur6Jul1854Charged with trespassing in pursuit of game at Beeston on 19th ult; dismissed on payment of expenses 9s
CLARKEThomas.Thur3May1855Two men named SPACEY and WRIGHT wilfully damaged trees at Beeston, his property; payed damage and costs 16s 6d
CLEMENTSGeorge.Thur23Jun1853Breach of Peace at Beeston previous Saturday night; fined, defaulted, committed to prison
CLIFFORDMary.Thur11May1854Died at Beeston on 9th instant, Mrs Mary CLIFFORD, aged 68
CLIFFORDWilliam.Thur12Jan1854Inquest at Beeston on Tuesday over child two months old belonging to William CLIFFORD, found dead Monday morning
COLLINGTREEBenjamin.Mon31May1855Also George SCATTERGOOD, Letitia SCOTTERN, William PEET, George WRAGG, James MILLER, not weighing bread
COLTMANJohn.Thur8Feb1855Inquest on 3rd inst at Beeston on John COLTMAN, aged 45, chimney-sweep, fell down and expired while loading waggon
COOKJoseph.Thur4Nov185212 years old, stealing turnips from a field belonging to Capt LEZARD; fined 11s, defaulted, 3 weeks in house of correction
CORBETTJohn.Thur11Dec1851Died at Beeston on 8th inst, Elizabeth, relict of Mr Josiah CORBETT, aged 72 years
COSTERElizabeth.Thur2May1850Committed to next Sessions for stealing a shawl 15s, apron 6d, boots 3d at Beeston from Sarah JOHNSON widow on 29 Jan
COSTERElizabeth.Thur4Jul1850Midsummer Sessions. Aged 21, silk piecer, pleaded Not Guilty to stealing from Hannah JOHNSON. Guilty. 2 months impr.
COXGeorge.Thur10May1849Charged with breach of peace and public disturbance at Beeston with John HOLDEN
COXGeorge.Thur9Mar1854Epiphany Sessions: aged 30, shoemaker, stealing 4s 2d from the person of John SIBBURT at Beeston 8th Jan; 6 wks hard lbr
COXONJoseph.Thur19Oct1854Died at Beeston on 13th inst, aged 18, Mr Joseph COXON
CRESSJohn.Thur21Feb1850Charged with stealing two pocket-handkerchiefs, property of his cousin Edward CRESS; committed to Quarter Sessions
CROSSEdward.Thur4Jul1850Midsummer Sessions; aged 23, labourer, and James BEARDSLEY, 25, stockinger, tried with Joseph CROSS; 6 weeks prison
CROSSJohn.Thur14Mar1850Adjourned Sessions. Stealing brass tap 14 days imprisonment with hard labor; neckerchief and handkerchief 14 days hard lbr
CROSSJoseph.Thur4Jul1850Midsummer Sessions. Aged 17. Stealing a fowl, stealing 6 fowl on 9 June from Alfred FELLOWS, transportation 7 years **
DABELLThomas.Thur16Aug1855Insolvent Debtors Court: of Beeston, coal-dealer, adjourned until 4th September
DABELLThomas.Thur25Oct1855Insolvency Court: Thomas DABELL, of Beeston, timber merchant; 13th November named for his final order
DABELLThomas.Thur15Nov1855Insolvency Court: Thomas DABELL, Beeston, higgler; opposed by shopkeeper COXON and a person named BIGNALL; adj
DABELLThomas.Thur13Dec1855Insolvency Court: Coal higgler; this insolvent came up from prison; no opposition to discharge, liberated accordingly
DABLEJohn.Thur16Mar1854Charged with having a faulty coal-weighing machine attached to his cart; fined 50s or two months’ imprisonment
DABLEThomas.Thur16Mar1854Charged with having a faulty coal-weighing machine in his possession; fined £5 or two months’ imprisonment
DABREYThomas.Thur9Sep1852Charged with Henry TOMLINSON with fighting and creating a disturbance on Sunday at Beeston
DANELLThomas.Thur6Sep1855Insolvency Court: Thomas DANELL, timber merchant, Beeston; adjourned to 23rd October
DAVELLJohn.Thur12Apr1855Indecent assault upon a little girl of about twelve years of age at Beeston on 1st inst; remanded until Saturday
DAVILLJohn.Thur19Apr1855Committed for trial at Sessions for feloniously assaulting Jane LEE aged 13 years at Beeston on 1st instant
DAVISGeorge.Thur29Mar1855Remanded until Saturday on a charge of having stolen a coal skep at Beeston
DAVISGeorge.Thur5Apr1855Dealer in sand, stealing an iron skep property of Mr BARKER of Beeston; discharged
DAVISJohn.Thur4Dec1851Charged by Basford Union with neglecting to maintain his wife and child who became chargeable to parish of Beeston
DAVISJohn.Thur4Dec1851Charged with assaulting his wife Mary DAVIS in August last at Beeston and threatening her life
DAVISThomas.Thur12Dec1850Welsh youth, threatened to kill p.c. Vaux on 6 December at Beeston in his house with a knife
DAWSONWilliam.Thur14Jun1855Insolvency Court: William DAWSON, omnibus proprietor, Beeston, adjourned examination
DEANAnn.Thur13Oct1853Robberies from the person: Mrs Ann DEAN of Beeston had her pocket lightened of about 20s while in the butter market
DEANMiss.Thur8Apr1852Daughter of Mr DEAN, White Lion, Beeston; married Mr FLEWITT, plumber & glazier, at St Mary’s Notts, Tuesday
DEAVILThomas.Thur12Jul1855Breach of Peace on 3rd inst at Beeston, shouting and swearing from his bedroom window at 2am; fined for surety and costs
DEAVILLJohn.Thur5Jul1855Sessions: The Grand Jury ignored the Bill against John DEAVILL charged with assaulting Jane LEE with intent at Beeston
DICKINSONJoseph.Thur12Jul1849Landlord of “Jolly Angler” at Beeston, charged with keeping his house open on Sunday morning, dismissed, wife cautioned
DIXEdward.Thur6Apr1854Married at Beeston Church on the 4th, Mr Edward DIX to Miss Emma MARKHAM, both of Beeston
