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Beeston References

Nottinghamshire Guardian (& Midland Advertiser) - Beeston Related Articles
1 January 1881 to 31 December 1885

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The following contemporary abbreviations, not often used today, appear widely in the articles :
inst. (instant) = this month ult. (ultimo) = last month prox. (proximo) = next month

Name   Publication Date  
ALDREDGeorge.Fri141882Charged with stealing a rose, new and rare species, from Henry FRETTINGHAM at Beeston on 2nd inst; fined 15s
ALDREDGeorge.Fri22Sep1882Charged with breaking open tobacconist shop and stealing pipes, cigars and cigarettes; three months imprisonment
ALLENCharles.Fri4Apr1884Charles and George ALLEN, summoned for inciting dogs to fight in street at Beeston; p.c. RICHMOND; 10s 6d
ALLENEdward.Fri27May1881Apprentice charged by his master Mr F. WILKINSON with committing wilful damage to hoist at Beeston; fined £1
ALLWOODWilliam.Fri13Jan1882Inquest: Aged 58, shoemaker; wife Caroline ALLWOOD, he was a bearer at funeral of Mrs LEWIS on Saturday afternoon and complained of chest pains; he fell before funeral procession started and died instantly on falling; Verdict “Death from heart disease”
ANDERSONJoseph.Fri25Apr1884Election for parish warden: Joseph ANDERSON ironmonger, and Charles STARR builder; Mr ANDERSON appointed; he then appointed Evan E. JENKINS and Rufus SISSON as sidesmen
ANDERSONMary Ann.Fri13Jun1884Died at Grove Cottage, Beeston, on 6th inst, Mary Ann, wife of Jos. ANDERSON, sen, aged 54 years
ARMSTRONGR.Fri11Jul1884R. ARMSTRONG and G. MORRIS owners of property at Beeston summoned under Public Health Act
ATKINSThomas.Fri13Mar1885Assaulted Maria EDWARDS at Beeston on 2nd inst; fined 12s 6d
AVERILJames.Fri31Mar1882Summoned for assaulting Henry THEODORE, station-master at Beeston on Saturday; pleaded guilty; fined 15s
BACONThomas.Fri7Apr1882With John SHIRLEY and John COX, boys, charged with stealing pigeon and two eggs of Rosa BOOT; 15s each
BAILEYThomas.Fri2Mar1883Of Lenton; sold four acres of land for £2,000 for purpose of making a cemetery, Beeston parish churchyard being full
BAILEYThomas.Fri21Nov1884Died on 10th inst at Beeston, after a prolonged illness, Thomas BAILEY, in his 80th year
BAKEWELLFrederick.Fri28Oct1881Died on 31st ult at Norwich, Frederick BAKEWELL, architect, formerly of The Elms, Beeston-Notts, aged 57
BALDINGDavid.Fri14Sep1883Died on 11th inst at Beeston, Nottinghamshire, David BALDING, aged 67 years
BARKERArthur.Fri18Mar1881Arthur BARKER and Fredk WOOLLEY, boys, charged by p.c. FOX for damaging gate of Mr FELLOWS; 15s each
BARKERCharles.Fri4Aug1882Aged 18, attempted rape of Selina WEBSTER aged 13 in a garden at Beeston, saved by men who heard her screams; his parents well-respected in Beeston; previous good character taken into account and fined £3 and costs
BARKERFrederick.Fri18Aug1882Claim against Midland Rail for £50 following injury when leg broken after being thrown from train by ticket inspectors; Lived at Beeston an engine-driver in employ of Messrs Humber and Co bicycle makers at Beeston
BARKERFrederick.Fri26Jan1883Action for wrongful removal from railway carriage; jury found he had been ejected with violence, damages paid £50
BARNESEdward.Fri26Dec1884Died on 13th inst at his residence, Wollaton-road, Beeston, Notts, Edward BARNES, aged 48 years (43 years?)
BARNESEdward.Fri27Mar1885Married at the Cathedral of St Barnabas Nottingham, on 24th inst, George Harding MORRIS to Louisa Annie (Louise) LEWIN, eldest daughter of Mr LEWIN of Longsight, Manchester, and niece of the late Edward BARNES of Beeston Notts
BARTONBertha Jane.Fri29Apr1881Improper Treatment of Children: Inquest on Bertha Jane BARTON, aged 3 months, found dead in bed; separated from other and put out to nurse at Beeston; Coroner said this was 42nd inquest he had to perform on children this year; mother Ann BARTON, 20, single woman
BASSETTGeorge.Fri1Sep1882Of Grimsby, charged with obtaining money under false pretences from Mr Francis MELLORS at Beeston
BASTONAlice.Fri17Oct1884Charged with obtaining money and goods by pretending to tell fortune of Mary MIDDLETON, servant; 7 days gaol
BEARDALLElizabeth.Fri7Aug1885Inquest: Octogenarian aged 81 years; husband George BEARDALL of Beeston said she had a stroke 14 months ago, complained of pain near her heart the previous day; Verdict: “Death from natural causes”; no blame to Doctor James BUTLER surgeon of Beeston who did not attend her in time
BEARDALLFrank.Fri19Aug1881With Harry BRIGGS, Edward SHREWSBURY, William PALING and John PALING, youths; charged by p.c. BISHOP with throwing stones and damaging telegraph insulators on 31st ult; each fined 10s 6d
BEARDSLEYJohn Solomon.Fri31Aug1883Died on 18th inst at High-street, Beeston, John Solomon, beloved son of Solomon and Caroline BEARDSLEY, 9 years
BEANTom Edward.Fri10Mar1882Married at Beeston on 27th ult, Tom Edward, youngest son of late Thomas BEAN, farmer, Screveton, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Samuel OLDHAM, Beeston
BLACKArthur J.Fri9May1884Artist, son of Mr T. BLACK of Two Cedars at Beeston, has had two pictures accepted and hanged at Royal Academy
BLACKEllen Mary.Fri5Oct1883Married at Beeston on 2nd inst, David Barclay, son of David SUTHERLAND, Esq, of Montrose, to Ellen Mary, second daughter of Thomas BLACK, Esq, the Cedars, Beeston
BLACKWalter.Fri12Aug1881Married on 3rd inst at Hanover-street Congregational Church Bathley, Walter, eldest son of Thomas BLACK Esq, Beeston, to Eunice, second daughter of George STUBLEY Esq, Chidswell-house, new Dewsbury
BLASDALESamuel.Fri28Jan1881Died at High-street Beeston on 22nd inst, after long and painful illness, Samuel BLASDALE, grocer, aged 54 years
BLATHERWICKFlorence Fanny.Fri5Nov1884Died on 4th inst, at Crown Inn, Beeston, Florence Fanny, beloved wife of John BLATHERWICK, aged 38 years; will be interred at the General Cemetery, Nottingham, Friday, 7th, at 12am
BOCKEREvelyn.Fri27Jul1883Ill-treating pony at Beeston on 10th inst; Mrs OLIVER and son Thomas witnesses; owner of horse Herbert BOOT; 30s
BODENSamuel.Fri8May1885Summoned for assaulting wife, Fanny BODEN, at Beeston on 27th April, struck several times at Three Horse Shoes
BONSERBenjamin.Fri18Nov1881Framework knitter, fined 15s for drunkenness at Beeston
BONSORAlfred.Fri28Aug1885Brewster sessions: Applications for beer off-licences refused: Alfred BONSOR, grocer, Beeston; Joseph PEARS, grocer, Beeston; Phillip Charles DUFF, grocer, Beeston; George HOOTON, joiner, Beeston. Joseph ANDERSON grocer of Beeston was granted a wine off-licence and the application of Joseph PEARS grocer of Beeston was refused
BOOTMaurice.Fri27May1881Died on 19th inst, at the Commercial Inn, Beeston, Maurice BOOT, aged 43 years
BOOTRosa.Fri22Sep1882Brewster Sessions: Licences granted: Rosa BOOT, Beeston
BOOTHJohn.Fri27May1881Joiner at Beeston, drunk and threatening suicide at Beeston station; from Litchfield where he has wife and family
BOTTIMOREHenry.Fri9May1884With John FLETCHER, William SPRAY, Thomas BEAZLEY and John THORPE, of Beeston, summoned for having on 24th April done wilful damage by breaking a fence and climbing trees in orchard belonging to Mr PEARSON of Chilwell Nurseries; BOTTIMORE fined 5s and the others 6d each
BOTTOMERHenry.Fri4Apr1884Stealing a pair of pigeons property of Mr William BARKER of Beeston on 24th inst
BOURNHAMErnest William.Fri7Aug1885Alleged Case of Manslaughter: Ernest William BOURNHAM, a lad twelve years of age, charged with feloniously killing another lad named Herbert HANKIN by striking him on the head the previous day with a stone. Sureties paid by his father, and Mr Thomas COLTMAN coal-merchant
BRADFORDCharles.Fri20Feb1885Butcher of Beeston, sued by Joseph PRESS wine-merchant, to recover £3 money lent; counter claim; for the plaintiff
BRADLEYF.J..Fri23Mar1883Birth at Beeston, on 18th inst, wife of F.J. BRADLEY, of a daughter
BRADLEYMr.Fri2Jan1885On behalf of Beeston Orphanage requested Board of Guardians increase contribution to 4s 6d per week per child
BRADSHAWSamuel.Fri1Apr1881Cattle Diseases Act: Fined 2s 6d by Inspector HARROP for removing cattle on highroad at Beeston Rylands
BRADWELLMartha.Fri30Jun1882Married at St John’s Beeston on 20th inst, Mr Richard CORAH of Derby, to Miss Martha BRADWELL of Beeston
BRITTONWilliam.Fri15Aug1884Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on Monday last; p.c. BAMPTON proved case; fined 12s 6d
BROUGHGeorge.Fri6Oct1882With George MATTHEWS, both railway officials at Beeston, summoned by Mr Peter VALENTINE for assault
