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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1886 to 31 December 1890
(Except the newspapers for 1888 & 1890, which are missing from the database)

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ARCHERJohn.Fri7Jan1887Discharged soldier of Beeston, stealing a sewing machine from house of Richard WHITTAKER; six weeks hard labor
ASHTONWilliam.Fri26Feb1886Young man but old offender, charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston; forty-third appearance; 3 week gaol
ASTILLG.H..Fri26Oct1889Births: On 20th inst at Beeston, wife of G.H. ASTILL, of a daughter
ATKINArthur.Fri14Jan1887Inquest: Killed by passenger train; Jeremiah JOHNSON platelayer of Beeston, witness to the death
ATKINLewis.Fri6Jul1889Sessions: Curious case: Lewis ATKINS (26) and John TUCKWOOD (19) labourers, stole hat value 1s 11d, property of Isaac NEALE at Beeston on 22nd April, ATKIN indicted for stealing coat property of Samuel TAYLOR value 2s 6d at same time and place; acquitted
BARKSMiss.Fri14Oct1889Young woman named BARKS aged about 27, living with mother at Beeston, missing since Tuesday, hat found at weir
BARKAnnie.Fri2Nov1889Inquest at Ferry Boat Inn: Annie BARK, 26, Beeston, found in River Trent at Stoke Bardolph on Monday; William BARK, lacemaker of Beeston identified body as his daughter; Levi SPRAY Beeston Rylands labourer did not know deceased but found hat on 8th inst; William CUPITT of Ferry Inn at Stoke Bardolph found body at Stoke Ferry; suicide or accident not known; open verdict returned
BEWITTWilliam.Fri26Jan1889Died at Beeston, William BEWITT, aged 58 years
BLACKJohn.Fri26Feb1886Solicitor living at Beeston, practising in Nottingham, shot dead, while with his son, while visiting Mr Wm HOLBROOK a farmer at Normanton for the purpose of rabbit-shooting. Son, Mr Arthur Morley BLACK, solicitor’s clerk of Beeston, gave evidence, father was aged 43; gun went off while he was climbing a fence
BLACKJohn.Fri5Mar1886Funeral took place Thursday at General Cemetery Nottingham at half-past twelve; long list of mourners
BONSERAlfred.Fri31Aug1889Brewster Sessions: Application for beer-off licence refused of Alfred BONSER, Chilwell-road, Beeston
BOTTOMERJoseph.Fri13Aug1886An old charge: Joseph BOTTOMER brought up for gambling on the road at Beeston in July 1879; did not answer summons at time; was out of country serving in 17th Regt of Infantry in India; Bench dismissed case
BRADFORDElizabeth.Fri10Jun1887Died at St John’s-grove Beeston on 4th inst, Elizabeth, younger and dearly beloved daughter of Charles BRADFORD, in her 23rd year
BROWNSWORDA. Mrs.Fri17Jun1887Garden Party and sale of work to support Orphanage Homes at Beeston; long list of ladies in charge of stalls
BUNNINGS.T..Fri25May1889Disastrous fire at Beeston Brewery Company on Tues, damage over £1,500 insured, Mr S.T. BUNNING manager
BUNNINGSamuel Richard.Fri27Jul1889Leicester County Court: Richard CARTER sued Samuel Richard BUNNING manager of Beeston Brewery Company
BURROWSSarah.Fri17Sep1887Died on 10th ult, Sarah, beloved wife of Francis BURROWS, Lenton Fields Farm, Beeston, Notts
BUSHELLBenjamin.Fri15Apr1887Aged 54, hawker of Hyson Green, stole quantity of meat, property of Joseph William KELHAM, butcher, Beeston
BUTLERJames, Dr.Fri25Feb1887Derbyshire Assizes: Witness, Dr James BUTLER, medical officer of health to the Sanitary Authorities of Long Eaton and Beeston; said he examined sewage farm with idea of Beeston adopting similar scheme
CARTERFrederick.Fri7Jan1887Aged 42, fish dealer, Beeston, maliciously wounding Isaac CHAPMAN at Beeston on 30th Oct last; and Isaac CHAPMAN, fitter, 23, charged with wounding Frederick CARTER at the same time and place; no case against CARTER; CHAPMAN sentenced to six weeks hard labour
CASSELDINEThomas.Fri10Jun1887Charged with deserting from 4th Derbyshire Militia in training at Newark, pc HALL made arrest at Beeston; remanded
CASTLEDINET..Fri17Jun1887Labourer of Beeston, charged with deserting Newark Militia on 2nd May; fined £5 or 14 days imprisonment
CHAPMANIsaac.Fri12Nov1886Of Radford; Charged with seriously wounding Frederick CARTER at Beeston on 30th ult during foot race; remanded