DODDAmos.Thur20Apr1854Married at Beeston Church on 16th inst, Mr Amos DODD to Miss Zillah JERAM, both of Beeston
DOREJoseph.Thur19Oct1854Innkeeper, Beeston. Breach of peace in using provoking language towards p.c. Vaux in the street
DOUBLEDAYJohn.Thur2Mar1854Accused with Edward SMITH of illegally taking roach and dace in Nottingham Canal; one month House of Correction
DRABILLThomas.Thur17Feb1853Obstructing the highway at Beeston on 4th inst by leaving his cart on turnpike road causing serious accident; fined 25s
DUCKENFIELDJames.Thur17Feb1853Riding a cart without reins to his horse at Beeston on 7th inst, ordered to pay 18s including costs
DUCLOSHenry.Thur2Feb1854Died at Beeston on 20th ult, in his twentieth year, Henry, son of Mr G. DUCLOS
EATONAnn.Thur30Jan1851Of Beeston, married William FULWOOD of Warsop on Wednesday last at Beeston
EDDERLEYJames.Thur13May1852Publican of Beeston, breach of licence by having house open for sale of beer at illegal time, convicted 50s plus costs
ELLIOTTHenry.Thur23Jun1853Breach of Peace at Beeston previous Saturday night; fined, defaulted, committed to prison
ELLIOTTThomas.Thur19Oct1854Beeston Church 17th inst, Thomas ELLIOTT lace manuf. Beeston, to Madame Appolleni le Serf Gonard, St Maud’s Paris
ELLIOTTThomas.Thur19Oct1854Full report of wedding festivities above; at 10 o’clock hundreds lined the streets to watch the carriages bedecked with flowers
FELKINR. Mr.Thur9Mar1854Narrow Escape at Beeston of man named BURTON employed by R. FELKIN when adjoining hosiery-room caught fire
FIDOJames.Thur9Jun1853Charged with breaching the peace on 29th at Beeston in state of intoxication, first offence, fined 12s
FISHJoseph.Thur19Jun1851Joiner, married General Baptist Chapel, Beeston, to Elizabeth, dtr of W. FREER, framesmith, all of Arnold
FLETCHERJames.Thur15Jun1854Committed to the Sessions for stealing a gown at Beeston, property of Mary TEBBUTT, his sister; pledged it
FLETCHERJames.Wed29Jun1854Sessions: Aged 21, labourer, stealing gown value 3s 6d property of William TEBBUTT on 10 June; guilty; 1 month gaol
FLETCHERJohn.Thur31Jul1851Charged by p.c. Vaux with playing Cricket on the highway at Beeston on 17th inst; 13s and cautioned
FOSTEREdward.Thur16Mar1854Butcher of Beeston, charged with having a light half-pound weight in his possession; fined 50s
FOSTERJane.Thur20Sep1855Died at Beeston on the 15th, aged 26, Jane, the wife of Mr Edward FOSTER, Brown Lane
FOSTERJohn.Thur25Apr1850Of Platt St, Nottingham. Committed for trial at Sessions for stealing large wooden bowl from Isaac Jackson publican Beeston
FOSTERJohn.Thur4Jul1850Spring Assizes. Aged 22, labourer. One calendar month hard labour, one week solitary.
FOSTERRobert.Thur29Nov1849Robberies from the person – had his pocket picked of 30s in silver while in the market on Saturday afternoon last
FOWLEE.Thur21Jun1855Partnerships dissolved: W. LIMB and E. FOWLE, Beeston, Notts, machine owners
FOXJane.Thur20Mar1851Deaths – At Beeston, on Friday last, aged 18 years, Miss Jane FOX
FOXJohn.Thur17Apr1851Assault at Beeston on Saturday 5th inst, by John PEAR, Frederick SPENCER and Joseph SPICK; Pear and Spick guilty
FOXW.H., Rev.Thur28Jun1855Ecclesiastical intelligence: Rev W.H. Fox, to Beeston C, Notts
FRETTINGHAMG. Mr.Thur24Jun1852Nottingham Arboretum Floral & Horticultural Exhibition: Third silver cup for roses to Mr G. FRETTINGHAM of Beeston
FRETTINGHAMHenry.Thur19Oct1854Nurseryman, Beeston. Charged Frederick MARTIN with fraud who attempted to obtain trees under false presences
FROGGATTRobert.Thur11Mar1852Of Beeston. Married at Campsall Church on 24th ult to Mary, youngest daughter of John WALLER of Norton nr Doncaster
FROGGATTRobert.Thur16Mar1854Grocer and druggist, Beeston, charged with having light weights in his possession; fined 15s
GEORGEJohn.Thur23Nov1854Died at Beeston on the 21st inst, aged 82, Mr John GEORGE, Union Street
GIBBONSWilliam.Thur20Jul1854Married at Beeston Church on 17th inst, Mr William GIBBONS to Miss Elizabeth BARKER, both of Beeston
GILL & WATSONMessrs.Thur13Sep1849Gave a supper to more than 100 builders and workmen employed in restoration of Beeston Mill destroyed by fire in 1831
GILLMr & Mrs J.B..Thur13Mar1851Of Beeston, pleased to become annual subscribers of two guineas each to the General Hospital
GOODALLFrances.Wed29Jun1854Died at Beeston on Monday last, aged 74, Miss Frances GOODALL
GOODSONBetty.Thur28Jun1855Died at Beeston on the 21st inst, aged 93, Mrs Betty GOODSON
GOODSONJoseph.Thur7Apr1853Nottinghamshire Sessions, Petit Jury, Mr Joseph Goodson, Beeston (foreman)
GOSSJoseph.Thur14Feb1850Aged 17. Charged with stealing a brass tap, neckerchief and knife from his father Thomas GOSS; committed for trial
GREASLEYJohn James.Thur2Aug1849Of Beeston. At Gedling on Thurs last, married to Elizabeth KEY daughter of Thomas KEY, cordwainer
GREASLEYMr & Mrs.Thur14Nov1850Of Beeston. Had their cart stolen at Carlton previous Wednesday whilst visiting relations, it was thrown into the pinfold
GREASLEYRebecca.Thur19Aug1852Died of consumption at Beeston on 5th inst, aged 23; youngest daughter of Mr George GREASLEY