BROUGHTONWilliam.Fri16May1884A boy living at Long Eaton; Obtaining three pairs stockings under false pretences from shop of Mr FLETCHER of Beeston, and also a pork pie from Arthur GORE of Beeston, on Thursday the 8th; said he was sent for the things by Mrs MARTIN who occupies a farm near Beeston; sent to gaol for one month
BROWNGeorge.Fri1Sep1882Apprehended by Inspector HARRUP at Beeston having stolen three coats; committed to gaol for six months
BROWNSamuel.Fri26May1882Of Nottg, admitted to General Hospital with concussion of brain and spine injury after fall at Beeston Station on Sat
BROWNWilliam.Fri4Mar1881Died on 19th inst at Poplar-cottage, Villa-street, Beeston, William BROWN, solicitor, aged 73 years
BURNHAM..Fri7Aug1885Aged about 15 years, so enraged at being bested in cricket he threw a stone and struck a boy, killing him
BURNHAM..Fri7Aug1885Inquest: Held Wednesday afternoon at Commercial-Inn, Wollaton-road, Beeston, before D. WHITTINGHAM, District Coroner; the boy BURNHAM who allegedly threw stone was present; Supt HALLAM and Insp THOMAS were there on behalf of the police authorities; Coroner said the boy who was killed was aged 11 years and died the previous day at Beeston supposed to have occurred after a stone was thrown by the boy BURNHAM; the jury had to consider whether BURNHAM was responsible for the act. Mr W. HANKIN of 22 Huntingdon-street Nottingham, grocer and provision dealer, said the deceased was his son, went to play cricket with boy named CLIFFORD at Beeston. Thomas Henry MALTBY of Beeston aged 14 years, said 20 boys were in BOOT’s field and BURNHAM and BOTTOMER fought and BURNHAM threw a stone, went away for 5 minutes, and returned to throw more stones. Frank BOTTOMER aged 14 of Beeston corroborated story. Charles CONNAM aged 15 of Beeston also witness. Samuel BROWN silk-spinner living on Wollaton-road was in his garden at 6 o’clock and saw BURNHAM throw the stone which struck HANKIN, BURNHAM ran away and HANKIN fell to the ground; John PEEL lacemaker of Beeston corroborated evidence of last witness. Alfred CLIFFORD of Wollaton-road Beeston deposed deceased was visiting at his house and went to play cricket after tea; was told he had been killed and carried him to his house. P.c. HALL arrested BURNHAM. Mr J.W. SPROTT surgeon of Beeston carried out post-mortem and found swelling size of small egg under left ear, brain much congested, large extravagation of blood at base of brain. Jury returned verdict of “Manslaughter” against BURNHAM, committed to await trial at next Assizes, bail in two sureties of £50 each
BURNHAMErnest Arthur.Fri14Aug1885Charged with feloniously slaying Herbert HANKIN at Beeston on Tuesday last. William HANKIN first witness said son was on visit to Mr CLIFFORD. Other witnesses called whose evidence was same as at inquest. The prisoner reserved defence and committed for trial at Assizes.
BURNSMartin.Fri6Apr1883Inquest: Held at General Hospital on Martin BURNS, 47, died 1st inst; wife Emma of Rutland-street Nottingham said he was working in hole at Beeston and sides caved-in; Robert SIMPSON labourer of Narrow-marsh working in sewer with deceased and said there was no timber where deceased was working; Mr TOMLINSON was deceased’s master; Nicholas MAPE of Beeston gave corroborative evidence. Verdict: “Accidental death”
BURROWSEdwin.Fri1Jun1883With William HOLLINGWORTH, builders of Beeston, summoned for tenanting new buildings before completion
BURROWSFrank Edward.Fri22Sep1882Died on 14th inst at Beeston Fields Farm, Notts, Frank Edward, the dearly-beloved and eldest son of Francis BURROWS, hay and corn merchant, in his 19th year
BURROWSGeorge.Fri12May1882Jonathan CRANK a travelling shoemaker obtained money by false pretences from George BURROWS landlord
BURROWSHarriet Ann.Fri19Aug1881Inquest: Two years old, drowned in pipkin, Beeston, Monday while mother hanging washing; “Accidentally drowned”
BURROWSWilliam.Fri13Jun1884Of Kegworth, charged with using threatening language towards Joseph DISNEY butcher of Beeston on 2nd inst
BUTLERElizabeth.Fri30Jun1882Died at Lincoln on 23re inst, Elizabeth BUTLER, wife of James BUTLER, Manor Lodge, Beeston, aged 57 years
BUTTERWORTHMrs.Fri24Feb1882Choir concert at parish church: Mrs BUTTERWORTH, Mr Mark MEATS, Dr SPROTT
BUTTERWORTHT. Rev.Fri1Sep1882Birth on 25th ult at Beeston, wife of the Rev T. BUTTERWORTH, of a daughter
BUTTERWORTHT.G. Rev.Fri9Nov1882With Mrs BUTTERWORTH, of Highfield Cottage, Wollaton Road; a gathering to say goodbye on leaving Beeston
BUTTERWORTHThomas G.Fri9Sep1881Married on 3rd inst at Whitworth, the Rev Thomas Garside BUTTERWORTH, assistant-curate of Beeston-Notts, youngest son of James BUTTERWORTH Esq, White House, Delph, to Alice, youngest daughter of late James SCHOFIELD Esq, Tong End, Whitworth
BYEWATEREdward.Fri30Mar1883Causing public nuisance at Beeston with Robert REYNOLDS, Walter SMITH, Edward HARDY, William and John TEBBUTT, Albert TAFT, William TAYLOR, Frank BEARDSALL, Arthur, Joseph and James HARPER, George BARROWCLIFFE, Thomas PEACH, Thomas SMITH, James HALL, John DOWNS, and John MORLEY: eighteen defendants obstructing footpath near Beeston Church on Sunday 18th March amusing themselves with pigeon-flying. Magistrate fined each of them 10s
BYWATEREdward.Fri6Jan1882Charged with using threats to his wife at Beeston on 28th December; bound over £50 and surety £10 or 14 days prison
BYWATEREdward.Fri25Jul1884Charged with being drunk on the highway at Beeston on 22nd ult; p.c. BAMPTON proved charge; fined 15s
CALVERTJohn Henry.Fri13Mar1885Travelling without ticket, said address 41 Stodman-st Newark; Arthur CLAYCEY ticket collector at Beeston; £1 fine
CARNELLHenry.Fri5Aug1881Lacemaker; drunk on the highway at Beeston on 27th July, pulled pistol from pocket and threatened officer; fined 15s
CARNELLHenry.Fri4Nov1881Fined a guinea for drunkenness at Beeston on Oct 20th; defendant’s twenty-third conviction for various offences
CARNELLHenry.Fri10Nov1882Charged with being drunk at Beeston on 30th October; Thomas WEATHERALL lacemaker witness; 20s or 14 days
CARNELLHenry.Fri10Nov1882Unfounded Charge: For assault and wilful damage at Beeston on 30th Oct; Thos SPRAY complainant; dismissed
CARNELLHenry.Fri27Mar1885Trespass on Midland Railway and assaulting P.c. HOULT on Sunday at Beeston; convicted 35 times; two months’
CARTERH.B..Fri11Apr1884Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr H.B. CARTER, Beeston
CASSLouisa Ellen.Fri8Dec1882Married at St John’s Church Beeston, Louisa Ellen, second daughter of Samuel CASS, to H.W. REDGATE of Nottg
CATTULIN..Fri1Aug1884Two lads named CATTULIN and WITTERLEY charged with damaging garden of Mr FRITTINGHAM; 2s 6d each
CHADWICKSamuel.Fri16Sep1881Gingerbread hawker of Nottingham, without train ticket; George BROUGH ticket-examiner Beeston gave evidence
CLARKMr.Fri2Sep1881Farmer and butcher at Beeston; fire in stackyard supposed by overheating, 15 tons burnt, 30 tons saved
CLEMENTST. Charles.Fri26Jan1883Married at Beeston 23rd ult, T. Charles CLEMENTS, surgeon, to Margaret, third dtr of J.B. WHITEHALL, both Nottg
COOPERWilliam.Fri22Dec1882Publican of Jolly Angler, summoned for keeping house open during prohibited hours on Sunday; case dismissed
COPEAnnie.Fri28Jan1881Inquest: sudden death of infant aged 6 months; found dead in her bed by Betsy COPE on Saturday afternoon at 2pm
COPEEdward.Fri19Aug1881With Nathan WRIGHT; summoned by p.c. FOX; damaging growing oats property of Mr George FELLOWS; 10s 6d
COTTONWilliam.Fri13Feb1885Winter Assize: Action: Wm COTTON claimed damages of £1,500 from Beeston Brewery Company for pollution and obstructing a stream which runs through his land at Beeston; learned Judge declined to enter a verdict
COXArthur.Fri17Nov1882Charged with having exploded a quantity of fireworks at Beeston on Guy Fawkes Day; fined 5s 6d
COXArthur.Fri8Dec1882Lacemaker of Beeston, fined 12s 6d for being drunk at Beeston
COXArthur.Fri14Aug1885Double charge: drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 8th inst, and assaulting p.c. BISHOP; fined 1 guinea and a half
CRESSWELLT.H..Fri4Jan1884Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr T.H. CRESSWELL, lace-manufacturer, Beeston (Foreman)
CROSLANDE..Fri11May1883Castle Museum Artists Competition: “Early Spring Time near Beeston” (No 198, E. CROSLAND jun, oil colour
DAKEYNEElizabeth.Fri19Jan1883Died on 13th inst at Beeston, Elizabeth DAKEYNE, aged 73 years
DAVISLouis.Fri16Jun1882With Sydney SHEPPERD and John DAWSON, three lads, fined half-crown each, wilful property damage at Beeston
