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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1861 to 31 December 1865

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ADAMSElizabeth.Fri16Jan1863Died at Trent Vale Cottage, Beeston, on 12th inst, aged 57, Elizabeth, wife of Mr William ADAMS
ADCOCKJohn.Fri1Jan1864Charged by Joseph AIKIN with assaulting him at Beeston on 19th inst, brutal and unprovoked; 30s or one month in prison
ALLANP.T..Fri9Jun1865Charged with being drunk at Beeston, fined 19s 6d expenses
ARCHER..Thur18Jul1861Complained about conduct of relieving-officer of Beeston, Mr WRIGHT; magistrates decided immediate relief be given
ARCHERWilliam.Fri4Aug1865Highway offence: charged by pc DOLBY being drunk in his cart at Beeston on 23rd July; pleaded guilty and fined 10s
ARTHURThomas.Thur11Jul1861Married at East Bridgford on 9th inst, Mr Thomas ARTHUR schoolmaster Beeston, to Miss Priscilla WOOD, East Bridgford
ASTLEMary.Thur17Jan1861Died at Beeston on 10th inst, aged 92, Mrs Mary ASTLE
BAILEYJames.Fri12Jun1863Charged with assaulting Edwin YARNEL at Beeston on 28th May, both Members of Oddfellows; Peter SMITH witness; £10
BAILEYMary.Fri24Oct1862Died at Beeston on 20th inst, aged 55, Mary, wife of Mr T. BAILEY, coal merchant
BALLJonathan.Fri25Dec1863A man named Jonathan BALL was charged with being drunk & disorderly at Beeston; only fined the expenses 12s 6d
BARNESAaron.Fri24Mar1865Alias BROWN; stealing a halter belonging to Mr OSBORNE of Beeston; son Jonathan OSBORNE witness; 1 month impris.
BECKGeorge.Fri12Aug1864Execution of Richard PARKER; previous executions in Nottm : 1832 Geo. BECK, George HEARSON, John ARMSTRONG, Bees.
BLOUNTNewton Richard.Fri27May1864Died at Beeston on 23rd inst, Newton Richard BLOUNT, coal merchant, aged 27
BLUNDSTONEJoseph.Fri22Nov1861Died at Beeston on Saturday the 16th inst, of bronchitis, aged 69, Joseph BLUNDSTONE, Gentleman
BROOKSElizabeth.Thur3Jan1861Married at St John’s Church Beeston on 31st ult, Henry Taft BARKER of Sandiacre to Elizabeth dtr of JG BROOKS Beeston
BARKERThomas.Thur10Jan1861Died at Beeston on 3rd inst, aged 81, Mr Thos. BARKER
BARNESEmma.Fri9Jun1865Married 7th, Shakespeare-street Chapel Nottm, John CRAMPTON of Nottm, to Emma, dtr of late Mr John BARNES, Beeston
BARSONCharles.Thur7Feb1861Assaulted James COXON at Beeston on 27th ult; ordered to pay 15s; in default to be imprisoned for 21 days
BEESLEYJames.Fri6Jan1865Died on 22nd ult, Mr James BEESLEY, lacemaker, Market-street Beeston, late of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
BELFIELDHenry.Fri11Dec1863Committed assault on wife Emma BELFIELD at Beeston on Monday last, when intoxicated; own recognizance to keep peace
BLACKMOREHenry.Fri5Aug1864Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 29th July and assaulting wife Elizabeth BLACKMORE on 30th July; 20s or 1 month
BOLLENDSEliza.Fri14Apr1865Inquest: Shocking death: Servant, died Sunday, cook, 28y, delivered illeg child; “exhaustion, birth, exposure to cold, no help”
BOULTBEEAnn.Thur24Jan1861Inquest on Ann BOULTBEE widow of John aged 58 years; sudden death from heart disease which she suffered many years
BRADSHAWSamuel.Fri3Jan1862Quarter Sessions : Grand Jury : Mr Samuel BRADSHAW, farmer, Beeston
BROOKSJ.G..Fri19Aug1864Married on 8th inst at Wesleyan Chapel, Mr J.G. BROOKS of Beeston to Miss Sarah HOLLAND of Nottingham
BUCKMANJames.Wed30Oct1863Assaulted at Beeston on 17th inst by two men, MATHER and SHELTON, both drunk; MATHER fined 25s, SHELTON 10s
BUCKNALLS..Thur6Jun1861Ordered to pay 7s 6d for being drunk at quarter to three on 1st of June at Beeston
BUCKNALLSamuel.Fri8Jan1864Drunk and disorderly on the street on 4th Sept last, fined 16s or one month in prison (He has been out of the way)
BULLJohn.Fri17Jan1862Assaulting Mary Ann FRETTINGHAM at Beeston on 4th inst; fined 10s
BURROWSJames.Fri22Sep1865Charged with assaulting young woman named Ruth SPRAY at Beeston on 16th after she no longer wanted him; fined 15s 6d
CAFFERYJohn.Fri10Feb1865Charged with breaking into the Railway Station house last night; evidence incomplete; remanded; full report on another page
CAFFERYJohn.Fri17Feb1865Charged with robbery at Beeston Station; no evidence against him; discharged
CARNALLBennett.Fri7Aug1863Frightful accident Tues, youth living with his mother at Beeston fired airgun and killed little girl named Elizabeth OLDHAM
CARNELLBennett.Fri4Mar1864Nottinghamshire Assizes, Calendar of Prisoners: Bennett CARNELL, 17, iron turner, manslaughter of Elizabeth OLDHAM
CARNELLBennett.Fri11Mar1864Assizes: Charge of manslaughter of Elizabeth OLDHAM on 4th Aug; undefended; pleaded guilty; guilty of negligence, disch.