GREASLEYWilliam.Thur15Feb1849Charged with damaging rails and hedge in garden of Thomas ELLIOTT
GRIFFITHSFrederick.Thur8Nov1849Revenue Officer, of Beeston; on 6th inst married Frances SIMPSON daughter of Mr Joseph SIMPSON of Old Lenton
HARDYThomas.Thur2Mar1854Married at Beeston Church on 27th ult to Miss Jane HARTLEY
HARDYWilliam.Thur23Aug1849Charged with threatening Police Constable Vaux on 12 instant with violent language at Beeston
HARDYWilliam.Thur13Dec1849Breach of peace at Beeston on 1st inst, charged by police constable Vaux
HARPERHenry.Thur13Apr1854Breach of peace of three youths, Henry HARPER, Henry VENABLES, John WALKER, on 2nd inst at Beeston
HARWOODJohn.Thur29Jan1852Of White Lion Square, Sneiton, died 21st inst, aged 56, brother of Richard HARWOOD of Beeston Ryelands
HAWKESM. Mr.Tues30Sep1852On 22nd instant, at Beeston, birth of a son
HAZELDINE..Thur19Jul1855Fatal Railway Accident at Beeston, male child belonging to gamekeeper HAZELDINE killed Friday afternoon
HAZZLEDINE..Thur6May1852A boy at Beeston, assaulted by a Mormon bishop named CARNEL, penalty 6d plus costs 15s
HEATHJames.Thur30Jan1851Destitute and drunk : Possessed land in Beeston 3 years ago, went to America, spent all his money; to be sent to the Union
HENSONEliza.Thur5Apr1849Daughter of John HENSON of Beeston, married Frederick WRIGHT of Hesslewood near Hull at Beeston on 3rd
HENSONElizabeth.Thur3Apr1851Died on Saturday last, after painful illness, Miss Elizabeth HENSON, Villa Street, Beeston, aged 14 years
HENSONElizabeth.Thur21Jul1853Died at Beeston on 17th inst, wife of John HENSON, aged 58 years, leaving a large family to lament their loss
HENSONThomas.Thur22Aug1850Suicide by hanging, aged 72. Inquest at White Lion by C. Swann, despondent, illhealth, receiving relief, “temporary insanity”
HERBERTWilliam.Thur5Aug1852Lace manufacturer, Pilcher Gate, gave his work-people at treat at the Boat, Beeston Rylands on Wednesday, dance & games
HINDSJ, Mr.Thur22Dec1853On 14th inst, wife of Mr J. HINDS, hosier, Gravel Field Cottage, Beeston, of a son
HOLLANDAlfred.Thur25May1854Married at Beeston Church on 21st inst by Rev R.B. Stewart, to Miss Mary JENKINS, both of Beeston
HOLLISCatherine.Thur10Aug1854Married at Stapleford on 10th inst, Mr Henry SHEPHERD of that place, to Miss Catherine HOLLIS, Beeston
HOOTONJames.Thur20Oct1853Michaelmas Sess: 21, bricklayer, 22nd July last stole a hammer at Beeston, property of Solomon BOWDLER; 14 days impr.
HOPKINSONElizabeth.Thur14Jun1855Died at Beeston on 31st ult, aged 29, Miss Elizabeth HOPKINSON
HORSLEYJohn.Thur19Jul1855Died at Beeston on 13th inst, aged 19, Mr John HORSLEY
HUTCHINSONMary.Thur11May1854Died at Beeston on 8th instant, Mrs Mary HUTCHINSON, aged __5 (unclear - 45?)
HUTCHINSONSelina.Thur27Sep1855Died at Beeston on the 20th inst, aged 25, Miss Selina HUTCHINSON
HYNESP.J..Thur8Apr1852Partnerships dissolved: P.J. HYNES and B.F. POPHAM, surgeons, Beeston
JACKSONIsaac.Thur5Jun1851Kept his house open for sale of beer on Sunday last, at unlawful hours, fined 40s
JACKSONStella.Thur1Nov1849Daughter of Wm JACKSON of Beeston, married James RETCHFORD of South-parade at St Peter’s Notts on 28th ult
JAMESJohn.Thur4Oct1855Youth in employ of Mr MOORE of Beeston, on 20th ult at that village assaulted Wells son of Mr SURPLICE; fined 16s
JERROMRichard.Thur3Oct1850Aged 3 yrs 3 months, died Monday morning of a fit; inquest Cor. Swann at Crown in Beeston on Saturday “natural causes”
JOHNSONFrancis.Thur17Jul1851Prize fighter of Staunton, known as “Don of Ilkeston”, charged by p.c. Vaux for breach of peace at Beeston on 8th instant
JOWETT..Thur25May1854Letter from a Private 1st Royal Fusilliers in Lord Raglan’s army at Camp Scutari 4 May 1854 to his relatives at Beeston
JOWETT? Unsigned.Thur15Feb1855Letter from his camp at Sebastapol dated 25 January 1855 to father at Beeston
JOWETT? Unsigned.Thur22Feb1855Letter from Balaklava dated 22 January 1855 to his brother and sister at Beeston
JOWETT? Unsigned.Thur5Apr1855Letter from Balaklava dated 15th March 1855 to his brother at Beeston
JOWETTWilliam, Corporal.Thur19Oct1854Of 7th Royal Fusilliers, letter to sister and friends at Beeston immediately after the battle at Alma, from Sebastapol 22 Sept
KEETLEYThirza.Thur16May1850Aged 25, wife of Gervase KEETLEY, died at Beeston on Sunday last after a long and painful affliction
KIRKJohn.Thur1Sep1853Breach of Peace: Andrew AULEY, Wm KIRK, John WOODHOUSE, Sidney HOPKIN, George KIRBY, Wm BIDDULPH
KIRKBYRichard.Thur8Jun1854Breach of the Peace this morning at Beeston, ordered to find sureties and pay expenses
KIRKLANDAnn.Thur20Mar1851Deaths – At Beeston on 14th inst in 72nd year, Ann, wife of Mr H. KIRKLAND, lace manufacturer, Methodist Society 46 yrs
KIRKLANDJane.Thur27May1852At Beeston, Tuesday, Jane, only dtr of Henry KIRLAND of Manor House, Beeston, to Charles H. CLARKE, solicitor, Notts
KIRKLANDMr.Thur17Nov1853Died at the Manor House, Beeston, on 7th instant, Mr KIRKLAND, in his 71st year
KIRKLANDWilliam.Thur17Oct1850Of Beeston. Married at parish church Beeston to Eliza youngest daughter of Robert JAMES Esq, of Park Street, Nottingham