DAVISWilliam.Fri15Dec1882Described as a tramp, attempted to obtain money by false pretences by “ringing the changes” as 12 places; 3 months’
DAYKINSamuel, the younger.Fri25Sep1885Samuel DAYKIN, the younger, in custody charged with stealing a large quantity of silk and Shetland wool shawls, lace antimacassars, and other lace goods, value £200, property of Mr Francis WILKINSON, shawl and lace curtain manufacturer, Anglo-Scottish Works, Beeston; and Samuel DAYKIN, the elder, and Samuel Thomas DONCASTER were charged with receiving the goods knowing the same to be stolen. Mr LEES asked that DAYKIN senior be bailed that he might attend the funeral of his daughter; after consultation the Chairman said the Bench were sorry to say the case was of such gravity they did not feel justified in admitting the prisoner to bail but they would allow him to go to funeral with police supervision; prisoners were then removed
DAYKINSamuel, junior.Fri2Oct1885Shire Hall Nottingham, Samuel DAYKIN for stealing quantity of silk and wool shawls, property of Mr Frank WILKINSON; and Samuel DAYKIN senior and Thomas DONCASTER, Susannah DAYKIN, Annie DAYKIN, Sarah BOOTH, Samuel Middleton BOOTH, Sarah DONCASTER and Harriet DONCASTER, were charged with receiving the stolen articles knowing them to be stolen; case against the six last named to be adjourned until Saturday; prisoners remanded until Saturday
DENBIGHJoseph.Fri21Mar1884Birth on 14th inst at Grove-villas, Beeston, Notts, the wife of Mr Joseph DENBIGH, of a son
DENBIGHJoseph.Fri22May1885Birth on 16th inst at Grove-villas, Beeston, Notts, the wife of Mr Joseph DENBIGH, of a daughter
DENTONThomas.Fri19May1882With Albert GOODLIFFE and Henry COOPER; all charged with damaging growing clover of Mr BURROWS; 2s 6d
DRAYCOTTSelina.Fri27Jun1884Keeping a dog without a licence at Beeston; p.c. KEETON gave evidence; fined 5s
DRINKWATERArthur.Fri16Feb1883A youth, summoned for assaulting Mary CLARKE, a young girl, at Beeston, by kicking her; fined 15s or 7 days
DRINKWATERBenjamin.Fri6Jun1884Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston; fined 15s
DUNNRobert.Fri12May1882Died on the 4th inst at Beeston, Robert DUNN, in his 64th year
DUPEWilliam.Fri15Jul1881Using abusive language at Beeston station; adjourned one week
DYKESWilliam.Fri15Dec1882Stolen a shilling from shop of George MORRISON of Beeston on Wednesday by “ringing the changes”; remanded
EKINGMabel.Fri19Jun1885Royal College of Music: Examination of candidates (juniors): Mabel EKING of the Pines, Beeston, Honours Division
ELWELLGeorge.Fri29Feb1884Aged 22, of King’s Meadows, Wilfred-road, Beeston, porter; seriously injured on Monday when fell between buffers
EMSONGeorge.Fri5Sep1884Coroner’s inquiry at General Hospital touching on death of George EMSON, 20, whose death resulted from frightful injuries sustained in a mill at Beeston. Was engaged in whitewashing the ceiling of Mr WILKINSON’s factory and the machinery was kept in motion whilst he was thus engaged. His clothing became entangled in the machinery and he was carried round by the wheel which revolved at 70 rounds per minute; the deceased as he was carried round was alternately dashed against the ceiling and the scaffolding and he sustained injuries resulting in his death at the Hospital. Deceased lived with Elizabeth EMSON, widow, residing at Chilwell. Mr GARWOOD, Wollaton-road, manager over the department where deceased was engaged. JEPHSON was engine-driver. Henry SPEED, of Chilwell, foreman joiner. Mr A. ANDERSON, surgeon, said deceased was admitted with both legs badly crushed and they had to be amputated; he died on 26th inst. Verdict “Accidental death”
ETCHESElizabeth.Fri7Aug1885Died on 26th ult at Beeston, Elizabeth, widow of the late Jeffrey ETCHES, aged 64 years
EVANSJames.Fri23Dec1881Charged with being drunk at Beeston; fined 15s
EVERINGHAMW. Rev.Fri30Sep1881Curate of Diss, formerly Curate of Beeston-Notts, accepted chaplaincy to British Army; sailing to Singapore
FELLOWSGeorge.Fri1Apr1881Births: at Beeston Fields on 28th inst, the wife of George FELLOWS, Esq, of a son
FLETCHERJohn.Fri31Jul1885With Frederick LOWE and Thos SHELTON, young men, of Beeston, damaging fence of Mr PERCY J.P; 10s 6d each
FLETCHERHarry.Fri3Jul1885Charged with stealing live fowl property of Walter MEADOWS landlord of Boat Inn; ordered to pay £2 2s
FLEWITTOwen.Fri1Apr1881Employed by Midland Railway; killed Friday morning when knocked down by train shunting at Beeston sidings
FORESTThomas.Fri21Sep1883Charged by p.c. HOLT with being drunk at disorderly at midnight on 23rd August at Beeston; fined 12s 6d
FORESTThomas.Fri8Feb1884Charged with being drunk on the highway at Beeston on 29th September last; fined 21s or 7 days gaol
FOSTER and PEARSON..Fri3Jul1883Partnerships Dissolved: FOSTER and PEARSON, Beeston, Notts, builders
FOTHERGILLWilliam Henry.Fri4Jul1884Married at Beeston on 24th ult, William Henry FOTHERGILL, B.A., Oxon, son of the late James FOTHERGILL of Beeston, to Ada Alice (Alsie) elder daughter of Henry SIMPSON, Highfield House, Lenton, Notts
FOXJohn.Fri25Aug1882Serious charge: Police Officer on remand for having indecently assaulted Sarah JACKSON at Beeston on 8th inst, mother of illegitimate child and sweetheart of man named PEARCE; committed for trial at Sessions
FOXJohn.Fri20Oct1882Quarter Sessions: Aged 40, until recently a member of Notts County Police, charged with indecently assaulting Sarah JACKSON aged 25 on 8th Aug and committing common assault on same occasion in Dovecote-lane, threatening to take her into custody and then assaulting her; offered her and her fiancé PEARCE £100 to settle the matter but her parents refused the money; later offered £500 if they would hush-up the matter for the sake of his wife. Mrs HEWITT, wife of George HEWITT of Beeston a labourer, parents of Sarah JACKSON; Thomas PEARCE living in Derwent-street Nottingham kept company with prosecutrix for three years; jury returned a verdict of “Not Guilty”
FRETTINGHAMHenry.Fri5Dec1884On the 30th ult, after a short illness, Henry FRETTINGHAM, of the Nurseries, Beeston, Notts, in his 66th year
FULLERCharles.Fri5Aug1881With John TEBBUTT; charged with creating a disturbance fighting in the public street at Beeston; fined 12s 6d each
FULLERCharles.Fri3Feb1882Fighting with another man on highway at Beeston on Christmas Day; own recognizance of £10 and expenses 15s
GARDNERJohn.Fri25Aug1882Inquest at Victoria Inn Beeston on Tuesday: Fatal Railway Accident: John GARDNER aged 7 killed previous day when hit by train; mother Ann GARDNER wife of John GARDNER iron-turner of Beeston, saw him alive at ten minutes to one o’clock; Ernest FORWOOD a boy living at Beeston saw deceased going towards railway with another little boy, the train went past shortly after and the deceased’s companion told him GARDNER had been run over; George PORTER fireman on train saw boy run in front of train; George COLLINSON driver applied brakes; William ROBINSON foreman shunter at Beeston saw boy’s head was much injured and one leg severed; George TUDOR guard on train saw boy run onto tracks. Verdict: “Accidental death”
GARNERJohn.Fri7Oct1881Assaulted wife at Beeston; magistrates allowed case to be withdrawn on payment of expenses
GELCLIFFEJames.Fri6Jul1883Drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 21st April last; ordered to pay 25s or 14 days in gaol
GETCLIFFEJames.Fri7Jul1882Charged with having been drunk at Beeston; fined 15s
GETCLIFFEJames.Fri19Jan1883Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 6th inst; again 13th inst; fined 10s 6d for each case
GETLIFFEJames.Fri30May1884James GETLIFFE of Beeston summoned for being on licenced premises of William COOPER, The Jolly Anglers, Beeston, during prohibited hours; Sgt HALL proved case; fined 21s. Charge against landlord withdrawn
GETTCLIFFERichard.Fri10Apr1885Labourer, charged by p.c HALL with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Beeston; fined 12s 6d
GILESFrederick.Fri11Sep1885Of Beeston, fined 2s for failing to send his child to school; proved by the Beeston School Board
GLENJohn.Fri15May1885Summoned at instance of Beeston School Board for neglecting to send his son to school; fined 1s
GOUGHWilliam.Fri16Sep1881Charged with assaulting Samuel T. BURNING, station-master at Beeston, penalty of £5 and fine of 20s
GREENCharles.Fri10Aug1883With John PORTER, two old offenders, committed to Sessions, stealing 10lb of beef from Benjamin SMITH butcher
GREENFrederick.Fri22Jun1883A traveller living at Beeston, witness in court case Colin CAMPBELL vs TOULE lace-manufacturer
HACKNEYJonathan.Fri21Sep1883Charged by p.c. HORTON with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston; fined 12s 6d