CARREThomas Alex Riddell.Fri11Aug1865Married at Beeston on 4th, Thomas Alexander Riddell CARRE Roxburghshire to Elizabeth FELLOWS Beeston House Notts
CARTLEDGESamuel.Thur20Jun1861Lacemaker, Beeston; this insolvent came up for first examination; not opposed and ordered to apply for final order 17th prox
CARTLEDGEWilliam.Thur16May1861Youth, 16, employed by Mr DOUBLEDAY grocer, trying to fix pendant turned gas on full and lit paper, explosion, hospital
CHAMBERS and WALKER..Fri15Jul1864Parnerships dissolved: CHAMBERS and MORLEY, Nottingham and Beeston, wholesale stationers
CHARLTONSamuel, Rev.Thur16May1861Retired clergyman living at Beeston charged with assaulting Ralph PORTER tax collector on 6th; fined 20s
CLAMPThomas.Fri26Sep1862Master bricklayer; Charged by William PORTER journeyman with refusing to pay wages; bench recommended he sue
CLARKEHarriet.Fri20Jun1862Aged 18, dtr of the foreman to Wm FELKIN jun; brought up for theft in retaliation of abduction by Matthew Henry BOYLE
CLEMENTSGeorge.Thur17Jan1861Game trespass on land of T.B. CHARLTON Esq on Sunday night; fined 20s
CLIFFORDThomas.Fri5Aug1864Assaulting Jeremiah SLACK last Saturday night at Beeston; fined 20s with expenses
CLIFTONRobert, Sir.Fri23Jun1865Election: Addressed an immense multitude from window of White Lion Inn, his reception triumphal
COMBEClara Elizabeth.Fri29Jan1864Died at 15 Windsor-street Edinburgh on 25th inst, wife of Charles T. COMBE Esq, 2nd dtr of Edmund PERCY Esq, Beeston
COXJohn.Fri4Nov1864Assaulted George HOLDEN at Beeston on 22nd Oct; tried three times for similar offences; fined 20s
COXGeorge.Fri28Nov1863Aged 14, stealing £6 from his employers Messrs DOBSON of Beeston Mills on 18th inst; his father was in attendance and wishes him sent to reformatory; sentenced to prison for two months
COXThomas.Fri29Dec1865Cattle Plague: Thomas COX of Beeston charged with bringing cattle from Leicestershire to Beeston; fined 5s and cautioned
COXWilliam.Fri15Aug1862With John EARSON, breach of peace in thoroughfare Beeston on Sat night last; Thomas BARKS witness to fight; adjourned
CROSSAnn Elizabeth.Fri7Mar1862Inquest: Child, aged 3, drowned in well previous day, pushed by child named John MORLEY 9y; verdict “found drowned”
CROSSElizabeth Watkinson.Fri30Dec1864Died at Beeston on 23rd inst, Elizabeth Watkinson CROSS, aged 85
CROSSThomas.Fri26Aug1864Assaulted Sergeant GOSBY 1 Oct 1860; absconded; turned up at Greyhound Inn in Beeston last week with Thos DAYBELL
DABELLMrs.Fri29Apr1864Fined for having a false weight in her possession; fined 10s
DAYBELLThomas.Fri26Aug1864Drunk and disorderly with Thomas CROSS on 19th Aug at Beeston; CROSS 40s assault 20s drunk; DAYBELL discharged
DAYHenry.Thur17Jan1861Died at Beeston on 11th inst, aged 63, Mr Henry DAY, many years county court bailiff
DIXMarkham.Thur3Jan1861Inquest: Aged 3 months, son of Edward DIX frame-smith of Beeston, unwell several days, found dead in bed Saturday a.m.