CHAPMANIsaac.Fri19Nov1886Fitter, Nottingham; charged with unlawfully wounding Fredk CARTER, fishmonger, Beeston, kicking him; Sessions
CLAYTONJ.J..Fri5Jan1889J.J. CLAYTON , a youth whose family formerly resided at New Basford but moved to Beeston, was one of those who lost his life in the wreck of the Storm Queen in the Bay of Biscay; his family are stricken with deepest sorrow at the loss of a promising son
CLIFFORDAlfred.Fri1Oct1886Brewster Sessions: Application for licence granted for rebuilt premises adjoining Mr WILKINSON’s factory after fire
COCKAYNESarah.Fri7Sep1889Died on 29th ult at Cromwell House, Beeston, in her 73rd year, Sarah, wife of late Wm COCKAYNE of Nottingham
COCKERILLp.c..Fri23Apr188614 teeth-marks on hand from bite of mad dog owned by John JOHNSON of Beeston; telegraph sent to Mr PASTEUR in Paris; reply received requesting he be sent immediately; Nottingham Watch Committee to send the police-constable accompanied by Doctor Herbert TAYLOR; boy bitten by same dog at Beeston also to be sent; Superintendent HALLAM applied for order for all dogs to be kept under control; sanctioned until 30 June
COCKERILLp.c..Fri30Apr1886At request of the Borough Police Force, sent to Dr PASTEUR in Paris suffering hydrophobia after mad-dog bite accompanied by Dr Herbert Owen TAYLOR; also Peter BURTON of Nether-street in Beeston bitten on abdomen by same dog accompanied by Dr Claude TAYLOR; letter written by Dr Claude TAYLOR published in full; received by Dr Louis PASTEUR aged about 60 with warm and sympathetic heart; first two patients inoculated were COCKERILL and BURTON, to be repeated once a day for ten days
COOPERFrederick.Fri24Jun1887Labourer of Coalville-Leicestershire, alighting from moving train at Beeston; fined 20s; John MOORE, porter
COOPERWilliam.Fri27May1887Licensed Victuallers: Charged and fined on evidence of Inspector STOREY with adulterating spirits – William COOPER, Beeston, £2.2s; Rose BOOT, Beeston, £5
COPEEdward.Fri27May1887Died on 20th inst at his residence, Beeston, Edward COPE, aged 33 years
COTTONWilliam.Fri29Jan1886Beeston Local Board sued Wm COTTON of Weekday-cross Nottg for £48.9s.8d for private street sewering in Windsor-street at Beeston
DAVISEdward P..Fri25Jun1886Births, On the 18th inst at Beeston, the wife of Edward P. DAVIS, of a son
DAVISWilliam.Fri21May1886Alarming Accident at Beeston: William DAVIS and Henry LAUNDER driving horse and cart belonging to Messrs Dabell and Hickton, mineral water manufacturers of Nottingham, on Saturday were swept into the canal by floodwater following severe storm on Thursday; both pulled to safety by Mr BURROWS, farmer; Mr G. MORRISON, provision merchant at Beeston, sent his waggon and driver (James AVERY) to assist; both were unconscious for some time; LAUNDER came round, but WILSON of Hunt-street Sneiton, a married man with four children, is not expected to recover
DAYKINSamuel.Fri1Apr1887At present serving five years penal servitude in connection with late lace robberies at Beeston, sued Richard KIRK for £2.5s.10d, the value of lace curtains supplied to him; Mrs DAYKIN prosecutrix acting on own initiative; His Honour directed non-suit saying plaintiff must appear in person or get written authority from Home Office
DELMARMiss.Fri20May1887Sister of landlord of White Lion Hotel at Beeston, awakened by smoke, brother ran downstairs and found fire in the smoke-bar from cigar left burning; fire brigade called, damage about £10
DENNISJoseph.Fri18Mar1887Sent to gaol for seven days for assaulting his wife, Mary Ann DENNIS, at Beeston, on 14th inst
DIXAmelia Crane.Fri15Apr1887Married at St Thomas’s Church on 7th inst, Walter HUGHES of Pelsall-Staffs, to Amelia Crane, youngest daughter of the late Edward DIX, of Beeston, Nottingham
DOYLEJames.Fri26Nov1886Sentenced to one month hard labour for stealing parcel from platform at Beeston Railway property Messrs PRICE
EASOMFrederick.Fri14Dec1889Members of new Beeston School Board include Frederick EASOM, Joe ELLIS, Evan Edward JENKINS, James Henry Patterson JOHNSTONE, Abraham LACEY, Joseph Massey SALT, Frank WHITT,
ELLIOTTThomas.Fri25May1889Died on 18th inst at 3 North-road, The Park, Annie, beloved wife of Edward ROBERTS, and second daughter of the late Thomas ELLIOTT of Beeston