HALLCharles.Fri19May1882Refusing to quit premises of John BLATHERWICK of Malt Shovel Inn, Union-street Beeston on 7th inst; fined
HALLJames.Fri11Jan1884Charged with sending threatening letters to his wife Mary HALL at Villa-street, Beeston threatening to murder her
HALLAMJoseph.Fri17Nov1882For riding a bicycle on a footpath at Beeston, fined 5s
HARDYEllen.Fri22Dec1882Charged by p.c. George BRAMPTON with being drunk on footpath at Beeston 9th December; fined 15s
HARDYJames.Fri25Jan1884Died at Beeston on 22nd inst, James HARDY, on his 64th birthday
HARDYSamuel.Fri5Sep1884Wilfully breaking a fence and damaging grass at Beeston, property of Mary GILES, on 17th Aug; fined 10s 6d
HARDYWilliam Frederick.Fri5Jun1885Gardener of Beeston, charged by Basford Union with deserting his child on 2 January 1884; one month imprisonment
HARPERArthur.Fri6Jun1884Charged with stealing shovel, property of George LAWTON of Morley-street, Beeston; case dismissed
HARPERArthur.Fri3Jul1885A youth, brought up on charges of stealing fowl property of Walter MEADOWS; previous conviction; 3 months gaol
HARPERJohn.Fri13Apr1883With John BYWATER and John REYNOLDS, boys in trouble, throwing stones at John ROBSON, night watchman at sewage works at Beeston; BYWATER dismissed but other two fined 5s each and cautioned
HARPERJohn.Fri16May1884With Samuel MELLORS, two lads, throwing stones at telegraph wires at Beeston; p.c. KEETON and Superintendent HALLAM; charges pressed due to amount of damage done; fined 10s 6d
HARPERWilliam.Fri26Jun1885With Henry ROGERS, summoned for wilfully damaging growing grass at Beeston on 10th inst; each fined 10s 6d
HARRIESR.D. Rev.Fri14Aug1885Duke of Devonshire has appointed the Rev R.D. HARRIES, vicar of Harby-Notts, to living at Beeston
HARRIESR.D. Rev.Fri21Aug1885New vicar of Beeston; long article on his career and qualifications
HARRISONAlonso.Fri7Sep1883With Thomas SPARROW, damaging bricks and assaulting Mr John ROBSON at Beeston; case withdrawn, paid costs
HARRISONWilliam.Fri1Sep1882Stealing 3s 3d from Mr HAZLEDINE at Beeston with whom he lodged; committed to next Sessions; also for stealing a mackintosh property of Mr SHARDLOW at Beeston on 19th Aug, and committed on that charge also
HARRISONWilliam.Fri20Oct1882Aged 22, collier, fraudulently obtained money from George HAZELDINE at Beeston; second charge of stealing mackintosh coat property of Michael SHARDLOW; previous conviction; sent to gaol for 12 months h/labour
HAZELDINECharles.Fri9Feb1883A lad, in custody, charged with stealing £1, keys and locket, property of William SMITH of Beeston; 10 days gaol
HAZELDINECharles.Fri29Jun1883With Henry COLTMAN, boys, charged with stealing gooseberries belonging to Samuel BARNETT; 20s and 15s each
HAZLEDINEWilliam.Fri27Jun1884Committing wilful damage and trespass on Belle Vue Park Estate at Beeston; p.c. HOULT; costs and dismissed
HEARDGeorge.Fri23Feb1883A youth, charged with refusing to quit The Victoria Hotel, Beeston, when requested by Mr WITHERS landlord; 7s 6d
HEARNCharles.Fri21Sep1883Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 8th September; fined 12s 6d
HEMSONGeorge.Fri22Aug1884Aged 21 years, residing at New Chilwell, admitted to General Hospital with injuries to both feet; it appears deceased was drawn into a shaft at Mr WILLIAMSON’s lace factory at Beeston and both feet were much crushed
HENSONJohn.Fri2Feb1883With Thomas PEARSON, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Beeston; fined 15s; pc BISHOP proved the case
HEWITTJohn.Fri25Apr1884Drunk and disorderly conduct at Beeston on 13th inst; p.c. RICHMOND, Captain HOLDEN gave evidence; fined 30s
HEWITTEdward.Fri3Jun1881While apprentice, charged with absenting himself from employment of Mr WILKINSON; had returned to work
HILLAlbert.Fri8Aug1884Charged with assaulting Arthur CRACEY ticket collector at Beeston on Monday night; fined 21s
HILTONElizabeth Ann Wood.Fri24Aug1883Died on 12th inst at Beeston, Elizabeth Ann Wood, the beloved wife of Charles Walker HILTON, aged 23 years
HISCOXHenry.Fri19Aug1881Porter at Beeston station, charged with stealing potatoes, property of Samuel MEADS, at Beeston; dismissed
HISCOXHenry.Fri2Dec1881Charged with assaulting wife at Beeston on the 14th; she did not wish to press case as he promised to do better; 7s 6d
HODGKINSONFrederick.Fri1Sep1882Brewster Sessions: Off Licences: Fredk HODGKINSON, Wm GRAINGE, George JAMES, Alfred BONSAR all of Beeston; Rosa BOOTE of Commercial Inn Beeston had Publican’s licence suspended
HOLFORDCharles.Fri15Aug1884Of 114 Waterway-street, aged 44, guard on Midland Railway, knocked down and run over while superintending shunting at Beeston; taken to General Hospital Nottingham where leg amputated, life in precarious state
HOLLINGWORTHHerbert.Fri30Dec1881Charged by p.c. HOLT with being drunk at Beeston and fine one guinea
HOLLINGWORTHEdwin.Fri5Sep1884With Peter BRAMLEY and Leonard CURSHAW, stealing growing turnips from field of Mr Henry GILES 17 Aug; 5s
HOLLINGSWORTHWilliam.Fri7Oct1881Summoned under bye-laws for wheeling a barrow on causeway at Beeston due to bad state of roads; cautioned
HOOLEYMary.Fri21Jan1881Charged with stealing four hen’s eggs property of John Frederick DOAR grocer of Beeston on Sat; fined one guinea
HOWLETTJohn.Fri24Jul1883Charged with a breach of the Education Act at Beeston, and fined 2s
HUBBARTH.E..Fri27Oct1882Purchased The Malt Shovel Inn, Union-street, Beeston, for £1,640 on behalf of Beeston Brewery Company
HUDSONJames.Fri22Apr1881Charged with refusing to quit the Victoria Inn at Beeston on 9th April and committing wilful damage; fined two guinea
HUDSONJames.Fri29Jul1881Drunk at Beeston; fined 15s
HUDSTONJames.Fri11May1883Memorial window unveiled at City Temple, Holborn Viaduct, London, inscribed in memory of James HUDSTON upwards 60 years a lay preacher and Mary his wife both of Beeston in Nottingham, erected by Jennie HUDSTON wife of their son Henry
HUMPHREYSJoseph.Fri31Aug1883Died on 26th inst at residence of his son 103 Portland-road, Joseph HUMPHREYS, of Chapel-street Beeston, 80 years
HYDEJosiah.Fri5Jun1885With Joseph SMITH, both of Beeston, charged with trespassing in pursuit of game at Bramcote; fined 33s 6d each
HYSONTimothy.Fri27Jun1884Of Radford, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Beeston in violent manner, 19th time; 21 days gaol
INGLERobert.Fri13Jun1884Formerly been in army, charged with stealing a watch and chain property of Walter STEWART, and a gold pin property of William STEWART of Beeston; had lodged with Walter STEWART his brother-in-law at house of William STEWART; pledged articles and spent the money; one month imprisonment with hard labour
IRVINGAlexander, Rev.Fri11Jan1884Married at Beeston on 10th inst, Rev Alexander IRVING, Wellington College, to Elizabeth Susanna, the fifth daughter of Edmund PERCY
JACKSONJoseph.Fri18Aug1882Framework knitter of Beeston, summoned by William WALKER surveyor for bye-law infringement on building
JACKSONSamuel.Fri1Apr1881Coal dealer, charged with being drunk at Beeston; p.c. HOLT said he was in charge of horse and cart; fined one guinea
JAMESCharles.Fri22Aug1884With Thomas O’DONNELL, very drunk and disorderly on 9th inst on Wollaton Road; JAMES 15s, O’DONNELL 20s
JAMESEdwin.Fri15Feb1884Summoned for assaulting William ILSELY foreman in employ of Mr WATSON at Beeston on 26th Jan; fined £2.2s
JAMESGeorge.Fri16Sep1881Pleaded guilty to assaulting Susannah PACK at Beeston on 31st August; both work in factory where assault took place
JEPSONJohn.Fri15May1885Fined 10s 6d for allowing black smoke to issue from a chimney at Messrs WILKINSON’s factory on 5th at Beeston
JOHNSONClara.Fri21Jul1882A girl, charged with stealing hairbrush property of Henry HISSOX railway porter at Beeston on 8th inst; fined 1 guinea
JOHNSONFrederick.Fri27Jun1884With William COOPER and John CALVERT, drunk and disorderly at Beeston on Sunday last; fined 15s each
JOHNSONJames.Fri2Mar1883Attempted murder of three people in Queens-road: Jas JOHNSON, aged 32, lace-designer and draughtsman, returned after 7 years in Australia on Tuesday last and is now living at 17 Collinson-street, Hyson Green, with his father. JOHNSON attempted to murder three people at Beeston on Saturday night.- his sister Matilda WAPLINGTON, Samuel HASKARD and Henry JOHNSON. Mrs WAPLINGTON acted as HASKARD’s housekeeper at Mona-street, Queen’s Valley, Beeston. Cab-driver J. UNWIN alerted police. Inspector HARROP and p.c. HOLT entered the house and secured the firearm. Dr SPROTT and Dr GIBSON attended Samuel HASKARD but stated his injuries render recovery hopeless.