DIXWilliam.Fri10Mar1865Bankrupts: Wm DIX, blacksmith, Butcher’s Lane, Beeston; last examination, received order of discharge (see also HICKS)
DOREThomas.Fri28Jun1865Fire:4pm Wed 30-ton stack of new hay in RICKETT’s field belonging to DORE Landlord of Rising Sun discovered on fire
FARNATHHenry.Fri20Oct1865Michaelmas Sessions: aged 26 lacemaker with Henry HODGKINSON 26 lab, Geo KNIGHT 28 lab, meat theft from Thomas BAILEY of Beeston; FARNATH and KNIGHT 6 weeks imprisonment; HODGKINSON three months imprisonment
FARNSWORTH..Fri20Oct1865Long article on theft of meat by FARNSWORTH, KNIGHT and HODGKINSON; fully committed for trial at Sessions
FARNSWORTHHenry.Fri5Dec1862With Samuel GEDLIFFE, wilfully damaging fences in field of Mr WILLMOTT at Beeston on 20th Nov; adjourned
FARNSWORTHHenry.Fri9Dec1864Trespass in pursuit of game at Beeston on 21st Oct last, in field occupied by Joseph WALKER; dismissed
FELKINRobert.Thur11Apr1861Spring Sessions: Grand Jury - Robert FELKIN, foreman; Samuel PAGE, James LUNBLEY, Frederick PIGGIN; all Beeston
FELLOWSAlfred Thomas, Esq.Fri17Oct1862Full report of funeral and burial at Beeston Cemetery yesterday; Alfred Thomas FELLOWS died 9 Oct 1862 aged 72 years
FELLOWSAlfred Thomas, Esq.Fri17Oct1862Obituary: Born 1790, in 73rd year; banker of Bridlesmith-gate Nottingham, heart-disease; attended by Dr BUTLER Beeston
FISHERHenry.Fri7Mar1862Labourer, 28y, obtaining 30s under false pretences from Wm HEMSLEY baker at Beeston on 19th Feb; two months hard lab
FLERSHEIMMr.Fri26Jun1863Dreadful accident to lace manufacturer who fell on head when horse took fright, conveyed to Mr ORTON surgeon Beeston
FLEWITTFrederick.Tues7Jan1862Charged by George MUSSON, station-master of Beeston, riding between Nottm and Beeston on 14 Dec without fare; 50s
FORTHCharles, Rev.Fri16Dec1864Radford Road Basford, Dissenting Minister; appointed Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages for Basford, Beeston, Wollaton
FOSTEREdward.Fri5Sep1862Bankrupts: Was butcher at Beeston now resides at Derbyshire and out of business; no opposition; received order of discharge
FOSTERJ..Fri20Jun1862First cabbage show held at Mr J. FOSTER’s Crown Inn 7 June, much interest due to novelty, 17 competitors, 2 judges
FOSTERMr.Fri6Nov1863Serious fire at his timberyard on Thurs morning 4am, £2,000 damages
FRETTINGHAMH & F.Thur1Aug1861Partnerships dissolved: H & F FRETTINGHAM, Beeston-Notts, nurserymen
GEDLIFFERichard.Fri14Nov1862Drunk and assaulting his brother James GEDLIFFE on 8th inst at Beeston; in default of 20s to serve 21 days hard labour
GIBBONSJoseph.Fri3Jul1863Charged with deserting his wife and leaving her chargeable to the parish of Beeston; ordered to pay expenses
GODWINArthur.Fri20Feb1863Inquest: Aged six months, illegitimate son of Sarah GODWIN aged 21; nursed by KITCHIN; died of convulsions Friday
GRAHAMRobert.Thur11Jul1861Traveller; obtaining money under false pretences from Eliza ATKIN, Mary MOSELEY, Sarah PEARSON, all Beeston
GRAHAMRobert.Thur25Jul1861Assizes: Aged 32, draper, obtaining money under false pretences to cheat and defraud on 28th June; hard labour 4 months
GREENHALGHMary Elizabeth.Fri8Apr1864Died at Beeston on 7th inst, aged 2 years and 8 months, Mary Elizabeth, beloved daughter of Edmund GREENHALGH Beest.