EMSLEYJohn.Fri29Apr1887Traveller, Beeston; fined 20s for keeping a dog without a licence; p.c. TOPHAM proved case
FELLOWSGeorge.Fri22Apr1887Births, at Beeston Fields on 13th inst, wife of George FELLOWS, Esq, of a son
FORRESTThomas.Fri28May1886Charged with housebreaking at Beeston on 24th inst; house of George EMMOND on High-road; remanded until Sat
FORRESTThomas.Fri4Jun1886Breaking into house of George EMMOND of William-street Beeston and stealing small articles value 10s; to trial
FORRESTThomas.Fri2Jul1886Aged 38, butcher, charged with stealing articles property of George EMMONDS; very bad character; four months imp
FORRESTThomas.Fri8Apr1887Breaking into house of Henry CARNELL at Beeston on 4th inst; also stealing coat property of William YOUNG, draper of Beeston; George PALING witness saw break-in; p.c. HILL apprehended prisoner wearing stolen coat, Mr YOUNG employed FORREST to clean harness and coat stolen from his stable; remanded one week
FORRESTThomas.Fri15Apr1887Thomas FORREST, alias BLONDIN, charged with breaking into house of Henry CARNELL, where he was a lodger, and using violence on Mrs CARNELL; before the Court on 30 previous occasions; committed for one month
FORRESTThomas.Fri17Jun1887Alias BLONDIN, wilfully damaging garden produce belonging to Mr John WHITEHEAD of Beeston; remanded
FORRESTThomas.Fri17Jun1887Charged with damaging a number of plants property of Mr WHITEHEAD, Beeston; fined two guineas or one month
FOSTER and PARKINSON..Fri10Dec1886Builders, Beeston; failed to send notice of completion of two houses to surveyor of Local Board; fined 20s
FOTHERGILLSarah Jane.Fri22Apr1887Married on 19th inst at Christ Church, Lancaster-gate, John F. JACKSON, to Sarah Jane, youngest daughter of the late James FOTHERGILL, of Beeston, Notts
GABBWilliam.Fri8Oct1886Assaulted wife at Beeston on Sunday, striking her twice; fined 21s
GABBWilliam.Fri7Jan1887Letter-carrier, 35, obtaining money under false pretences with intent to defraud; nine months gaol
GELLWilliam.Fri6May1887Fined 5s for allowing dog to be at large unmuzzled – William GELL, builder, Beeston
GILESWilliam.Fri6May1887With Frederick GILES, William CORRELL and Frederick WRIGHT, boys, stone throwing on Queen’s Road, Beeston
GLENNJohn.Fri3Sep1886With Joseph HAZELDINE and Fred GILES, all of Beeston, damaging growing carrots and stealing from John BUDD
GLOVERWilliam.Fri1Oct1886Inquest at Sneiton: Aged 52, elastic web maker; wife Agnes GLOVER of Windsor-street Beeston; daughter-in-law Elizabeth GLOVER of 11 Rock-terrace, Lower Eldon-street Sneiton; son Thomas GLOVER; Verdict: “That the deceased had been killed by a fall downstairs whilst in a state of intoxication”
GOODWORTH..Fri30Apr1886Two men named GOODWORTH and LEES fined 10s 6d for fighting at Beeston
GOREArthur.Fri31Aug1889Brewster Sessions: 14 High-road Beeston, application for beer and wine licence for refreshment house; refused
GREASLEYWilliam.Fri7Jan1887With John HEWITT, both Beeston, stealing a pet rabbit property of Henry ROGERS; case dismissed
GREENArthur.Fri30Jul1886Drunk on highway at Beeston on 17th inst; proved by p.c. TOOTELL; fined 12s 6d
GUILDERWalter.Fri25Jun1886With Charles HAZELDINE, doing wilful damage to two fences belonging to Mr CLARK at Beeston; 10s each
HAMPSONJames.Fri27Jul1889Assizes: Employee of Humber bicycle manufacturers, witness to accident; brother Thomas HAMPSON tramway conductor gave corroborative evidence, in case of Emmeline Elizabeth LIMB against Patrick and John COLLINS proprietors of steam roundabouts at Goose Fair on 5th October
HAYESJohn.Fri9Apr1886Charged with assaulting p.c. HOLT and Detective-Inspector BLAKE, and refusing to quit Beeston Railway Station; found drunk in third-class carriage with no ticket; fined 10s 6d for assault on BLAKE, 10s 6d for refusing to quit premises, and two months hard labour for assault on HOLT
HAZELDINESidney.Fri10Jun1887Charged with doing damage to mowing grass belonging to Mr A.W. JAMES at Beeston on 27th; adjourned