KNOWLESThomas.Thur23Jun1853Breach of Peace at Beeston previous Saturday night; fined, defaulted, committed to prison
LAMBERTAmos.Thur3Jan1850Aged 19, cutting and wounding Thomas RILEY on 24 December at Jackson’s public-house in Beeston. Committed for trial
LAMBERTAmos.Thur14Mar1850Spring Assizes. On list of prisoners committed for trial in the county
LAMBERTAmos.Thur21Mar1850Lent Assizes. Aged 18. Acquitted
LAMBERTMary.Thur13Feb1851Of Beeston, married John BURTON of Ruddington, on Sunday last at Beeston
LEEWilliam.Thur3May1849Labourer aged 20 of Beeston, accident while working a hay cutting machine resulting in amputation of 3 fingers
LEESSarah.Thur4Jul1850Aged 69, widow; Sudden death at Beeston on Tuesday last, lodged with Mrs HOLLAND, inquest “natural causes”
LEESWilliam.Thur20Apr1854Married at Beeston Church on 18th inst, Mr William LEES to Miss Ellen HARRIS, both of Beeston
LEGGATTWilliam.Thur16Mar1854Charged with having three light weights in his possession; dealer in nails; fined 15s
LESTERElizabeth.Thur15Jun1854Married at Beeston Church on 15th inst, Mr Wm. KNIGHT of Loughborough, to Miss Elizabeth LESTER of Beeston
LEVERSPrivate.Thur22Nov1855Next invalid due to arrive home is Pte LEVERS who at duty’s call has left a leg in Sebastapol’s wide breeches
LIMBJohn.Thur10Mar1853Lace manufacturer. Married at General Baptist Chapel Beeston to Elizabeth youngest dtr of Samuel WOOD of Trent Lock
LINEKERMr.Thur1Mar1855Rare waterfowl “Red Throated Wader” shot near Beeston; preserved by Mr LINEKER of Pierrepoint Street, Sneinton
LOMASThomas.Thur6May1852Ordered to pay damages and costs for destroying a fence on 27th ult, property of William HURST, at Beeston
LOWE..Thur12Jul1849Thomas CLARKE aged 12 and three youths named STUBBINS, RIDER and TURNER assaulted by LOWE’s dog
LOWEAlfred, Esq.Thur6Mar1851Black cart mare stolen from High Fields House, Beeston, property of Alfred Lowe Esq, £5 reward offered
LOWEE.J..Thur16Aug1849Of Villa, Beeston; letter to Editor dated 13 Aug 1849 commenting on the number of falling stars and meteors
LOWEE.J..Thur8Nov18492nd inst, birth of a son at the Villa, Beeston
LOWEE.J..Thur3Nov1853Extraordinary meteor reported in parish of Beeston on Friday in broad daylight by Mr W. FELKIN jun
LOWEFrederick.Thur31Jul1851Charged with Thomas BARKER for playing Cricket on the Highway at Beeston on 17th inst; 10s 6d each
LOWEMary, Miss.Thur2Mar1854Of Beeston; Married at Beeston Church on 27th ult to Titus BRYAN of Dalbury Lees
LOWEMatthew.Thur8Dec1853Old man 76 years of age, on 26th ult, used snare for taking game without a certificate at Beeston; fined 40s
LOWEWilliam.Thur2Mar1854Died at Beeston on 23rd ult, Mr William LOWE
MADDOCKThomas.Thur9Aug1855Labourer of Beeston, with Reuben DEVERILL lab of Chilwell, ordered to pay 11s for damaging grass of Saml ALLCOCK
MADDOCKThomas.Thur23Aug1855Breach of peace at Beeston on 12th inst, to pay sureties, default, committed to prison
MADDOCKWilliam & Robert.Thur22Feb1849Frequently annoying the inhabitants of Beeston by flying pigeons and pelting them when settled
MAKINWilliam.Thur22Feb1855Convicted to penalty of 25s for having on 10th inst at Beeston assaulted a young woman named Eliza SUMMERS
MALLANEYMichael.Thur28Dec1854Charged with having on 9th inst at Beeston assaulting Thomas WARD in a public-house quarrel, expenses 6s 6d
MARKHAMWilliam.Thur5Jun1851Kept his house open for sale of beer on Sunday last, at unlawful hours, fined 40s
MARRIOTElizabeth.Thur28Jun1855Died at Beeston on the 21st inst, aged 19, Elizabeth MARRIOT
MARTINJoseph.Thur19Feb1852Married by Rev J WOLLEY on Tuesday at Beeston, to Miss Mary Ann HARTFORD, both of Beeston
MATHERAnn.Thur26Aug1852Charged with using abusive language towards Mr PEARSON at Beeston on 17th ult
MEEJoseph.Thur20Sep1849Charged with assaulting Benjamin ARAM on 8th inst at Beeston
MEEJoseph.Thur6Dec1849Breach of peace at Beeston on 27th ult at half-past one o’clock in the morning, charged by Wm Vaux
MELLORSJohn.Tues30Mar1854Charged with breach of peace at Beeston with William WRIGHT at 1 o’clock Sunday morning by fighting
MORRELLGeorge.Thur10Oct1850Inquest of son William aged 10 during gale on Monday at Nottingham blowing chimney and roof on him in Angel Row
MORRISAlfred.Thur12Sep1850Charged by p.c. Vaux with committing a disturbance at Beeston on 18 Aug, ordered to pay expenses, defaulted, gaol
MORRISAlfred.Thur20Apr1854Married at Beeston Church on 17th inst, Mr Alfred MORRIS to Miss Ann WRIGHT, both of Beeston
MORRISDaniel.Thur30Nov1854Married at Beeston Church on 28th inst, Mr Daniel MORRIS to Miss Julia CROSS, both of Beeston
MORRISJoseph.Thur27May1852Charged by p.c. Vaux with using threatening language at Beeston on 19th inst; paid expenses and to leave Vaux alone
MURDENGeorge.Thur16Nov1854Ordered to pay 15s for having on 4th inst at Beeston fired a pistol within forty yards of the highway
NALLJames.Thur22Jun1854Charged by Elizabeth SURPLICE with having assaulted her in an indecent manner at Beeston on 15th inst. p.c. Vaux stated five other females had been assaulted in similar manner; fined £2, default, 2 months House of Correction