JOHNSONJames.Fri9Mar1883Brought up on remand with attempting to murder Samuel HASKARD and Matilda WAPLINGTON on 24th Feb
JOHNSONJames.Fri16Mar1883On Saturday brought up on remand; again remanded as wounded unable to attend; HASKARD improving
JOHNSONJames.Fri13Apr1883Committed to take his trial at the next Assizes; money on him to be handed over to his father for his defence; John UNWIN witness; Ann HAZLEDINE wife of Henry HAZLEDINE lacemaker of Beeston witness; Samuel HASKARD victim was given a chair, 59 years of age, widower, spring point maker in business in Nottingham, lived with Matilda WAPLINGTON for three and a half years, she is married and her husband is still living, did not know of any ill-feeling between prisoner and himself and believed it was due to drink; Matilda WAPLINGTON gave evidence; John Henry JOHNSON, 17, designer and draughtsman, Gadd-street Nottingham, lived with his uncle who was father of the prisoner; Mary LOWE, Emma NAYLOR, Wm NAYLOR, Elizabeth MITCHELL all witnesses; John JOHNSON uncle of prisoner. Samuel MASON living at Queen’s Hotel Beeston said prisoner said he was “looking for Tilly, Mrs WAPLINGTON, Mrs HASKARD as you call her”; John HALLETT, painter, of Beeston, went to house when he heard the shots. The Bench committed prisoner for trial at the Assizes
JOHNSONJames.Fri20Apr1883Notts & Lincoln Assizes: Trial for shooting at Samuel Burton HASKARD; his Lordship wanted time to consider
JOHNSONJames.Fri20Apr1883Tried yesterday, found guilty of unlawful wounding only; sentenced to nine months’ hard labour
JOHNSONThomas.Fri26May1882A labouring man; charged with assaulting wife Sarah JOHNSON at Beeston on 20th inst; two sureties of £5 each
JOHNSONWilliam.Fri29Sep1882Carter of Beeston, charged with stealing a whip and waistbelt property of James AVERY on 5th; fined 21s
KAYWilliam.Fri22Apr1881William KAY and Charles SAXTON charged by Inspector HARROP with being drunk at Beeston on 17th; 12s 6d ea.
KEELINGArthur.Fri19May1882With William GODDARD, two young men, charged with breach of peace (fighting) at Beeston; each fined 15s
KEETLEYElizabeth.Fri20Jul1883Died on 11th inst, at No 5, City-road, Beeston, after a long and painful illness, Mrs Elizabeth KEETLEY, aged 74 yrs
KELLYJames.Fri12Jan1883Aged 16, charged with stealing purse and 7s 10d, property of Annie Jane DUDGEON of Beeston; remanded 8 days
KIDDERJohn.Fri7Nov1884Fined 15s for riding on the Midland Railway on 16th October with a ticket previously used on the 14th
KINGAlfred.Fri27Jan1882Inquest: Fatal Accident to Railway Guard at Beeston; Isaac TAYLOR foreman; Henry BEALE pointsman
KINGConstantine.Fri18Sep1885Drunk and assaulting p.c. BISHOP at Beeston on Saturday night in Cox’s-lane; witnesses HODGKINSON, ALDRIDGE, Mrs THORPE, Mrs LEE, Sarah SHREWSBURY; Sergeant HALL said prisoner very violent in cells; fined 10s and 5s costs
KIRKLANDJoseph.Fri1Feb1884Died at Beeston on the 12th ult, Joseph KIRKLAND, aged 54 years
KNUPPERJohann Heinich.Fri23Sep1881Married at St Mary’s Beeston on 20th inst, Johann Heinich Theodore KNUPPER to Mary Ann CAMPBELL
LACY and WARD..Fri1Feb1884Two youths, summoned for attacking Wm MALTBY along with forty others who called at his house; fined 10s 6d ea
LAMBBeatrice Helen.Fri28Apr1882Died on the 11th inst at Flintham, aged 9 months, Beatrice Helen LAMB, of West-end Villas, Beeston
LEATHERLANDJohn.Fri6Jul1883With Samuel CALLAGHER, stealing coal from Trent Mining Company from barge at Beeston; to Sessions
LEATHERLANDJohn.Fri6Jul1883Sessions: John LEATHERLAND 21, and Samuel CALLAGHAN 32, boatmen, stealing 3 tons coal, property of Albert ROBY and others at Beeston on 18 June; LEATHERLAND 2 months, CALLAGHAN 2 months
LUNTLEYJ.Fri6Apr1883Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: Mr J. LUNTLEY, Beeston
LUNTLEYEdwin.Fri13Apr1883Married on 11th inst at St Peter’s, Leicester, Edwin, second son of James LUNTLEY of Beeston-Notts, to Julia Bursell, second daughter of the late Gervase HEMSLEY, Esq, of Wymswold
LEESWilliam.Fri14Jul1882With Thomas PEPPER, youths, charged with stealing roses from Beeston Flower Show; fined 10s 6d each
LEESWilliam.Fri19Jan1883Fined 15s for having been drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 6th inst; case proved by pc BISHOP
LOWEEdward Joseph.Fri27Jul1883Summer Assizes: Grand Jury: Mr Edward Joseph LOWE, of Beeston
LOWEMary Ann.Fri15Sep1881Charged with assaulting a little boy named Thomas HODGKINSON at Beeston; fined 15s
LOWEThomas.Fri2Dec1881Died on 28th inst, at Beeston, Thomas LOWE, aged 27 years
LOWEWilliam.Fri11Nov1881Married at St Luke’s Nottingham, Mr William LOWE of Beeston, to Jane (Jennie) youngest daughter of the late John NEALE, of Hallaton, Leicestershire
MALTBYHenry.Fri2Mar1883Shopkeepers summoned for selling bread other than by weight: Henry MALTBY, John DORAN; both fined 1 guinea
MASONEdward.Fri2Sep1881Brewster Sessions: New Full Licences: Edward MASON, Queen Hotel, Beeston
MASONEdward.Fri24Nov1882Lace-worker, charged with cruelly treating horse at Beeston; fined £4 including costs
MASONMr.Fri22Jun1883Beerhouse Keepers Assn: New members admitted: Mr MASON, Malt Shovel, Beeston
MATHERSJames.Fri9Mar1883For drunkenness at Beeston, fined 15s
MAYFIELDWilliam.Fri18Jan1884Benefit concert held at Hucknall Torkard for widow and children of the late Mr Wm. MAYFIELD, of Beeston, a musician well known in the Hucknall district. Principals Mesdames PEMBERTON and POLLARD, Messrs BEDELLS and POLLARD of Nottingham, Mr Sam KIRBY of Beeston, and an orchestral band numbering thirty. Mr W.H. WHITEHEAD officiated as conductor. About £10 was raised
MEADESSamuel.Fri19Jan1883Admitted to being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 5th inst; fined 12s 6d
MEDHURSTWalter.Fri2Oct1885Brewster sessions: Licences renewed – Walter MEDHURST, Boat and Horses, Beeston
MELLORSarah Ann.Fri14Nov1884Summoned for travelling without a ticket on Midland Railway, assaulted stationmaster with umbrella; fined 15s
MELLORSJohn.Fri31Jul1885Summoned by his son, William MELLORS, for assaulting him on 15th inst; bench dismissed the case
MIDHURSTWalter.Fri1May1885Landlord of the Boat Inn, Beeston Rylands, summoned for selling drink during prohibited hours on 17th inst; Benjamin HODDER and William JOHNSON summoned for being on premises at same time; MIDHURST fined 21s; HODDER and JOHNSON 15s each
MONKH.Fri4Jul1884Quarter Sessions: Grand Jury: H. MONK and J. MORLEY, both of Beeston
MOORESamuel.Fri30Oct1885Samuel MOORE, Alfred MOORE, and William STEVENS, were charged with assaulting Thomas Bradley CLARKE butcher of the Shambles at Beeston on Sunday last; each fined three guineas or one month, the Bench being determined to stop this kind of thing
MOOREThomas.Fri29Jun1883Died on 15th inst, at Nether-street, Beeston, Thomas MOORE, late manager of Wm KIRLAND Esq, in his 46th year
MORLEYJohn.Fri8Dec1882With Edwin SIMMONS and Richard HEWITT, of Chilwell, fighting at Beeston on 25th ult; fined one guinea each
MORLEYJohn.Fri25Apr1884Labourer of Beeston, summoned for unlawfully shooting a hare at Ratcliffe-on-Soar on 9th March; case adjourned
MORTIMEREmily.Fri8Aug1884Died on 27th ult, Emily, wife of George MORTIMER, of Beeston, aged 37 years
MOSLEYAaron.Fri23Dec1881Died on Sunday the 11th inst, Aaron MOSLEY, of Beeston, aged 63 years. Deeply lamented.