HENSONWilliam Herbert.Fri16Jul1886Wm DANSON elderly man of Chilwell employed as night-watchman at Mr NEVILLE’s and father-in-law of defendant, to recover £100 for slander from William Herbert HENSON lace-manufacturer; family differences and wife living apart since October last; HENSON allegedly told David BLOOR that DANSON set fire to his mill; jury found for the defendant
HOGGLouisa.Fri27Apr1889Died on 18th inst, after long and painful illness, Louisa, beloved wife of Robert HOGG, St John’s-grove, aged 42 yrs
HOLBROOKMr.Fri12Mar1886Residing with Mr FREER at 2 Laburnum-grove Beeston; action brought by Peter Valentine HOTTON, for £10
HORNERHenry.Fri23Jul1886In pond of Mr WATSON of High-street Beeston stealing water-lilies with man named MURDON; gaol one month
HUDSTONAmy.Fri10Sep1886Inquest: Aged 14 months, dtr of Mrs M.A. HUDSTON of Regent-street; suffered stoppage in chest; “natural causes”
HUDSTONAmelia Elizabeth.Fri22Apr1887Married on 11th inst at St John’s Beeston, Charles PAXTON of Edinburgh, to Amelia Elizabeth, third daughter of Samuel HUDSTON, stationer
HUMBERThomas.Fri30Mar1889Daring Robbery at Beeston : The works of Messrs HUMBER & Co, at Beeston, broken into and the whole of the money for Saturday’s wages for 350 men and boys stolen; watchman AVORY arrived 6.30am Saturday to find two dogs poisoned; Thos HUMBER general manager and Mr D.W. BASSETT manager, Sgt HALL, Supt HALLAM; £392 taken from safe; men were paid Saturday evening
HUTCHINSONMr.Sat9Jul1887The Boat Inn, Beeston Rylands, sold to Mr HUTCHINSON, brewer, after brisk competition for £1,280; adjoining freehold land used as garden sold for 3s a yard
IRVINGElizabeth Susanna.Sat31Aug1889Died on 27th inst at Beeston, Notts, Elizabeth Susanna, wife of the Rev Dr IRVING of Wellington College, fifth daughter of Edmund PERCY
JOHNSAnn.Fri23Jul1886Died on 20th inst at Waterloo-promenade, Ann, wife of Samuel JOHNS, formerly of Beeston, aged 58 years
JOHNSONJohn.Fri23Apr1886Of Nether-st, Beeston, owner of mad dog with rabies, which bit p.c. COCKERILL and boy named Peter BURTON
JONESFrederick.Fri13Aug1886Married at Beeston on 4th inst, Frederick JONES to Henrietta (Hetty) BURROWS fourth dtr of Francis BURROWS
JONESMary Elizabeth Turner.Fri22Apr1887Married on 14th inst at St John the Divine, Kennington, Charles, second son of Robert KNIGHT, Esq, of Clapham, to Mary Elizabeth Turner, only daughter of Edward Turner JONES, of Beeston, Notts
LARGEAlbert Edward.Fri3Jun1887Of Chesterfield, travelling without ticket, William COLEMAN ticket-collector at Beeston witness; 40s or 7 days
LEATHERLANDJ.T..Fri3Dec1886Aged 36, employed by Mr BURROWS at Beeston Fields, had hand amputated while engaged in using steam chopper
LEEWilliam.Fri20May1887Inquest: Labourer, aged 57, lived at Beeston, died in tree on farm of Mr Henry SIMPSON, High Fields, Beeston on Tuesday afternoon; Sarah Ann LEE daughter identified body, had complained of pain in left side for years and in head since Christmas; Thomas SHREWSBURY labourer in employ of Mr SIMPSON and residing at City-road in Beeston was lopping tree with deceased on Monday at 10am, deceased up the tree 22 ft from ground and fell to lower branch quite dead, with help of man named John WHEATLEY they lowered him to the ground, not injured in any way; Verdict: “Natural causes”
LEWESGeorge.Fri1Oct1886Inquest: Lacemaker but lately cleaned clocks and watches, middle-aged man found dead in his bed at Beeston; Frederick SPENCER grandson, lacemaker, said he often complained of chest pains; Verdict: “heart disease”
LOAKESJoshua.Sat12Oct1889Suicide: Inquest into death of Joshua LOAKES, aged 59, clay-pipe maker, living with son at Regent-street, Beeston; hanging in attic; Joshua LOKES jnr machine-fitter, lived with son 14 weeks, had not worked for twelve months, grandson aged seven found deceased; Mary Ann LOAKES wife of Joshua jnr; Verdict: “Suicide while in unsound state of mind”
LOWEGeorge.Fri6Aug1886Serious case from Beeston: George LOWE lacemaker Beeston; George COX lacemaker Beeston; and John MORLEY labourer Chilwell; charged with indecently assaulting Sarah BROOKS at Beeston on Monday 2nd inst; MORLEY also charged with assaulting p.c. HOLT. A youth named Samuel BOTTOMER 19 years of age a thrasher, charged with committing a more serious assault on Louisa SAVAGE at the same time. Prisoners remanded until Saturday.