NELSONElizabeth.Thur20Apr1854Died at Beeston this (Thursday) morning, aged 28, Mrs Elizabeth NELSON
NERO - the dog ..Thur30Nov185414th inst, Nero the dog goes to meet the train every morning to get the first newspaper for his master from stationmaster
NEWSTEADThomas.Thur15Jun1854Married at Baptist Chapel, Beeston on 12th inst, Mr Thomas NEWSTEAD, to Miss Lydia CROSS, both of Beeston
NIGHTONWalter.Thur19Oct1854Married at Beeston Church on 16th inst, Walter NIGHTON of Beeston to Miss Ann RANDALL of Chilwell
NIXONJames.Thur13Nov1851Died at Beeston on the 12th instant, James NIXON, Esq, in the 79th year of his age
NUTTElizabeth.Thur4Nov1852Died at Beeston Ryelands on Thursday, 33, wife of Thomas Cornelius NUTT, Old Lenton, dtr of Richard HARWOOD
NUTTMaria.Thur16Jun1853Pocket picking in Nottingham, Monday last £1.4s.6d stolen from the person of Maria NUTT of Beeston in Market Place
NUTTRichard Cornelius.Thur10May1855Nottingham Insolvency Court: First examination, Richard Cornelius NUTT, of Beeston, butcher
OLDHAMHannah.Thur22Mar1849Complaint against Edward SPRAY (FWK) and Samuel BARK (lacemaker) for indecent assault
OLDHAMJames.Thur16Aug1849Charged with committing breach of peace at Beeston on 5th inst
OLDHAMJohn.Thur11Aug1853Breach of peace at Beeston on 12th June, surety to be of good behaviour
OLDHAMJohn.Thur20Apr1854Died at Beeston, aged 18, John, son of Mr Wm. OLDHAM (unclear if he died 20 April)
OLDHAMJoseph.Thur25Dec1851Died at Beeston on Sunday last, postmaster of that village, aged 67; well respected, Beeston carrier for upwards of 20 years
OLDHAMRobert.Thur3Apr1851Ordered to pay 12s 6d, for wilfully jumping upon and breaking a wooden rail in a fence at Beeston on 18th March
OLDHAMRobert.Thur15May1851Breach of Peace at Beeston on Saturday night with William GREASLEY and John MERRIMAN; fined 12s each
OLDHAMThomas.Thur2Jan1851Charged with assaulting p.c. Vaux at Beeston on Sunday last with several others, only Oldham appeared in Court, fined
OLDHAMThomas.Thur3Aug1854Died at Beeston on 28th ult, aged 62, Mr Thomas OLDHAM
OLDRINIJ. T., Rev.Thur8Jun1854The Rev I.T. ALDRENE, of Breaston, Derbyshire, appointed to Vicarage at Beeston in place of Rev. J. WOLLEY
OLDRINIJ.T. Rev .Thur22Jun1854Ecclesiastical Intelligence: Oldrini, Rev. J.T. to Beeston V, Notts
OLDRINIT.J. Rev.Thur2Nov1854At Beeston Vicarage on 1st inst, the lady of T.J. OLDRINI, of a son and heir
PALETHORPEMatthew.Thur20Mar1851Inquest Boat Inn Beeston – Aged 4 years, son of Matthew Palethorpe, boatman, Beeston Rylands, burnt to death Saturday last
PARKERSamuel.Thur22May1851Married at Beeston Church on Sunday last to Miss Elizabeth ELLIOTT, both of Beeston, by Rev J. Wolley
PARNHAMSuperintendent.Thur27Feb1851Superintendent of police, met with serious mysterious accident near Beeston, taken to p.c. Vaux’s house, not expected to live
PEACHJ.Thur26Sep1850Partnership dissolved : J. Peach and W. Kirkland, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, lace manufacturers
PEACHWilliam.Thur24Apr1851William PEACH of Beeston married Miss Mary Ann NETTLESHIP of Sherwood on Sunday at Registrar’s Office Basford
PEARSONCharlotte.Thur20Jan1853Miss Charlotte PEARSON of Beeston married Registrar’s Office Basford on Wednesday to Henry WRIGHT of Heanor
PEARSONElizabeth.Thur27Sep1855Married at St Mark’s Church Clerkenwell-London on 20th instant, by the Rev Francis McCarthy, Elizabeth, only surviving daughter of the late Mr John PEARSON of Beeston, Notts, to Mr Samuel GRACE of Ashby-de-la-Zouch
PEARSONJohn.Thur19Apr1849Elected as guardian Basford Board of Guardians for Beeston
PEARSONJohn.Fri19Nov1852Charged with William PILGRIM for permitting a pigsty to remain in Union Street, Beeston, to remove and pay expenses
PEARSONJohn.Thur16Mar1854Died at Beeston (Thursday) morning, aged 59, Mr John PEARSON
PEARSONMary.Thur20Sep1855Died at Beeston on 14th inst, aged 53, Mary, relict of Mr John PEARSON, Union Street
PEELHenry.Thur27Oct1853Committed breach of peace with George HULLATT on 16th inst at Beeston; both had previously been convicted
PEELJames.Thur6Apr1854Married at Beeston Church on 30th ult, Mr James PEEL to Miss Amelia Augusta ASLING, both of Beeston
PERRAMEdward.Thur15Aug1850Charged by Overseers of Basford Union for refusing to maintain his wife so she had been chargeable to parish of Beeston
PORTERJames.Thur27May1852Charged by a man named GIBBONS for assaulting him near Beeston; £10 plus expenses and to keep the peace 12 months
PORTERJames.Thur3Jun1852Erratum in last week’s report : guilty person given as PORTER and should be POTTER; mistake caused annoyance
PORTERJames.Wed29Mar1855Stole a shovel from goods waggon at Beeston Railway Station on 22nd inst, admitted guilt, committed to trial at next Sessions
POTTERJames .Thur5Apr1855Easter Sessions: 27 labourer, on 22nd ult at Beeston stole shovel property of Thomas HUDSON; one month hard labour
POTTERSamuel.Thur12Apr1849Married Miss Catherine SHREWSBURY on Monday, both of Beeston
POYTONSarah.Thur2Aug1849Charged Joseph SMART with assaulting her at Beeston on 25th ult; convicted, ordered to pay 21s