GREGORYHenry.Tues29Apr1862Inquest: Fatal accident at Beeston on Wednesday morning when fell down stairs in his house at home; “accidental death”
HALLAMJoseph.Fri18Dec1863On 12th inst at Beeston near Nottingham, aged 30, Mr Joseph HALLAM, youngest son of Joseph HALLAM of Manchester
HALLAMWilliam Thomas.Fri5Nov1864Bankrupts: William Thomas HALLAM, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, Dec 7 and 11, County Court Nottingham
HALLAMWilliam Thomas.Fri13Jan1865Bankrupts: A draper’s assistant at Beeston; Mr MAPLES appeared for bankrupt; no opposition, received order of discharge
HARDYMary.Fri30Jun1865With Hannah COLTMAN, charged with stealing quantity of silk property of GILL & WATSON silk throwsters Beeston
HARDYWilliam.Thur4Apr1861Convicted of being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 26th March; fined 15s including costs
HARDYWilliam.Fri10Jun1864Assaulted his wife 18th May; said he could not live with her as she beat him; fined £2.10s or two months imprisonment
HARLEYJohn.Fri9Jan1863Epiphany Sessions: Grand Jury: John HARLEY, Station-st, wine merchant; Charles James FISHER, Villa-st, corn factor, Edmund PRATT, West-end, lace manufacturer; Henry HUDSTON, Barton-gate, agent; all of Beeston
HARPENHenry.Fri10Feb1865Two little boys, Henry HARPEN & Wm HAYWOOD, stealing cigars from shops of Thos HUDSON Beeston; gaol 6 days
HARPEREnoch.Fri16Jun1865Charged by police-constable HEMSLEY with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 6th June; fined 15s
HARPERWilliam.Thur16May18613 boys, Wm HARPER, George LOWE, John OLDHAM, stealing pigeons property K.W. TODD on Sun last; 14 days impris.
HARTLEYJohn.Tues18Mar1862Lacemaker, aged over 50, indecently assaulted Hannah PEARSON aged 13 at Beeston on 24th Feb; dismissed, no evidence
HARWOODRichard.Fri2Nov1864Died at Beeston Ryelands on 29th ult, Mr Richard HARWOOD, aged 77
HAZELDINEJames.Fri20Jun1862Charged by Isaac FONT with stealing a pair of his boots at the Rising Sun in Beeston on 12th June; 14 days imprison hard lab
HENSHAWJohn.Fri22Jan1864Landlord of the Durham Ox, charged with allowing drunkenness and disorderly conduct in his house and obstructing police
HENSHAWJohn.Fri22Jan1864With Henry HODGKINSON and George HARDY, assaulting and obstructing p.c. PILMORE; 50s and 40s fines
HENSHAWJohn.Fri9Sep1864Brewster Sessions: Application for licence made by John HENSHAW of Durham Ox Beeston; denied
HEWITTHenry.Fri18Sep1863Inquest: 34, bricklayer; hanged from small ash tree in field belonging to Sir RJ CLIFTON; “died while of unsound mind”
HICKSWilliam.Fri3Mar1865Bankrupts: Wm HICKS, blacksmith, Beeston. The case was adjourned until 2nd of March (see also DIX)
HODGKINSON..Fri20Nov1863Charged with assaulting John HILL at Beeston on 25th Sept last while drunk; pleaded guilty; 20s or 1 month gaol
HODGKINSON..Fri16Sep1864Man named HODGKINSON charged with assaulting Mrs LEWIS at Beeston; fined 15s
HODGKINSONGeorge Henry.Fri15Jan1864Aged 25, athletic build, dressed in very fantastic costume, assaulted Mr BURLER innkeeper at Beeston on 19th ult; 20s or 6w
HODGKINSONJohn.Fri19Dec1862Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 6th inst; discharged on paying a fine of 10s
HODGKINSONHenry.Thur19Sep1861Charged by p.c. OTTER with stealing a coat and cap; remanded until Saturday
HODGKINSONHenry.Thur26Sep1861Aged 21, stealing coat, cap and other articles of wearing apparel from his father at Beeston; one month imprisonment
HODGKINSONHenry.Fri12Jun1863Convicted of drunkenness at Beeston on 24th May; fined 30s
HODGKINSONHenry.Fri23Dec1864Charged with drunk and disorderly Beeston on 4th inst in beastly state of intoxication; fined 20s or one month imprisonment
HODGKINSONHenry.Fri26May1865Charged with assaulting Mr PICK the station master at Beeston on 13th May; fined 30s, defaulted, one month prison
HODGKINSONHenry.Fri13Oct1865With KNIGHT and FARMER, charged with stealing quantity of meat at Beeston; case not completed, remanded until Sat
HOLLINGSWORTHElizabeth.Fri2Sep1864Charged with assaulting woman named PEEL at Beeston on Sunday morning, neighbours; fined 10s
HOOLYNathaniel.Fri24Jul1863Lacemaker, aged 22; Melancholy instance of drowning in the Trent on Sunday last about ten thirty am; inquest Monday
HOPKINSONJoseph.Thur25Apr1861With William MARTIN, charged for drunk and disorderly at Beeston on Saturday last; very violent; fined 12s each
HUMPHREYSGeorge.Fri18Dec1863Suffered fracture of one leg when falling from a building at Beeston on Saturday; casualty in Hospital
HUSBANDSElizabeth.Thur17Jan1861Died at Beeston on 10 inst, aged 66, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. HUSBANDS, market gardener
JACKSONMaria Eyre.Thur31Jan1861Charged with stealing shirt, property of John SHAW, lacemaker, taken from hedge where it was drying; 21 days hard labour
JOHNSONCecily Mary.Thur23May1861Died at Beeston on 19th inst after long illness, aged 19, Cecily Mary, daughter of Mr John JOHNSON
JONESJohn Cartwright, Rev.Fri25Apr1862Married at Beeston, on 23rd inst, Rev John Cartwright JONES incumbent Thrumpton, to Mary WHITE of Nottingham
KNIGHTGeorge.Fri13Oct1865With Henry FARMER and Henry HODGKINSON; stealing shoulder of mutton; remand in this case also granted
LEAMANJ.G..Fri5Dec1862Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: JG LEAMAN, draper, Beeston; last examination & order of discharge; adjourned to 13th Jan
LEEMANJ..Fri10Oct1862Draper, Beeston, fraudulently obtaining flannel from Thomas Francis PALMER of Manchester 13 Sept; remanded to Manch.