LOWEGeorge.Fri13Aug1886At Shire Hall Nottg on Sat, George LOWE, George COX and John MORLEY charged with indecently assaulting Sarah BROOKS at Beeston on 2nd, and Samuel BOTTOMER charged with felonious assault on Louisa SAVAGE at midnight on same date; MORLEY also for assaulting p.c. HOLT; women from Nottingham but staying with friends named THORNHILL in William-street; men followed the women home from public-house, threw THORNHILL and wife out of their house and assaulted BROOKS; SAVAGE ran outside and was assaulted by BOTTOMER; THORNHILL went for police and p.c. HOLT and HALL attended when HOLT assaulted by MORLEY; prisoners committed for trial at next Quarter Sessions
LUNTLEYJames.Fri11Mar1887Died at Beeston on 4th inst, James LUNTLEY, artist, aged 63 years
LUNTLEYJames.Fri11Mar1887Obituary: After short illness, local artist who achieved distinction as portrait and animal painter, died at his residence Station-villas at Beeston at 9am on Friday morning; was present at football match at Chilwell on Saturday last where his three sons took part and sickened on Monday; aged 60, born London 9th December 1826, settled in Beeston 28 years ago; leaves a widow and nine children : four sons and five daughters; funeral took place at Beeston New Cemetery on Monday; long list of names attending funeral and/or sending wreaths
MALTBYFrank William.Fri1Oct1886Inquest: Aged six years, found drowned in canal; father William MALTBY iron-turner; William WILDE witness
MAYFIELDAnnie Elizabeth.Fri11Jun1886Inquest: Daughter of the late William MAYFIELD piano tuner of Beeston, run over while carrying baby brother on Thursday night by John KAY of 16 Kermit-street Nottingham when driving a potato barrow along Chilwell-road; crushed internally; “Accidental death”
McKEOWNMatilda.Sat2Nov1889Died on 22nd ult at home of son-in-law Rev H. EVANS, Beeston-Notts, Matilda, widow of the late David McKEOWN, M.D. Ballyclare, County Antrim
MEADArthur.Fri1Apr1887Stealing a shirt from backyard at Beeston, property of Thos ELLIOTT, arrested wearing same; to prison for 7 days
MEDHURSTSarah Ann.Fri27Aug1886Died at Beeston on 19th inst, Sarah Ann, wife of Walter MEDHURST, aged 32 years
MILLSEdward.Fri13Aug1886Death of the head master of the Board School at Beeston; boating on the Trent on Monday week with Miss BURTON to whom he was engaged (banns read), took chill, and died of inflammation of the lungs on Monday evening; highly esteemed, at the school six years
MILLSJames Edward.Fri13Aug1886Died at Beeston on 9th inst, James Edward MILLS, aged 28 years
MILLSJames Edward.Fri20Aug1886School Board conveyed sympathy to family; Mr DICKINSON appointed to job temporarily; £130 p.a. for successor
MORLEYJohn.Fri28Jan1887Labourer of Beeston, charged with being drunk and disorderly on Middle-street, Beeston, on 15th inst; fined 15s
MORLEYJohn.Fri29May1887Of Chilwell, charged with assaulting p.c. TOPHAM at Beeston on Sunday last; case dismissed
MYCROFTJ..Sat28Sep1889Partnerships Dissolved: J. MYCROFT AND COMPANY, Swiss Mills, Beeston, Notts, lace manufacturers
MUSTEREdward.Sat6Jul1889Boy aged 10, of 11 Gladstone-street Beeston, admitted to hospital with broken thigh after attempting to catch horses
NEAPCharles.Fri22Apr1887Joiner, of Beeston; Charged with allowing dog to be at large unmuzzled
NEEPGordon.Sat20Aug1887Assaulted Thomas HASLAM, county court bailiff, at Beeston on 4th August; Rachel SPRAY charged with rescuing goods at same time and place; HASLAM and another officer went to Regent-street Beeston to levy goods of James HUDSTON, crowd collected and defendant struck HASLAM and female took away several articles of furniture; fined one guinea each or seven days in default
NEEDEdgar.Fri20Aug1886With Thomas TEBBUTT, of Lowdham; discharging stones with catapult on highway at Beeston on 15th; fined 10s 6d