REESRev S.G..Thur26Sep1850Birth of a daughter on 21st inst at Beeston
REPTONJohn.Thur30Jan1851Died at Beeston on Tuesday last aged 73 years
RICHARDSONWilliam.Thur10May1855Shoemaker, aged 25, charged with using a gun for the purpose of taking game at Beeston on 12th January, £5 plus £3.12.9d
RIGSBYEGeorge.Thur6Dec1849With James EARNSHAW, John GARRATT and John GREEN for stealing turnip tops from Mr CHEETHAM, gaoled
ROBERTSEdward.Thur22May1851Married Beeston Church 20th inst, Edward ROBERTS, draper, Beeston, to Anne, dtr of Thos ELLIOTT, lacemaker, Beeston
ROBERTSWilliam.Thur6May1852Of Beeston. Married to Sarah, third daughter of Mr CULLEN of Parliament-street Notts, 4th inst, St Mary’s Notts
ROBERTSWilliam.Thur9Aug1855Of Beeston, dealer in bread, convicted and fined 19s for having sold bread without weighing it
ROBINSONGeorge.Thur11Oct1849Pig, about 10 stone weight, stolen from his yard at Beeston
ROEBUCKHenry.Thur2Aug1855Died at Beeston on 27th ultimo, in his 49th year, Mr Henry ROEBUCK
SANDERSHannah.Thur17Feb1853Died at Beeston on 15th inst, daughter of late John SANDERS, Gent., aged 75 years
SANDERSMr.Thur15Aug1850Of Beeston. Has a remarkable duck that began to lay 23 Feb until 23 July laying enormous number of more than 130 eggs
SHIPMANHenry.Thur6Jan1853Caution to Tiplers – On 1st inst, 30 years old, living at Beeston, dislocated thumb at Leather Bottle Inn from drinking and fall
SHREWSBURYMary Ann.Thur20Jul1854Married at Beeston Church on 18th inst, Mr James HUCKERBY, builder, of Nottg, to Mary Ann SHREWSBURY, Beeston
SHREWSBURYThomas.Thur31Jul1851Charged with Wm SPRAY for committing breach of peace at Beeston on night of 17th inst, Shrewsbury 11s 6d, Spray prison
SIDDAYJane.Thur30Jan1851Of Beeston, married William BARLOW of Alfreton on Friday last at Beeston
SINGLETONCharlotte.Thur12Jul1855Married at Beeston on 10th inst, Mr John CARTER of Staveley-Lancs, to Miss Charlotte SINGLETON of Beeston
SINGLETONSusannah.Thur14Oct1852Died at Beeston on Tuesday last, after a short illness, Mrs Susannah SINGLETON, aged 56 years
SMITHRobert.Thur9Aug1849Framework-knitter, charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, fined 17s 6d
SMITHRobert.Thur1May1851Breach of Peace at Beeston on 17th April, fined 15s 6d
SMITHRobert.Thur6May1852Very bad character, breach of peace at Beeston on Monday last, penalty 11s 6d including costs
SMITHRobert.Thur11Aug1853Breach of Peace at Beeston on 24th ult, ordered to pay surety of good behaviour
SMITHRobert.Thur22Jun1854Charged with having on 15th inst at Beeston assaulting Isaac JACKSON; fined 1s and expenses £1 4s
SMITHWilliam.Thur11Sep1851Breach of Peace and Assaulting a Constable at Beeston on 7th inst; default on fine of 14s 6d, committed to prison
SMITHWilliam.Thur15Dec1853With Thomas SPRAY and Thomas MADDOCK, charged with breach of peace at Beeston on Sunday night
SPENCERHannah.Thur12Jul1855Died at Beeston on the 7th inst, aged 65, Mrs Hannah SPENCER
SPENCERJames.Thur2Mar1854Married at Beeston Church on Sunday last to Miss Ann BAXTON
SPENCERJohn.Thur24May1849Breach of peace
SPENCERJohn.Thur24Aug1854Breach of peace at Beeston on 20th inst; future peaceable behaviour and expenses
SPICKJoseph.Thur19Apr1855Breach of peace on 9th inst at Beeston; expenses 25s 6d
SPRAYEdward.Thur13Oct1853Assaults: Edward SPRAY of Beeston charged with brutally ill-using his wife on 2nd inst while in a state of intoxication
SPRAYJohn.Thur26Apr1855With Walter SPRAY, committed breach of peace at Beeston on 22nd inst; £1 17s
SPRAYThomas.Thur29Nov1855Breach of peace at Beeston on 19th inst with Joseph LEES, Samuel FOX, Thomas CROSS; FOX and CROSS fined
SPRAYWilliam.Thur10May1849Of Beeston, charged with Isaac HOOLEY of Long Eaton for being drunk and assaulting Isaac JACKSON in his pub
SPRAYWilliam.Thur23Jan1851With George MARSHALL and James SPRAY, breach of the peace at four a.m. 13th January; 14s each
SPRAYWilliam.Thur8Apr1852Assaulted his wife at Beeston on 27th ult; surety £10 plus costs
SPRAYWilliam.Thur14Dec1854Committed to prison for two months with hard labour for assaulting his wife at Beeston on 7th instant
SQUIRESAlexander.Thur15Jun1854Charged with having on 31st ult, at Beeston, ridden upon a waggon without reins to the horse – fined 20s and costs
STARTJames.Thur8Apr1852Lacemaker employed by Mr JARRAM; assaulted by stone-throwing by Edward LAYCOCK and Edward CLARKE
STATONWilliam.Thur28Oct1852William STATON of Beeston charged with stealing 5s at Three Cranes public house Kegworth property of J. Smith
STENSONGeorge.Thur6Jul1854Married at Beeston Church on 3rd inst, Mr George STENSON to Miss Ann KNIGHT, both of Beeston
STEPHENSJoseph.Thur3May1855Assaulted police constable MAUX at Beeston on 21st ult; surety and expenses; default; one month prison
STEPHENSONJohn.Thur25Nov1852On 19th inst, aged 22, a porter of Beeston employed by Midland Railway Company had hand crushed between buffers
STEVENSJoseph.Thur23Jun1853Breach of Peace at Beeston on Thursday last; fined 12s 6d
STEVENSWilliam.Thur23Aug1855FWK living at Beeston, drunk and disorderly in Queen Street on Saturday night, breach of peace, fined 3s