MOUNTFORDThomas.Fri5Dec1884Thomas MOUNTFORD labourer, Samuel PERRY and Joshua LOKER fitters, of Beeston, charged with stealing a horse value £10, property of Mr Charles CRITCHLOW, farmer, of Bramcote; all respectable men who worked for Mr HUMBER; case dismissed
MURDENWilliam.Fri10Feb1882Inquest: Suicide at Beeston: Found hanging from tree Saturday morning, aged 73, gardener, living in Union-street with wife and son: had a stroke before Christmas and could only work occasionally; son supplied meals, no support from Parish; had also received notice to quit his house; worked in the garden of Mr SLIGHT, where his body was also found; Eldest son of deceased is John MURDEN, gardener of Beeston; William CUNNINGTON tinplate worker went into Mr SLIGHT’s garden at half-past ten to do some work and found the body; Thomas Henry MURDEN aged 16 son of deceased also examined; Verdict “That he committed suicide by hanging himself, being at the time in a state of temporary insanity”
NAYLORJames.Fri13Jan1882Fined 15s for drunkenness at Beeston
NAYLORWilliam.Fri23Sep1881Wilfully damaging fence at Beeston Cricket Ground on 10th inst; fined 2s 6d
NEALEThomas.Fri20Feb1885Charged with stealing suit of clothes, pair of boots, two handkerchiefs, and a scarf, property of Wm ROBINSON; was lodger at prosecutor’s house and stole articles on 14th inst; two months imprisonment with hard labour
NEWCOMESamuel.Fri19Dec1884Attempting to defraud Midland Railway by travelling with ticket out-of-date; fined 7s 6d
NICHOLLSJackson.Fri2Dec1881A carter, charged with wilfully damaging property belonging to Mr F.W. PARSONS, J.P. at Beeston; dismissed
OAKEYWilliam.Fri10Nov1882Died on the 17th ult, at Worcester, Mass., U.S. America, Anne Jane, the beloved wife of Joseph DENNIS, and affectionate daughter of William and M. OAKEY, of Beeston, late of Nottingham. Deeply lamented.
OLDHAMJoseph.Fri22Jul1881Lives at Beeston, labourer; Hannah SCARBOROUGH (21) general servant stole his silver lever watch; 2 mths impris
OLDRINIThomas John, Rev.Fri19Jun1885Vicar of Beeston, died suddenly on Sunday morning at his residence, The Vicarage, of congestion of the lungs and spasm of the heart; aged 60 years, son of the late Gerald OLDRINI who was treasurer in the library of the House of Lords; in 1854 he was presented with the living at Beeston by the Duke of Devonshire and had been vicar for over 30 years; he leaves a widow, three sons and four daughters; funeral held Wednesday
OLDRINIThomas John, Rev.Fri3Jul1885Meeting to consider raising some testimonial to the memory of the late vicar; decided to raise a sum of money for the benefit of his family, with a portion devoted to erection of a memorial window in the church; £225 promised before meeting closed
PARRJoseph.Fri9Mar1883With John BARTON, labouring men, charged by George TOMLINSON with stealing truss of hay; 21 days hard lab.
PARRAMOREJohn Ralph.Fri10Oct1884With Arthur COX, two youths, charged with stealing a hat property of Richard ASHTON of Beeston on 27th ult; no felonious intent and dismissed on this charge; then charged with assaulting ASHTON; PARRAMORE fined 21s, COX, previously convicted, fined £3.3s
PARSONWilliam.Fri18Nov1881Died on Sunday the 13th inst, at his residence, Beeston, Notts, William PARSON, Esq, aged 72 years
PARSONWilliam.Fri18Nov1881Long obituary on his political career and lawyer
PICKERSGILLChristopher.Fri31Oct1884Fitter, of Beeston, summoned for travelling with old ticket; fined 20s
PLACEW.J..Fri27May1881Mr W.J. PLACE sold at auction “Station Villas” Beeston for £750
POLLARDJohn.Fri2Jan1885Fined 10s for allowing two horses to stray on the highway at Beeston
PRICEThomas.Fri13Mar1885With Annie START, charged with stealing a number of shawls at Beeston Railway Station; remanded
PRICEThomas.Fri20Mar1885With Annie START, charged with having stolen one cwt. Shetland wool shawls; each four months hard labour
PRIESTLYThomas.Fri7Nov1884Charged with being asleep while in charge of a horse and cart at Beeston on the 22nd ult; fined 10s 6d
PROWETTJoseph.Fri2Dec1881Charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer at Beeston on 26th; fined 30s
PYEMONTFrancis Samuel P.Fri1Feb1884Francis Samuel Pyemont PYEMONT, B.A., to Beeston Curacy, Notts
PYEMONTF.S.P., Rev.Fri30May1884The Rev F.S.P. PYEMONT, B.A. (Hatfield Hall, Durham), late curate of St Andrew’s, Ashton, Preston, has been appointed to the curacy of Beeston near Nottingham
QUINCEYWilliam.Fri17Feb1882Bankrupt: Filed by Mr Wm QUINCEY, Chilwell-road, Beeston, joiner and cabinetmaker, grocer and shopkeeper
QUINCEYWilliam.Fri12Dec1884Meeting of creditors: Creditors £131.2s.11d; Assets £20.17.9d; adjudicated bankrupt; public examination 20th January
QUINCEYWilliam.Fri23Jan1885Of Chilwell-road, Beeston, joiner, underwent examination; failed two years ago; he was allowed to pass
REYNOLDSJohn.Fri4Apr1884With Walter REYNOLDS and Henry ADCOCK, boys, summoned for setting fire to a hedge property of Wm LUCAS
RICHARDSAmy Agnes.Fri1Jun1883Died on 30th ult, at Beeston, Amy Agnes, daughter of William Abraham and Harriette RICHARDS, in her 16th year
RICHARDSONWilliam.Fri7Nov1884Charged by Sergeant HILL with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 18th October; fined 15s
RIGBYDennis.Fri5Aug1881Charged with assaulting an elderly man named John HARVEY at Beeston on Saturday; fined 15s
ROBERTSWilliam.Fri15Jun1883Of Beeston, manufacturer of aerated water, summoned for having his cellar unprotected on the causeway; fined 25s
ROBINSONEwert Cecil.Fri13Jan1882Died on 6th inst of bronchitis, Ewert Cecil, son of C. ROBINSON, High-street, Beeston, aged 5 months
ROBSONJohn.Fri12Jan1883With Mary Elizabeth CLIFFE, charged with stealing a watch and three pewter measures at Beeston; remanded
ROBYAlbert.Fri20Jun1884Summoned by Priscilla SLATER (domestic servant employed by Mr WHITTAKER who lives next door to ROGERS) for threatening to put a bullet through her, and putting a hay fork through her heart; Louisa CLARKE witness; Mrs CASWELL sister of defendant; case dismissed
ROGERSWilliam.Fri9Mar1883Married on 27th ult at All Saints’ Nottingham, William ROGERS of Beeston, to Martha Annie, eldest daughter of the late Charles BOOTH, of Doncaster
RUSHTONWilliam.Fri23Sep1881Stealing parcel of lace curtains property of Mr WILKINSON of Beeston on 20th Sept; Insp HARRUP; remanded
RUSHTONWilliam.Fri30Sep1881Stealing six pairs lace curtains property of Mr WILKINSON lace curtain manufacturer Beeston; employed by Mr WILKINSON; of unsound mind; to be tried by Jury at next Sessions
RUSHTONWilliam.Fri21Oct1881Lacemaker aged 57, charged with feloniously stealing a box and lace curtains at Beeston, adjourned due to ill health
RUSHTONWilliam.Fri30Jun1882A charge withdrawn: a formal verdict of Not Guilty was recorded, and the prisoner was discharged
SCOTTONWilliam Henry.Fri29Dec1882Divorce suit: professional cricketer and former publican of Boat Inn at Beeston; decree nisi granted
SHARPEJohn Thomas.Fri25Feb1881Inquest: sudden death of fireman on engine driven by William MORLEY following accident at Beeston siding
SHAWCharles.Fri23May1884With Henry LINEKER and Thomas CUTTS, refusing to quit Victoria Inn; CUTTS and SHAW assaulted pc KEETON
SHAWFanny.Fri22Aug1884With Edith ALLEN and Clara JOHNSON, girls, charged with sleeping out at Beeston; JOHNSON discharged but ALLEN and SHAW handed over to the borough police, a charge of obtaining goods under false pretences against them
SHIRLEYWalter.Fri2Jan1885A boy, charged with stealing holly, property of Mr F. WILKINSON of Beeston Hall on 23rd December; fined 10s
SHREWSBURYThomas.Fri15Apr1881Died on the 9th inst at his residence, Beeston, Thomas SHREWSBURY, in the 74th year of his age
SIBBERTFrank.Fri2Feb1883Summoned by pc HOULT for drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Beeston; was fined 15s