NEETST.J..Fri24Dec1886Query: Why is oldest part of Beeston known as “The City”, and what is origin of “Frog Hall” at Beeston
NUTTThomas Harwood.Fri9Jul1886On 18th May 1886 at Silverton N.S.W. Australia, Thomas Harwood NUTT, late of Beeston, aged 42 years
PALMERSamuel.Fri1May1886Inquest at White Lion Inn at Beeston on Samuel PALMER aged 73: George TOWLE coal-merchant of Beeston said deceased was wife’s father who lived alone in cottage on Brown-lane, worked for witness as labourer and paid 12s a week doing odd jobs; witness found deceased in his cottage hanging by rope from banisters and razor covered in blood on the mat; p.c. BISHOP cut body down; Verdict: “Suicide in unsound state of mind”
PEARSONCharles.Fri27Aug1886Licensing Sessions: Licences Refused – Charles PEARSON and William HALLAM, both of Beeston
PEARSONHenry.Fri3Sep1886Iron-founder of Beeston, sued by John REYNOLDS for £10 for breach of son’s apprentice indentures
PERKINSThomas.Fri22Oct1886Landlord of the Malt Shovel at Beeston, charged with being drunk on own premises; ordered to pay 23s 6d
PERKINSThomas.Fri25Mar1887Beerhouse keeper, charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 11th inst; p.c.’s HOLT, TOOTELL and TOPHAM said he was creating great uproar in the street, was taken home; later went past his house and heard him quarrelling with wife and servant, he then went out calling to his neighbours while knocking on their doors and shutters; fined 30s
PERRONSSamuel.Fri10Sep1886Fined 5s for allowing a dog to be at large in Beeston on 22nd inst, which bit p.c. HOLT in the leg
PILKINGTONMary Ann.Fri19Mar1886Obtaining a parcel containing four hats under false pretences from Beeston Railway Station on 17 July last; remanded
PILKINGTONMary Ann.Fri26Mar1886Obtaining four hats on 17 July by false pretences, property of Mrs Ashford WYSE of Chilwell Hall, Beeston, where Pilkington worked up until 17 July; apprehended living at Waterway-street Nottingham; committed for trial
PILKINGTONMary Ann.Fri9Apr1886Quarter Sessions: Aged 24, servant, pleaded guilty; sentenced to two months’ imprisonment for theft value £5.4s
POLLARDJohn.Fri24Jun1887Saturday morning, John POLLARD lace-manufacturer with wife and son seriously injured in dog cart accident when rushing for train at Beeston; removed to their residence Cromwell House and Dr SPROTT sent for
POTTERMorris.Fri4Jun1886Fined 5s for allowing his dog to be at large in Beeston
RILEYJohn.Fri10Sep1886Of the Bath-street Board School at Nottg, selected from 190 applicants to replace J.E. MILLS following his death
ROBERTSSarah.Sat13Aug1887Died on 6th inst at residence of her sister, Miss CULLEN, 9 Park-valley, Nottingham, after a long and painful affliction, Sarah, the beloved wife of William ROBERTS, Acacia House, Beeston
ROBERTSWilliam.Fri2Apr1886Basford Union: Nominations for election: Mr William ROBERTS, Mr George WILKINSON; both of Beeston
ROBERTSWilliam.Fri16Apr1886Basford Guardian Elections for Beeston: Wm ROBERTS, 401 votes; Geo WILKINSON, 398 votes; majority of three
ROBERTSWilliam.Fri21Jan1887Landlord of Boat Inn, summoned for allowing illegal betting on licensed premises; p.c. HOULT stated case; James WHITTLE, Arthur WHITTLE, George GILL, gave evidence for the defence; defendant fined £10
ROBINSONJohn.Sat31Aug1889Brewster Sessions: John ROBINSON, Chilwell-road, Beeston, applied for beer-off licence; opposed by Mr DAFT
ROBINSONWilliam.Fri4Jun1886Prosecuted by Beeston Local Board for posting a bill on a prohibited hoarding; fined 10s
ROGERSS..Fri9Apr1886Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr S. ROGERS, Beeston
SANGONSJoseph.Fri27Aug1886A tailor of Uttoxeter, assaulted William FOSTER stationmaster, and p.c. BISHOP, at Beeston on 21st; 21s or 21 days
SAVAGERev, Dr.Fri8Apr1887The Rev. Dr, SAVAGE curate of Beeston, has received notice from the vicar, Rev R.D. HARRIES, to give up the curacy because of his refusal to officiate in an unconsecrated cemetery