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri24Oct1862Remanded from Notts to Manchester police court, committed to take trial for obtaining upwards £80 flannel fraudulently
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri24Oct1862City Police Court Manchester last Monday J.G. LEEMAN draper Beeston-Notts committed for trial for fraud (long article)
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri16Jan1863Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: full-page given of report of hearing; adjourned due to lateness of the hour
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri6Feb1863Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: Liabilities £1,321, Assets £37.5s.9d; number of creditors interviewed; adjourned
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri20Feb1863Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: Full page of 2-day hearing; adjourned to 2nd March for witnesses and 17th March final exam
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri6Mar1863Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: Bankrupt signed declaration and was examined; to come up again on 31st March
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri1May1863Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: Mr SHIPMAN of Sale, Worthington & Shipman of Manchester opposed discharge; 19th May
LEEMANJohn Green.Fri22May1863Birmingham Bankruptcy Court: Mr SHIPMAN opposed bankrupt’s examination on ground not all property accounted for
LIMBElizabeth.Thur17Jan1861Married at St John’s Church Beeston on 10th inst, Matthew LIMB of Germantown, Philadelphia USA, to Mrs Elizabeth – LIMB, Elizabeth
LOWEJohn.Thur6Jun1861Aged 80 and very deaf, run down and run over by cart in street nr Durham Ox on Sat by man in employ of Mr FURLEY
MARKHAMAmelia.Fri3Jul1863Married at Beeston on 2_th June, Mr Charles CRANE, grocer, Long-row Nottingham, to Miss Amelia MARKHAM, Beeston
MARTENMr.Fri7Jul1865Election: Addressed meeting of inhabitants from windows of the White Lion Inn to a very large gathering of villagers
MARTINElizabeth.Thur4Apr1861Died at Beeston on 19th ultimo, aged 20, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late William MARTIN
MARTINW.Fri22Sep1865Died at Beeston on 3rd inst, Mr W. MARTIN, gardener, aged 66
MILLSEnoch.Fri4Mar1864Shocking railway accident at Beeston, Enoch MILLS living at Beeston employed by Midland Railway crushed; Gen Hosp.
MILLSEnoch.Fri8Apr1864Inquest Gen Hosp: Enoch Mills, 17, died Sunday morning crushed between buffers on 29th Feb; witnesses; “accidental death”
MOOREThomas.Fri21Oct1864Married on 19th inst at Wesleyan Chapel, Mr Thomas MOORE of Beeston to Sarah, dtr of late George WARD Stapleford
MORLEYEmma.Thur19Sep1861Silk-hand, of Beeston, charged with stealing velvet from stall of Thomas WILSON; respectable parents; did not press charge
MORLEYElizabeth.Fri15Dec1865Stealing money from Mary SHELTON (husband FWK) at Beeston, Tues fortnight; lodged at the house; one month hard lab
MORLEYJohn.Fri6Mar1863Charged with taking game without certificate on 23rd ult at Beeston; dismissed and witness Jonathan SHAW highly censured
MORLEYJohn.Fri13Mar1863Lad named John MORLEY charged by Frederick SPRAY with trespass at Beeston on 3rd inst; dismissed
MORLEYJohn.Fri15May1863Charged with wilfully damaging a number of trees property of Mr FRETTINGHAM at Beeston; pay 20s or 1 month prison
MORLEYJohn.Fri29Jan1864Lad brought up for stealing brass ounce weight from shop of John STEVENSON of Beeston; prison one week and whipped
MORLEYJohn.Fri30Dec1864With George LOW and James SELBY, trespass in pursuit of game on land of Mr WATSON Tues last; dismissed, warned
MUSSONClara.Fri22Jul1864Died at Beeston on 19th inst, Clara, beloved daughter of Mr Frederick MUSSON, aged 4 years and 2 months
NEWBOLDFrederick.Fri8May1863Stealing birdcage and bird from old man named MEEDS at Chilwell; pc DOLBY found it at his house in Beeston; 3 wks imp.