SIBBERTThomas.Fri25Mar1881A fine of 15s imposed for drunkenness at Beeston on 12th inst
SIBERTFrank.Fri5Aug1881Drunk and disorderly at Beeston; fined one guinea
SIBERTThomas.Fri25Nov1881Fined 15s for being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on the 12th inst
SIMPSONSamuel.Fri21Sep1883With Joseph MALTBY, for committing brutal assault on Samuel SIMPSON innkeeper at Beeston; 1mth and 3 mths
SLACKSamuel, senior.Fri6Jul1883Fined 10s 6d for travelling on 5th June on Midland Railway with ticket of which date was obliterated
SLATERJohn.Fri25Apr1884With James SEVERN and Thomas SHEPHERD, boys, charged with attempting to steal a duck; Frederick SPRAY jun, gamekeeper employed by Mr WATSON; duck belonged to Mr SIMPSON; Sgt HALL, Supt HALLAM; SLATER six strokes of birch rod, others fined 10s 6d
SMITHGeorge.Fri12Aug1881Employed by Messrs Foster & Pearson at Beeston; on premises of Mr SANDY wheelwright for unlawful purposes
SMITHNoah.Fri3Feb1882Along with Robert SMITH and Selina SMITH, charged with having stolen 18s 6d from till of William SMEDLEY
SMITHPeter.Fri27Mar1885Died on 14th inst, at Beeston, Peter SMITH, aged 73 years
SMITHWilliam.Fri22Sep1882Daring robbery in his tobacconist shop found by constable on his beat at one in the morning; ALDRIDGE arrested
SMITHWilliam.Fri25May1883Charged by constables HOULT and BISHOP for playing cards at Beeston on Sunday the 13th inst: Wm SMITH 5s; Walter SMITH 10s; Thos SMITH 10s; Edwd BYWATER 10s; John CHAMBERLAIN 5s; Albert TAFT 10s
SPAFFORDArthur Bowker.Fri15Sep1882Died 3rd inst 220 Wilford Road, Arthur Bowker, son of Frederick SPAFFORD late of Laburnum-grove Beeston; 12y
SPAFFORDFrederick Bowker.Fri20Oct1882Died 10th inst at 220 Wilford Road, Frederick Bowker, second son of Fredk SPAFFORD, late Laburnum-grove, 17y
SPENCERIsaiah.Fri5Sep1884School Board Prosecutions for neglecting to send their children to school: Isaiah SPENCER (fined 2s 6d), Arthur WESTERMAN (fined 1s), and Thomas THORNHILL (fined 1s); all of Beeston
SPENCERJohn.Fri27Mar1885Aged 18, of Bailey-street, Old Basford, had arm amputated following accident at Beeston Sidings on Wednesday
SPRAYCharlotte.Fri11Aug1882Young woman, using threatening and abusive language towards Charlotte JOHNS at Beeston on 29th; fined 7s 6d
SPRAYRachel.Fri17Jul1885Rachel, Emily and Amelia SPRAY summoned for assaulting Annie HAYWOOD at Beeston on 7th inst; fined 7s each
STARKJames.Fri28Mar1884Labourer at Beeston sought to recover £50 for maintenance of a child left with him in 1873 by a lady 60-70 years old named Mrs MILLINGTON; did not know who the parents of the child were; maintenance paid until 13th January 1881; defendant asked for him to give the child back but he refused to do so and would only give child to its parents; defendant had seen the child only three times in nine years while with STARK; his Honour gave verdict of £5 for clothing; child was removed without permission, ongoing investigation
STARTAnnie Mary.Fri30Dec1881Married on 27th inst at Wesleyan Chapel Beeston, George Hoult, youngest son of the late W.S. ASTILL, of Nottingham, to Annie Mary, second daughter of Isaiah START, of Beeston
STARTGeorge.Fri15Jul1881Charged with being drunk on highway at Beeston on 26th June; ordered to pay 12s 6d
STARTGeorge.Fri8May1885For being drunk on the highway at Beeston on 21st ult; fined 15s or seven days in default; Supt HALL proved case
STARTIsaiah Coates.Fri24Apr1885Died at Beeston on 20th inst, Isaiah Coates START, aged 21 years
STARTJames.Fri5Aug1881Charged with cruelty to horse at Beeston; fined 2 guineas or 20 days imprisonment with hard labour
STARTJames.Fri10Feb1882Unjust weights: Greengrocer of Beeston, summoned by Inspector of Weights & Measures for unjust weights; fined
STEELEBartholomew.Fri27Feb1885Summoned for being in charge of horse and dray at Beeston without having control; fined 15s; Sgt HALL proved case
STEERWilliam.Fri27Oct1882Died on 16th inst at Beeston, William, only and beloved son of William and Charlotte STEER, in his 12th year
STEERWilliam.Fri26Dec1884Inquest at General Hospital: William STEER, 40; accident on 6th inst; Thomas CHAMBERLAIN first witness; Robert PAIN of Beeston, foreman, had known deceased 18 years; Joseph KNIGHT of Wellingborough; Mr A.R. ANDERSON, surgeon, said leg crushed below knee and had to be amputated; Verdict: “that deceased had died from injuries received at the Beeston Sidings by being run over, while engaged in ‘fly’ shunting, there having been an insufficiency of light at the time, and they were of opinion that the practice of ‘fly’ shunting is very dangerous, and ought to be discontinued” (Note: Fly shunting – uncoupling two wagons and riding between them to the place where they diverge)
STEERSWilliam.Fri12Dec1884About half-past seven on Saturday night William STEERS aged 41 of Wollaton-road Beeston, shunter on Midland Railway, admitted to General Hospital with compound fracture of right leg; deceased was knocked down while shunting at Beeston; amputation was urgently needed
STENSONHenry.Fri28Aug1885Drunk and assaulting constable in execution of his duty at Beeston on 22nd; fined £5 or gaol for one month
STEVENSJohn.Fri7Nov1884With John JOHNSON, both fined 5s for throwing stones on the highway at Beeston on 22nd ult
STEVENSONEnoch.Fri11Apr1884Charged by wife, Mary Ann STEVENSON, with assaulting her at Beeston; fined 10s 6d
STEWARTJohn.Fri8Apr1881On evidence of p.c. FOX, fined 15s for being drunk at Beeston
STOCKSElijah.Fri30Nov1883With William GREENWOOD, fined 15s for having been drunk at Beeston on 16th inst
STONEG.Fri11May1883Licenced Victuallers Assn: New members: Mr G. STONE, Greyhound Inn, Beeston
STOREYCharles.Fri24Aug1883Inquest: Aged 37, of Woodhouse-street Nottingham, shunter at Beeston; wife Ann STOREY; Charles LOVER head shunter at Beeston; Henry CROSS witnessed accident; Coroner said a shunter was of the most dangerous description, and could not understand why anyone would do such dangerous work for only 24s a week, he had sat for dozens of inquests inquiring into deaths from that cause; Verdict: “Accidental death”
SUTCLIFFJames.Fri13Apr1883With William LEE, charged with drunkenness at Beeston; former fined 20s, latter fined 12s 6d
TANSLEYWilliam.Fri15Jun1883On 11th inst, at Malvern House, Beeston, William TANSLEY, aged 61 years
TAPLINWalter.Fri18Aug1882Inquest on Friday afternoon at Commercial Inn, Beeston: Thrown from his horse the previous night at 8.30pm on the High-road; Samuel TOMLINSON labourer of Cross-street Beeston witness who saw the fall and took deceased to the doctor; Arthur BARKER of Cox’s-lane Beeston also saw accident and the horse kick deceased in the head; George TAPLIN of Poplar Cottage Beeston shoemaker is brother of deceased who said he was 35 years old and a shoemaker, saw him the previous night and he was sober, saw him after the accident and he died after 4 o’clock that morning. Verdict: “Accidental death”
TAYLORFrank.Fri15Sep1882Previously convicted twenty times for drunkenness, brought up for drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 10th July
TAYLORGeorge.Fri30Jun1882Aged 16, stealing £5.9s.6d and a purse from the till of William GRANGE confectioner of Beeston on 26th; gaol 1 mth
TAYLORJohn.Fri2Sep1881Brewster Sessions: New Off Licences: John TAYLOR, William SMEDLEY, William WOOLLEY, Wm ROBERTS
TAYLORRobert.Fri9Jun1882A boy, summoned for cruelty to a horse by working it in an unfit condition at Beeston on 27th ult; fined
TELLJohn.Fri26Jun1885Pleaded guilty to being drunk at Beeston on Sunday; fined 12s 6d or fourteen days imprisonment
THORNHILLMiss.Fri15Dec1882Severe weather: Miss THORNHILL of Beeston had narrow escape from drowning whilst skating on Monday
THORNHILLSamuel.Fri28Sep1881Summoned by p.c HOULT for being drunk at Beeston after visiting Durham Ox inn with wife; one guinea fine