SCOTTEliza.Fri17Jun1887Thomas and George SMITH, gipsies, stole pony and cart property of Mrs Eliza SCOTT of Beeston on 3rd; dismissed
SHAWW..Fri29Oct1886Mr W. SHAW, clerk, awarded medal from Royal Humane Society for saving Elizabeth GIBBONS, Mary ATTWELL and Mary HORNER, on Sept 18th, when their boat capsized on the Trent at Beeston, having exhausted himself to dive in to save them
SHELTONThomas.Fri10Jun1887Licensed Victuallers Association: New Members: Mr Thomas SHELTON, Beeston
SHEPPARDCharles.Fri4Jun1886Board of Guardians: Lad named Charles SHEPPARD aged 13, inmate of Beeston Orphanage, to be sent to Canada
SHEPPERLEYEdith.Fri28Jan1887Married by licence on 19th inst, Ernest Walter BYATT of Bridgford, to Edith, youngest daughter of Tyrrell Montgomery SHEPERLEY, of Beeston
SINGLETONSolomon.Fri8Jan1886Sessions: Solomon SINGLETON 23, framework knitter, and Alfred ELLIOTT (admitted to bail 24 Nov 1885) 24, labourer, indicted for indecently assaulting Mary Ann ALLEN at Beeston on 23rd Nov; she was married to Henry NORMAN a man aged between 50 and 60 the previous day; Jury found them guilty of common assault only and ordered to pay £5 each
SLACKSamuel.Fri8Apr1887Of Beeston, charged Andrew YOUNG of Nottingham with assaulting him on 21st March; counter-claim by YOUNG for assault by SLACK; YOUNG fined 40s, SLACK dismissed
SLATERJames.Fri21May1886With Edward GRUNDY, two youths of Beeston, charged with being drunk at Beeston on 16th inst; fined 12s 6d each
SLATERSarah Jane.Fri29Oct1886Servant in employ of Mrs Ada WEBSTER of Beeston, charged with stealing linen from her master; fined 21s
SMEDLEYFrank.Fri11Mar1887With William WOOLLEY, two youths, charged with gambling on highway at Beeston; p.c. BISHOP proved; 5s each
STARTWilliam Thomas.Sat9Jul1887Bankrupts: First Meeting of Creditors: William Thomas START, lace-manufacturer residing at St John’s Grove, Beeston, formerly trading at POLLARD’s factory; liabilities £236.51s.6d, assets £47.7s.6d; failure attributed to bad trade, competition, sale of lace machine debtor was working; adjudged bankrupt; no resolution passed
STAYNERFlorence.Sat14Sep1889Children’s Hour Page: List of riddles submitted by Florence STAYNER, aged 9, of Beeston, Notts
SWIFTAgnes Sarah.Fri13Aug1886Died at Beeston on 4th inst, Agnes Sarah SWIFT, late of Linby, aged 78 years
SWIFTBenjamin.Fri30Apr1886Charged with being drunk and refusing to quit Greyhound public-house at Beeston and assaulting George STONE
TAGGW..Sat25May1889Bankrupts: W. TAGG, Beeston Rylands, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, carter and coal merchant
TAYLORGeorge.Fri24Dec1886With Henry DEVERIL (Chilwell) and Herbert TAFT (Long Eaton), charged with game trespass at Lockington; 30s
TAYLORJoseph.Fri5Mar1886With Henry DEVERIL, found on highway at Beeston with ferret, live rabbit, nets and spade; fined 15s
TEBUTTJohn.Fri25Mar1887Inquest at Prince of Wales Inn: Aged 3 months, parents Mary and John TEBUTT; Verdict: “Accidentally suffocated”
THOMPSONFrederick.Fri12Mar1886Frederick THOMPSON fitter, William CUTTS moulder, James SPARROW moulder, Arthur THORPE, Fred THORPE labourer, George GILES labourer, George PARKER labourer, Albert EVERLEY labourer, Herbert HARDY, Harry TOULSON, and Robert WEEKS labourer, youths, all of Beeston, summoned under Midland Railway bye-laws for trespassing on 14th Feb; George BROUGH gave evidence to seeing defendants on platform behaving in disorderly manner; the two THORPES, PARKER, EVERSLEY, TOULSON and GIBSON fined 7s 6d, the others 2s 6d
THORNHILLWilliam.Sat10Sep1887Married on 1st inst at St John the Baptist Church Beeston, William THORNHILL senior to Rosa BOOT
TOWLEReuben.Fri30Apr1886Obstructing footpath at Beeston, fined 10s 6d
TOWLSONHannah.Fri2Apr1886Drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 19th inst; case proved by p.c. TOOTALL; fined 12s 6d or seven days imprison.