STEVENSONJohn.Thur10Feb1853At Sawley on 7th inst, John Stevenson of Beeston-Notts married Miss Selina MEADS of Sawley
STONEThomas.Thur19Oct1854Died at Beeston on the 15th, aged 56, Mr Thomas STONE, coal dealer
SURPLICEJoyce Annie.Thur14Jun1849Daughter of S. SURPLICE Esq of Beeston, married at St Mary’s Nottingham to Kenneth MENZIES Esq on Thurs morning
SWAINJohn.Mon31Aug1854Master of Beeston Railway Station, assaulted by Abraham SMITH of Loughborough on Monday last; convicted fined £5
SWANWICKJohn.Thur29May1851Charged with having on 20th inst at Beeston using a gun for purpose of destroying game without certificate; fined 50s
SYSTONFrancis.Thur1Aug1850Charged George PILLETT with assaulting him on 22nd ult; ordered to pay 15s or 1 month imprisonment
SYSTONFrancis.Thur8Aug1850Eratum: Last week’s paper should read “Francis Systen was charged by George Pittett etc”
TACEYAnn.Thur6Sep1855Inquest on Thursday on body of Ann TACEY, aged 36, wife of labourer, ill with consumption, “dropsy of the chest”
TACKABERYJ.D, Mr.Thur2Dec1852Married at Beeston on Wednesday week, master of school at Buxton, to Miss Jane KENDRICK
TANDYJohn Wand.Thur9Jul1851Inquest held Thurs last on John Wand TANDY and 8 years, and John SMITH aged 9 years, who drowned in a well. Samuel TANDY lacemaker of Villa Street identified bodies; “Accidentally drowned in Gravel Pit”, to be fenced in future
TAYLORMrs.Thur4Apr1850Died at Beeston on Monday last aged 74; servant to James NIXON Esq for 38 years
TEBBUTTRobert.Thur16Mar1854Grocer of Beeston, charged with having four light weights in his possession; fined 50s
THORNHILLRobert.Thur8Feb1855Charged by his son William THORNHILL with stealing bobbins and carriages for four machines at Beeston; dismissed
THORNHILLSarah.Thur8Jun1854Married at Beeston Church on 5th inst,, Mr John GOLDER of Stapleford to Miss Sarah THORNHILL of Beeston
THORNHILLWilliam.Thur6Jul1854Unsuccessful attempt at housebreaking in his home; housebreakers then broke into Mr PORTER’s, grocer, goods value £13
THORPEElizabeth, Mrs.Thur25Sep1851Died at Beeston on Thursday, aged 68 years
THORPEThomas.Thur15May1851Died at Beeston on Monday last aged 72; several years porter at the gate of Messrs GILL and WATSON
THURGeorge.Thur24Feb1853In employ of Messrs FELKIN of Beeston, apprehended on charge of feloniously assaulting Eliza BELLAMY on 3rd Feb 1851
TOLLSONJohn.Thur25Aug1853With Henry FLETCHER, lads, charged for stealing apples on 19th inst at Beeston property of Mrs Dean; 14 days Hse of Corr
TOLSONWilliam.Thur14Jul1853Committed breach of peace at Beeston by fighting with John BUCKNALL
TOMLINSONHenry.Thur18Sep1851Alias MINTY, charged with breach of peace at Beeston on 7th inst, fined 15s 6d
TOPLISThomas.Thur16Mar1854Married at Beeston Church on 12th inst, Mr Thomas TOPLIS and Mrs Mary RICHARDSON, both of that place
TOWLEThomas.Thur14Nov1850His house in Chapel Street, Beeston, broken into and £2.0s.5d stolen
TOWLSONWilliam.Thur27Nov1851Breach of Peace with Edward SPRAY, Thomas SLACK, Enoch BODDIMORE, Amos LAMBERT, __ HAZELDINE 15th
TOWLSONWilliam.Thur19Oct1854Sessions: age 38, FWK, stealing two pecks of onions the property of Matthew LOWE at Beeston, six weeks imprisonment
TREECEThomas.Thur16Feb1854Trespassed by beating a field at Beeston belonging to Mr Thomas COX in pursuit of game on 7th inst; penalty 20s
UPTONHenry.Thur7Jun1855Boatman from Shardlow, charged with walking on railway line at Beeston while intoxicated; £2, default, 1 month prison
VARNEY..Thur8Jun1854Charged by his wife at Beeston with leaving her without means of subsistence; ordered to maintain; she taken to relief
VARNEYSidney.Thur3Aug1854For having on 25th ult, at Beeston, brutally assaulted his wife, committed to House of Correction for three months
VICKERSMary.Thur12Apr1849Died at Beeston on 5th inst, in 28th year of her age, eldest daughter of William VICKERS of Nottingham
WADSWORTHMr.Thur25Sep1851Thieves stole grey pony from the field of Mr Wadsworth, baker, at Beeston on the night of Monday last, no clues
WALKERCharles.Thur8Apr1852Aged 7, found destitute living in Beeston Meadows, son of boatman living at Beeston, strayed to Nottingham, taken to Union
WALKERHannah.Thur16Mar1854Hannah WALKER, grocer, of Beeston, charged with having light weights in her possession; fined £2
WALKERJames.Thur10Aug1854With Thomas HODGKINSON and George SHELTON, on 31st ult, left service of F.B. GILL & Co; one month for latter two
WALKERJohn.Thur21Dec1854Committed to prison for fourteen days for leaving his family chargeable to the parish of Beeston
WALKERJonathan.Thur6Sep1855Drunk and disorderly about 5am on 15th inst at Beeston; costs 13s 6d
WALKERJoseph.Thur26May1853Two men named HARVEY and MARTIN charged with wilfully damaging his fence at Beeston on 15th; fined 12s 1d each
WALKERJoseph.Thur15Feb1855On Friday at Beeston Joseph WALKER felled 63 sparrows destroying his stacks with first shot; used for sparrow dumplings
WALKERNoah.Thur19Apr1855With Joseph WALKER, committed breach of peace at Beeston on 8th inst; twelve months good conduct