NEWBOLDFrederick.Fri5Jun1863Wilfully damaging trees property of Wm FRETTINGHAM at Beeston on 1st May; to pay 5s or 21 days in gaol
NEWTONGeorge.Fri8Sep1865Brewster Sessions: Licence Applications: George NEWTON Prince of Wales, Beeston; Mary Ann FOSTER, Crown, Beeston
NEWTONJohn.Tues14Jan1862John NEWTON, George NEWTON and Henry CARLING, drunk, disorderly, fighting, 4th Jan; fined 10s and 7s 6d each
NELSONAbraham Bosom.Thur1Aug1861Died at Beeston on 29th ult, aged 33, Mr Abraham Bosom NELSON
NORTONCharles.Fri22Sep1865Married St George’s Church Whitwick, Charles NORTON Esq of Beeston House to Annie dtr of Richard ORTON, Coleorton
NORTONJohn.Fri20Jan1865Lecture delivered in the National School room by John NORTON Esq of Beeston “Truth and falsehood, influence on society”
OLDHAMElizabeth.Fri14Aug1863Inquest: Shot by youth Bennett CARNALL; jury ruled manslaughter; committed for trial under Coroner’s warrant
OLDHAMJames.Fri8May1863Stealing silk value 20s property Messrs GILL & WATSON, silk throwsters, Beeston on Sat last; see Thomas WALKER
OLDHAMJoseph.Fri15May1863Died at Beeston on 30th ult, Mrs OLDHAM, widow of the late Mr Joseph OLDHAM, of Beeston
OLDHAMRobert.Thur3Jan1861With James MATHER charged with poaching and trespassing in field of Samuel SPRAY for taking game; fined 20s each
OLDHAMSarah.Fri26May1865Died at Beeston on the 12th inst, Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr William OLDHAM, much respected
OLDHAMWilliam.Fri26Sep1862With Samuel POTTER; stealing a truss of hay property of Henry HINES of Beeston on 19th; each imprisoned one month
ORTONEliza.Thur21Feb1861Died at Beeston on 15th inst, aged 53, Eliza, wife of John ORTON, surgeon
ORTONRichard.Fri29Apr1864Died on 25th inst, Mr Richard ORTON, Surgeon, eldest son of Mr ORTON, Manor House, Beeston, aged 24
PAWLETTMr.Fri12Sep1862Gave up Leicester Ram trade, in favour of shorthorns two years ago; ten animals £100 each; herd won laurels at many shows
PEACHCharles.Fri14Oct1864Assaulted wife Sarah PEACH; he went to fair instead of work; no money to wife, she worked to support herself; fined £10
PEACHThomas.Fri19Aug1864With George LOWE, charged with wilfully damaging oats, property of Mr BARKER of Beeston on 7th Aug; fined 30s each
PEARCECharles.Fri2Sep1864Charged with being asleep on 25th ult in his cart between Beeston and Nottingham; 20s or House of Correct; said he would go
PERCYClara Elizabeth.Fri17Apr1863Married 16th inst at Beeston, Charles T. COMBE Esq of Edinburgh, to Clara Elizabeth, 2nd dtr of Edmund PERCY Beeston
PORTERJoseph.Fri25Mar1864Assaulted Mrs Ann LEE at Beeston, charwoman, evidence from Mrs BURBAGE; complaint dismissed
PRATTLaura Sulley.Fri10Apr1863Died at Beeston on 8th inst, Laura Sulley, infant daughter of Mr Edmund PRATT, aged four months
PRICEAlice.Fri22Dec1865Charged Ms. M. TAYLOR brothel-keeper with assault at Beeston on 11th inst while looking for husband; case dismissed
PRICEGeorge.Thur21Mar1861Inquest: A lad aged eight years, son of Emmanuel PRICE of Beeston Ryelands FWK, death by drowning in canal on Wed last
PYATTMr.Fri25Aug1865Cattle Plague in Nottingham: Mr PYATT Veterinary Surgeon: Mr Jarvis BURROWS of Nottingham on 16th inst, purchased PYATT, Mr
RAGGThomas, Rev..Thur10Jan1861Married at Beeston on 10th inst, Rev Thomas RAGG of Malin’s Lee near Shiffnal to Jane Sarah BARKER of New York
RAYNORWilliam.Fri10Jul1863Seen picking pockets at Beeston Station on Sunday; arrested by railway policeman HALLAM; in custody but no prosecutors
RAYNORWilliam.Fri10Jul1863Sentenced to three calendar months imprisonment with hard labour for picking pockets at Beeston Station
RICHARDSJ.Thur1Aug1861Died at Beeston on 30th ult, aged 44, Mr J. RICHARDS
RICHARDSJohn.Fri1Apr1864Boatman, charged with assaulting John HEMMINGTON on 17th ult at Beeston; fined 15s
ROBINSONJohn.Fri19May1865Bankrupts: Licensed victualler at Beeston; last examination and order of discharge; received