TURLANDFrederick.Fri12Nov1886Of Chilwell-road, Beeston; fined 20s for not having his child vaccinated for small-pox
TURTONBenjamin.Fri18Feb1887Stealing 30 gooseberry bushes, property of Mr FRETTINGHAM of Beeston Nurseries; fined £4 or 11 days gaol
TYERSFrank.Fri3Jun1887Assaulting police and refusing to quit the Boat Inn at Beeston Rylands on 30th inst; pc HALL & TOPHAM, and landlord William ROBERTS corroborated; very serious offence, one month each charge
WADSWORTHJohn.Fri18Feb1887Assizes: John WADSWORTH, grocer and pork butcher of Beeston, brought a claim against John POLLARD, lace manufacturer of Beeston, for £1,000 claim for personal injuries sustained by assault committed by the defendant POLLARD, with SPENCER, HELMSLEY and BIRKBY, outside Commercial Inn on Wollaton-road; Jury found a verdict for the Defendant
WALKEREdward.Fri3Jun1887With John CHAMBERS, both colliers of Bramcote, fined 12s.6d and 15s respectively for drunkenness at Beeston
WALKERT.F..Fri23Jul1886Births: On 14th inst at New-lane Beeston, the wife of T.F. WALKER, solicitor, of a daughter
WARDGeorge Dawson.Sat10Sep1887Births: On 2nd inst at Beeston, Notts, wife of George Dawson WARD, of a son
WARDGeorge Dawson.Sat30Nov1889Births: On 21st inst at Beeston, Notts, wife of George Dawson WARD, of a son
WATERMANHenry.Fri13May1887Drunk, disorderly, and assaulting police constable TOPHAM at Beeston on 4th inst; previous; 3 months imprisonment
WATSONJohn, J.P..Sat23Mar1889Wreaths: Mrs F.G. RAWSON Beeston Mill School; Rev HARRES Beeston; Mrs GOODALL Clerks & Overseers
WATSONS..Sat6Aug188713th Annual Beeston Show held in field on Wollaton-road belonging to Mr S. WATSON president of society
WESTONEliza.Fri6May1887Married woman, unlawful possession of four couples of rabbits in basket; HALLAM hawker bought same; fined 21s
WHEATLEYW..Fri12Mar1886Of the Three Horse Shoes Beeston, charged with permitting drunkenness on his premises on the 23rd ult; Joseph OLDKNOW and Alfred MARTIN charged with drunkenness on licensed premises and also with assaulting p.c. HALL; charge against WHEATLEY dismissed; OLDKNOW and MARTIN fined 21s each for assault and 10s 6d each for drunkenness
WHILESTEdward.Fri3Jun1887Nottingham tailor, disorderly, assaulting the police, and refusing to quit the Boat Inn at Beeston on 30th ult; pc CAVE said he was kicked and struck in face, William ORCHARD corroborated; fined 40s or 14 days for refusing to quit, one month imprisonment for assaulting pc CAVE
WHITEMabel.Sat27Apr1889Died on 23rd inst at York-villa, Queen’s-road Beeston, Mabel, beloved child of Joseph and Ada WHITE, 6 yrs 8 mths
WIDDOWSONT..Sat28Dec1889Bankrupts: T. WIDDOWSON, Barton-street, Beeston, commercial traveller – Dec 31st Nottingham, January 10th
WILKINSONGeorge.Sat17Jan1889County Council Elections : Results of Poll : Beeston-Two Members : George WILKINSON, Clifton-street Beeston, farmer, 634; John Roger ANDERSON, Elm-villa, Queen’s-road Beeston, gentleman, 568; George FELLOWS, Beeston Fields, banker, 501; Alfred Hetley PEARSON, The Manse House, Chilwell, nurseryman, 404; John POLLARD, Cromwell House, Wollaston-road, Beeston, lace manufacturer, 187.
WILKINSONGeorge.Sat16Feb1889Election Expenses : John Roger ANDERSON and George WILKINSON (joint) £30.9s.6d, Alfred Hetby PEARSON £27.7s.3d, George FELLOWS £24.11.8d, J POLLARD £24.19.2d
WILKINSONMessrs, & Co.Fri30Apr1886Factory of Messrs WILKINSON and Co known as Anglo Scotian Mills (original building owned by Mr FELKIN but extended over the years) destroyed in great fire at Beeston; damages of one quarter of a million pounds; one thousand persons now unemployed. Young man named William SLACK first to discover outbreak, for some reason locked in room at top every night. Cause not known, John MARSHALL night-watchman saw light in upper portion and raised alarm (name later changed to BURSTALL in the article); Beeston fire brigade under Capt TWIGG quickly on scene; p.c. KILBURN narrowly escaped falling debris. Mr B. PRICE proprietor of Beeston Times operating in rooms inside building lost £600 of machinery uninsured; houses on opposite side of Wollaton-road owned by man named ROBERTS destroyed also uninsured; off-licence owned by CLIFFORD insured; six adjoining cottages property of Mr WILKINSON destroyed. Mr WILKINSON believed to be insured but fully or partially is not known.
WILLDEHarriett Mary.Sat7Sep1889Inquest: Harriett Mary Willde, 16 months, daughter of Mary Elizabeth and John William WILLDE of Chilwell-road Beeston; found sitting in tub of water 18 inches deep, died shortly after; Joseph DEWEY, cottager, Beeston, grandfather of child, tub was used to hold grains and water was accumulated rainwater; may have died from injuries to back of head or suffocation; Verdict: Deceased died from injuries accidentally received by falling into the tub.
WILMOTSamuel.Fri28May1886Summoned for shooting stones from catapult at Beeston on 17th inst; fined 10s 6d
WILSONJohn.Fri10Dec1886Stealing three fowls, property of G.T. STONE of Greyhound Inn, Beeston; sent to prison for three months
WRIGHTArthur J..Fri23Jul1886Births: On 15th inst at Ivy-cottage Beeston, wife of Arthur J. WRIGHT, of a daughter
WRIGHTJames.Fri17Sep1886Youth injured at POLLARD’s Factory on Thursday; right arm broken when caught in strap attached to pulley
YOUNGW..Sat14Dec1889Bankrupts: W. YOUNG, High-road, Beeston, clothier – December 17th, Nottingham; January 10th

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