WALKERThomas.Thur15Jun1854Married at Baptist Chapel, Beeston, on 14th inst, Mr Thomas WALKER to Miss Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, both of Beeston
WALKERThomas.Thur7Sep1854Died at Beeston on 2nd inst, aged 67, Mr Thomas WALKER
WALKERWilliam.Thur26Feb1852Breach of peace in the parish on Sunday afternoon last, flying pigeons, shouting, swearing, with others, previous, fined £10
WALLISJohn.Thur18Sep1851With Henry ATTENBOROUGH of Papplewick both charged by p.c. Vaux with breach of peace at Beeston on 7th inst, 15s
WANDElizabeth.Thur25May1854Died at Beeston on Saturday last, aged 23, Mrs Elizabeth WAND, Woolpack Lane
WARDJoseph Septimus.Thur15Apr1852Wife died on 8th inst, 49th year of her age, late of The Lodge, Beeston
WATSONLieutenant.Thur22Nov1855Of the 88th; welcomed home by people of Beeston after musket-ball in right-elbow in attack at Redan
WATSONMr jnr.Thur11Apr1850Of Beeston, injured when thrown by his runaway horse in Derby Road in Nottingham
WEAVERGeorge.Thur11Aug1853Breach of Peace with Sarah ALLWOOD, Owen GIBSON, and William DARBY at Beeston on 13th ult; 5s each
WEAVERGeorge.Thur11Aug1853Again accused by p.c. Vaux of a similar offence at Lenton, fighting on Saturday with Owen GIBSON; fined £1.2s.6d each
WESTMORELANDJames.Thur20Mar1851Breach of peace at Beeston with John BOSWORTH, fined 14s and 11s respectively
WESTMORELANDJohn.Thur14Aug1851Charged with assaulting p.c. Vaux at Beeston on 10th inst,
WHEATLEYGeorge.Thur27May1852Charged with throwing stones at Beeston with Henry SPRAY on Friday evening, dismissed, fined 5s 6d each
WHITEHiram.Thur3Aug1854Apprehended by p.c. Vaux for having stolen 18s from the person of James NIGHTINGALE in a public-house at Beeston
WHITEJohn.Thur29Mar1849Complained against David BOTHAM, Walter GARNER and George WILCOCKSON for disorderlies
WHITEJohn.Thur15Jun1854Married at Beeston Church on 14th inst, Mr John WHITE to Miss Emma TRUSWELL, both of Beeston
WIDDOWSONWilliam.Thur28Jul1853Breach of peace on 12th inst at Beeston; ordered to pay surety and expenses; default; committed to prison
WIGHTIrom.Thur4Mar1852With __ WIGHT, charged with assaulting a constable p.c. Vaux on Wednesday 25th inst at two o’clock in the morning, guilty
WILBORERobert, Rev.Thur6May1852Died at Kilmarnock on 30th ult, late curate of Beeston
WILKINSONJohn.Thur30Jan1851Charged three lads : William PEARSON, John HIGGISON, Matthew HIGGISON for trespassing in his field, fined 11s each
WILSONCharles.Thur8May1851Convicted with George CAMPION and John DEARNE for obstructing Derby Turnpike near Beeston for race, fined 40s 11d
WINFIELDGeorge.Thur21Nov1850Aged about 15, charged by p.c. Vaux with firing off squibs and rockets within 80 feet of the turnpike road, fined 12s
WINFIELDRichard.Thur7Nov1850Charge of absent himself from services of Messrs Gill & Co, silk-throwers, Beeston, 3 months gaol or return to work, agreed
WINGMargaret.Thur12Jul1855Aged about 18, charged by companion named Elizabeth MILLER for assault on 6th inst at Beeston; both fined 5s divided
WITHAMIsaac.Thur16Aug1849Charged by his daughter Ann WITHAM with assault several times
WOLLEYCharles, Rev.Thur28Mar1850Third son of Rev John WOLLEY Vicar of Beeston, married Frances Lucy PARKER at St George’s Hanover-sq on 21st inst
WOLLEYFrancis.Thur10Feb1853Died at Havannah 25th Dec last of yellow fever, on board steamship Trent, Francis, 18, 5th and youngest son of Rev Wolley
WOLLEYJ. Rev.Thur4May1854Resignation after vicar of Beeston for 30 years, on 26th ult, due to infirmities incapacitating him for performing his duties
WOLLEYSusan.Thur15May1851Daughter of Rev John WOLLEY of Beeston, married to Rev Martin Henry RICKETTS of Droitwich, at Beeston 13th inst
WOODHenry.Thur16Feb1854Insolvent Debtors Court: Henry Wood, grocer’s assistant, Beeston; declared entitled to his final order
WOODJames.Thur17Apr1851Basford Union election of guardians – John WOOD for Beeston, old guardian Mr PEARSON displaced
WRIGHTCharles, Esq.Thur20Sep1855Friday, 14th inst, Charles WRIGHT and Samuel WATSON, Esqrs, bagged 31 brace of birds and six hares in Beeston pastures
WRIGHTElizabeth.Thur16Dec1852Inquest at Commercial Inn Beeston on child aged 3 illegitimate daughter of Eliza WRIGHT of Nineteen Row, died of fit
WRIGHTFrancis.Thur5Jul1849On 2nd instant, framework-knitter of Beeston, aged 34 years; Died at General Hospital Nottingham
WRIGHTJohn.Thur27Jan1853FWK, charged with stealing quantity of swede turnips from a field, property of William RADFORD of Beeston
WRIGHTJohn.Thur3Mar1853FWK, 48, on 23 Jan, stole seven stone weight of turnips property William RADFORD of Beeston; one calendar month h/labr
WRIGHTNathan.Thur6Dec1849Charged by P.C. Vaux with being drunk and disorderly in the street at Beeston at one o’clock on Tuesday morning
WRIGHTThomas.Thur11Oct1849Charged with indecent assault on Ann WOODCOCK at Beeston on 7th inst, both servants of Mr WALKER
WRIGHTThomas.Thur14Mar1850Spring Assizes. On list of prisoners committed for trial in the county
WRIGHTThomas.Thur21Mar1850Lent Assizes. Age 35. Criminal assault on Ann WOODCOCK; Not Guilty but Judge said he should be transported 14 yrs

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