THORNHILLSamuel.Fri30Nov1883Fined 12s 6d for being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 17th inst
THORNHILLSamuel.Fri28Mar1884Fined 15s for being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 9th inst after being thrown out of two public-houses
THORNHILLSamuel.Fri13Mar1885Trespassing in pursuit of game at Beeston and assaulting William SHAW on 28th Feb, fined 50s or one month hard lab
THORPEFrederick.Fri10Aug1883For damaging apple trees at Beeston; fined 7s 6d
TIMMINSJoseph Allen.Fri27Mar1885Inquest: Aged 11 months, son of Joseph TIMMINS of Windsor-street, Beeston; teething and convulsions
TOMLINSONJohn.Fri18Mar1881Assaulting Inspector HARRUP at Beeston and being drunk and disorderly; ordered to pay 27s 6d
TOULSONHannah.Fri28Oct1881Charged with being drunk at Beeston; fined 12s 6d
TOWLEAnnie.Fri18Aug1882Married on 10th inst at Beeston, John Batkin, only son of late J.B. WHITEHALL of Nottingham, to Annie, youngest daughter of Mr E. TOWLE, of Beeston, Notts
TOWLEJoseph.Fri15May1885Summoned at instance of Beeston School Board for failing to send child to school; fined 2s
TURTONBenjamin.Fri11May1883Charged with being drunk 28th April at Beeston; pe HOLT and witness gave evidence; wife denied charge; dismissed
TWINNCharles Edmund.Fri13Dec1882Married on 31st ult at Parish Church Beeston, Charles Edmund TWINN, second son of J. TWINN, to Alice Mary, eldest daughter of Charles WARBURTON
VENNB.B..Fri6Oct1882Inquest: B.B. VENN of Beeston identified body of his father, aged 84, from Pendle near Manchester, killed in carriage accident at Lenton; William SIMPSON drayman and Charles STAPLETON groom to Mr VENN, both of Beeston, witnesses; Charles BARTON driver of dray caused accident and reprimanded by Coroner
VENNElizabeth.Fri28Jan1881Died at Beeston on 19th inst, Elizabeth VENN, of Sunnyside, Chilwell, in her 81st year
WADSWORTHIsaac.Fri1Dec1882Summoned for being drunk and using obscene language at Beeston; fined 25s
WADSWORTHJohn.Fri11Feb1881Butcher, charged by Inspector HARRUP with striking wife with butcher’s cleaver at Beeston; remanded one week
WADSWORTHJohn.Fri18Feb1881Charged with assaulting Ellen WADSWORTH on 5th Feb; on treatment for delirium tremens in gaol; came home worse for drink, struck wife repeatedly on various parts of body, mother of four children and wished to be protected from him; fined three guineas and 12 months good behaviour
WADSWORTHJohn.Fri27Jun1884Summoned for assaulting wife Ellen WADSWORTH at Beeston; had large sum of money left to him; to pay wife £50
WAITEBenjamin.Fri29Jul1881Charged with assaulting station-master at Beeston on 23rd inst; sent to gaol for one month with hard labour
WAKEFIELDMaria.Fri3Nov1882Died on 31st ult at Beeston, Maria, relict of the late Samuel WAKEFIELD, aged 73 years
WAKEFIELDSamuel.Fri10Apr1885Quarter sessions: Grand Jury: Mr Samuel WAKEFIELD, Beeston
WALKERJames.Fri4Nov1881Summoned for leaving horse and cab unattended at Beeston outside Prince of Wales’ Inn; fined 10s 6d
WALKERJoseph.Fri4Mar1881Died on 1st inst at Beeston, Joseph WALKER, in his 75th year
WALKERSamuel.Fri7Sep1883Labourer of Nottingham, summoned for jumping from moving train at Beeston, knocking ticket collector, George BROUGH, against train who narrowly escaped injury or death; fined 21s
WALKERThomas.Fri17Nov1882Charged with stealing six pairs of stockings and six pairs of socks from shop of Mr H. WALKER last night; remanded
WALLISThomas.Fri11May1883With James BAILEY, lacemakers of Lenton, trespassed in pursuit of game on land of Mr GILES of Beeston; each £2
WARRENHarry.Fri3Nov1882Of Nottingham, fined 12s 6d for drunkenness at Beeston on 30th ult and assaulting pc. HOLT on same occasion
WARRENHenry.Fri14Mar1884Summoned for assaulting George GARDINER and Arthur ROBINSON in execution of their duties of rent collecting
WARRENHenry.Fri25Apr1884With wife Georgina WARREN, summoned for assaulting bailiffs George GARDINER and Arthur RICHARDSON
WATSONWilliam.Fri21Mar1884Inquest at Durham Fox Inn on Saturday morning: William WATSON, aged 14, found hanging in father’s slaughter house; father Mr Joseph WATSON butcher of Beeston, boy was well and cheerful and had never been heard to threaten himself; Mary Priscilla WATSON sister of deceased found the body; Walter BELTON grocer’s assistant saw deceased in usual health at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Verdict: Jury found that deceased “had been accidentally hanged whilst playing with a rope”
WESTCharles.Fri27Jul1883Inquest: Painter, fell from ladder at Beeston on Friday and died at Loughborough the next day; brother James WEST
WETHERALLThomas.Fri31Jul1885Sentenced to 14 days imprisonment for sleeping out at Beeston on 28th inst
WHEATLEYJohn.Fri6Apr1883Died on 30th ult at Beeston, John WHEATLEY, formerly of Whatton-in-the-Vale, aged 75 years
WHEATLEYClement Tuckwood.Fri6Jul1883Died on 23rd ult at Three Horse Shoes, Beeston, Clement Tuckwood, dearly beloved son of John and Jane, 4 yrs 4 mth
WHEATLEYW.Fri20Oct1882Victuallers’ Assn: Enrolled: W. WHEATLEY Three Horse Shoes Inn, and T. WRIGHT, Greyhound Inn, Beeston
WHITEHEADNellie.Fri23May1884Died at Linden Villa, Beeston, on 15th inst after much suffering, Nellie WHITEHEAD, aged 15 years
WHITELEYElizabeth.Fri5Oct1883Married at Beeston on 27th ult, Henry Wade RAWLINS, Manchester, to Elizabeth (Lilly), second daughter of Mrs WHITELY, of Beeston, Notts
WILDEYAbraham.Fri19Jan1883A boy, fined 2s 6d, for discharging stones from catapult in Church-street Beeston on the 2nd inst
WILDSMITHGeorge Thomas.Fri27Apr1883Trial of George Henry PYKE for embezzlement: witness at trial, of Beeston, clerk in employ of Malleable Iron
WILDYWalter.Fri26Aug1881Charged by Mrs Elizabeth PEARSON with wilful damage at Beeston; fined 3s
WILKINSONElizabeth.Fri29Jun1883Married at St George’s Leicester on 18th inst, Elizabeth, daughter of George WILKINSON, to Arthur Blurton FROST
WILKINSONGeorge.Fri2Sep1881Brewster Sessions: Suspensions: George WILKINSON, George WITHERS, William WHEATLEY, all Beeston
WILKINSONGeorge.Fri3Nov1882Landlord of Durham Ox, Beeston, breach of licensing act, serving drunk man named John WADSWORTH; 1 guinea
WILLIAMSGeorge.Fri8Feb1884Two hammers property of George WILLIAMS joiner Beeston, stolen by two travelling showmen sent to gaol for 14d
WILLIAMSMary Ann.Fri1Feb1884Inquest: Aged 71; Of York-street Nottingham had fatal fall; Elizabeth LOWE of Beeston was witness while visiting
WILLIAMSONBetsy.Fri5Jan1883Sessions: Aged 18, factory-hand, on 4th November stealing £13.10s money of John CHARLES of Beeston; 3 months
WILSONElizabeth.Fri14Jul1885Respectably-dressed young lady aged 18 charged with stealing clothing and other articles property of Mrs Emma Ann THOMPSON, widow, of Laburnum-grove Beeston; formerly in her employ as domestic servant; her daughter Edith gave evidence; house at 10 Vicars-street Nottingham searched; pleaded guilty, one month
WINDSWORTHIsaac.Fri3Nov1882Old man charged with drunkenness and using obscene language at Beeston on 24th ult; fined 25s
WITHERSGeorge.Fri27May1881Landlord of Victoria Inn, Beeston, charged with selling intoxicating liquors during prohibited hours; fined 40s
WITTYMr.Fri12Jan1883Daring burglary on Sunday in home of Mr WITTY lace-manufacturer at Ireton-villas, over £60 in money and goods
WOODCOCKJohn William.Fri27Jul1883Of New Basford; fined 15s for being drunk when in charge of horse and cab at Beeston last Sunday
WOODWARDJames.Fri28Jul1882Charged with assaulting the station-master and a police constable at Beeston Station on Sat; 1 guinea each offence
WRIGHTThomas Chadbourne.Fri15Aug1884Lacemaker of Long Easton; Charged with being drunk and disorderly at Beeston on 4th inst; fined 12s 6d

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