ROWJames.Fri3Mar1865Sess: Grand Jury: James ROW lace manufacturer; Wm KIRKLAND lace manufacturer; Fredk MUSSON agent, all Beeston
ROGERSJoseph.Fri10Jul1863Labourer, aged 53, met with serious accident at Beeston on Tuesday when thrown from cart hauling hay; Nottm Gen Hospital
SANSOMWilliam.Tues20May1862Ordered to pay fine of 15s for being drunk and disorderly in public thoroughfare in Beeston on 11th inst
SANSOMWilliam.Fri20Jun1862With Joseph CARTER, charged for indecent assault of Eliza HILL at Beeston on 8th June; witness Harriet TRUMAN. Charge of assault then proved same time and place on Harriet TRUMAN; clearly proved, fined 50s or one month hard labour
SAVAGEG.Fri13Jun1862Bankrupts: G. SAVAGE, Beeston, chymist, July 16, at the County Court Nottingham
SAVAGEG.Fri25Jul1862Bankrupts: Notice of sittings for Last Examination: Aug 13, G. SAVAGE, Beeston, chemist
SAVAGEGeorge.Fri15Aug1862Bankrupts: Chemist & Druggist at Beeston; no opposition on part of creditors, bankrupt received his order of discharge
SHAW..Thur26Sep1861Two boys aged about 10 named SHAW and HARDY stole apples from orchard of J.H. PEARSON; fined 7s 6d
SHELTONJohn.Fri26May1865Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on Saturday night last; fined 10s
SHREWSBURYHenry.Fri5Jun1863Ordered to pay 10s for being drunk in public thoroughfare in Beeston on 21st ult
SIBBERTJohn.Fri13Jun1862Charged with being drunk and disorderly in public thoroughfare at Beeston on Saturday night last; to pay fine of 10s
SMEDLEYSophia.Fri19Sep1862Aged 50, wife of labourer living at Stapleford, died in the streets of Beeston on Monday afternoon
SMITHRobert.Fri13Feb1863Charged with disorderly conduct at Beeston on 8th inst; Sergeant DOLBY said prisoner was very violent; fined £1 or 1 mth
SMITHERWilliam Henry.Fri22Dec1865Wm Henry SMITHER vs Midland Railway: claim for £21.17s for goods damaged during robbery at Beeston; non-suit
SPENCEREmma.Thur21Feb1861Died at Beeston on Monday last, aged 26, Mrs Emma SPENCER, Butcher Lane, Beeston
SPENCERJohn.Thur10Oct1861Charged with deserting wife and three children, chargeable to Sneiton, then Beeston for 9 months; 1 month imprisonment
SPRAYThomas.Thur10Jan1861Summoned for game trespass on land belonging to Mr MORLEY at Beeston on 24th Dec, pleaded guilty; fined 20s
SURPLICESamuel.Fri14Aug1863Formerly of Beeston, for some time in distressing state of despondency, committed suicide at Isle of Man by shooting himself
THORNELAWGeorge.Fri4Mar1864Sessions: 56, gardener, obtaining 39 fruit trees from Mr FRETTINGHAM under false pretences; 3 months impris. Hard lab
THORNELAWGeorge.Fri11Mar1864Sessions: Ditto of above item
THORNLEYGeorge.Fri15Jan1864Obtained under false pretences trees from Mr FRETTINGHAM at Beeston; committed for trial at next Sessions
TODD..Thur5Nov1861TODD vs WRAGG, claim of £3.3.4d for goods supplied; defendant a grocer/publican at Beeston and out of country
TOLBOTHMary Hannah.Fri7Oct1864Died at Beeston on 24th ult, Mary Hannah TOLBOTH, aged 18 years
TROTTDaniel.Thur17Jan1861Died at Beeston on 8th inst, aged 45, Mr Daniel TROTT
TROTTDaniel.Thur17Jan1861Died at Beeston on 8th inst, aged 18, Emma, daughter of Daniel TROTT
TROTTMr.Thur4Jul1861Strawberry stealing: 3 little boys charged by Mr TROTT with stealing strawberries; parents admonished and 2s each
TRUMANJoseph.Fri14Jul1865Terrible accident: Joseph TRUMAN, elderly village postman, stepped on rails at 3pm at Beeston Station, struck and killed
TURTONWilliam.Fri18Dec1863A lad; Brought up for leave the service of his master, Mr Jas BURTON, farmer of Beeston; fined 5s and discharged
UDALLHoratio Henry.Fri12Aug1864Bankrupts: Horatio Henry UDALL, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, plumber. Aug 17 at 11, County Court Nottingham
UDALLHoratio Henry.Fri19Aug1864Bankrupts: Horatio Henry UDALL, plumber and glazier, residing at Beeston; first examination; last examination 8th Sept
UDALLHoratio Henry.Fri28Oct1864Bankrupts: Alleged property at Beeston; bankrupt stated it was conveyed to son six months ago; discharge granted
WADSWORTHPenelope.Fri3Feb1865Died at Beeston on 30th ult, Penelope, wife of Mr William WADSWORTH, aged 44
WADSWORTHWilliam.Fri7Apr1865Overseers of the Poor – Beeston – Wm WADSWORTH and Jeffrey ETCHER
WAKEFIELDJohn.Thur10Jan1861Charged with assaulting John WALKER the landlord of the Queen’s Head public-house at Beeston; fined 10s
WAKEFIELDJohn.Fri6Jun1862County Court: Bankrupt, beerhouse keeper in Beeston, final examination; the bankrupt received his order of discharge
WALKEREdward.Thur18Apr1861Lace-worker, caught foot in causeway at Beeston and broke both bones in right leg; taken to the General Hospital, recovering
WALKERThomas.Fri8May1863Charged with similar offence to James OLDHAM; imprisoned two calendar months each and kept to hard labour
WALKERWilliam.Fri28Feb1862Died at Beeston on 21st inst, much and deservedly respected, aged 73, Mr William WALKER, farmer
WALKERWilliam.Fri1May1863Married at Beeston on 26th ult, William, son of Mr J. WALKER, to Louisa, eldest dtr of the late Robert BARKER, Beeston
WALLETMr.Fri23Dec1864Celebrated Shakespearean actor; last week distributed his annual gift of coals to 50 poor families in Beeston, ¼ ton each
WALLETTW.F. Mrs.Fri25Dec1863Mrs W.F. WALLETT kindly distributed to the poor of Beeston yesterday 10 tons of coal, and will do so again at New Year
WALKERHannah.Fri3Mar1865Married Sydney-Aust, on 29 Nov, Rev SW BROOKS, Wesleyan Minister North Shore to Hannah dtr of J WALKER Beeston
WALKERHarriett.Fri5Aug1864Married at St Peter’s Nottingham on 2nd inst, Mr John HIGGINBOTTOM of Nottm, to Mrs Harriett WALKER of Beeston
WALTONHenry.Fri16May1862Pleaded guilty to being drunk in public thoroughfare at Beeston on 7th inst; ordered to pay a fine of 10s
WATERHOUSEMr.Fri20Feb1863A number of Chemists and Druggists dined together Thurs evening in the Exchange, incl Mr WATERHOUSE of Beeston
WATKINSGeorge.Fri16Jun1865Charged by Mr BARKER of Beeston with absconding from the service of his master; fined 13s and promised to return
WATSONEmily.Thur3Jan1861Married at Beeston on 27th ult, George William PEAKE Esq MD 18th Royal Irish to Emily youngest dtr of John WATSON
WATSONJohn, Esq.Thur27Jul1865Assizes: Grand Jury: John WATSON Esq, Beeston; John FELLOWS Esq, Beeston Field
WATSONGeorge Stretton.Fri27Oct1865Died 10th Sept at Galle-Ceylon on passage to England, Capt H.M. 88th Connaught Rangers, son John WATSON Beeston, 33y
WATTSDavid.Fri9Jan1863Died at Beeston on 26th ult, much respected by all who knew him, aged 64, Mr David WATTS
WHITTLEJohn.Fri26Dec1862With Thos WILSON, Wm RICHARDSON, John CARTER and FRANK TAYLOR, assaulted p.c. HAWKINS on 13th inst
WINFIELDGeorge.Thur9May1861Drunk and using bad language at Beeston on night of 28th April; witness CRESSWELL; fined 10s including costs
WOODHenry.Fri1Apr1864Bankrupts: Henry WOOD, Beeston, bookseller; April 20 at 11, County Court, Nottingham
WOODHenry.Fri29Apr1864County Court: Bankrupts: Bankrupt was stationer at Beeston; last examination, no opposition; order of discharge granted
WOODJames.Fri27Nov1863Died at Beeston on 21st inst, of paralysis, Mr Jas WOOD, of Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire, aged 73
WOODJames.Fri4Dec1863Died at Beeston on 21st ult, universally respected, aged 73, James WOOD, Gent., formerly of Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire
WOOLLEYJohn.Fri24Mar1865Charged with riding without reins on Derby-road in parish of Beeston on 16th March, asleep in cart; fined 10s
WOOLLEYJoseph, Rev.Fri4Sep1863Married at Beeston on 27th ult, Rev Joseph WOOLLEY, East Bergholt, Suffolk, to Annie dtr of Jas COOPE of Nottingham
WRIGHTWilliam.Fri28Apr1865With Joseph LIMB, assaulted George OLDHAM at Beeston on 15th; dismissed and complainant to pay expenses
WRIGLEYJoseph.Fri27Oct1865Drunk and disorderly at beerhouse belonging to Samuel JOHNS, Beeston; fined 21s or 1 month; went to prison

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